Book cover of “The Hunter and the Prey“ by Midnight Snow

The Hunter and the Prey

  • Genre: Werewolf
  • Age: 18+
  • Status: Completed
  • Language: English
  • Author: Midnight Snow
Belle Stone endured constant bullying due to her old-fashioned clothes and bulky eyeglasses. Despite feeling embarrassed, Belle finds happiness in the company of her best friend, Audrey. However, her dreams of becoming a member of the cheering squad seem impossible due to her appearance. One fateful night, overwhelmed by the cruelty of her class... 

Chapter 1

In the core of the woods, Olwegos Town holds a lonely house.

Not a single sound from the groups of men as they slowly crept around the lone house.

“Vance, are you sure he’s here?” The leader of the hunters, Zoren, asked.

“Yes, I’m sure!” Vance responded as he prepared the bow, “He can’t get out of here because he got injured in the fight.”

Zoren motioned for the three companions to go to the back of the house...While he motioned for Vance. to accompany him to the front of the house.

They were met with silence as they entered the house. As Zoren ascended the stairs to the second floor of the house, he gave Vance a look and motioned for him to look at the room downstairs.

Vance checks the room...

However, as soon as he entered, someone grabbed his hand and threw him into the wall. The impact caused him to release the arrow he was carrying.

When he saw that the man was getting ready to attack him once more, he quickly pulled the knife out of his pocket. Vance repeatedly waved the knife he was holding so that the man couldn’t get close to him. However, the man choked him against the wall and grabbed his hand with a knife, giving him the appearance of a young child.

“Who are you, and what are you doing in my territory?” The man asked as he stressed the stranglehold on Vance’s neck.

“We’re looking for Reuben.” Vance was able to respond amid struggle.

“Reuben? The lone Alpha? Why are you looking for him here? We have no connection with him!” The guy explained before he threw Vance out the window.

Since this was his first time participating in the hunt, Vance had no idea what to do when he fell to the ground and began to crawl.

“Leave our territory, before our Alpha arrives!” His threat as he got closer to Vance. But he stopped speaking when he felt a sharp object pierce his back and penetrate his chest...

“We, the Wolves Hunters, don’t take orders from our pursuers,” Zoren said with seriousness before spearing the silver arrow once more and striking the man in the chest.

As the dead man fell to the ground, Vance took a deep breath. Zoren approached him, “This is the last time I will see you trembling with fear!” he reacted angrily as he pulled the silver bow in the man’s back.

Vance nodded, following Zoren, “I told you, I’m not for this job! I can’t handle this!” Vance replied as he picked up his bow.

Zoren stopped and looked sharply at him. “This work started with our ancestors!” he hurried toward Vance and slammed him into the wall. “Because hunting is in your blood, you can’t say you can’t! Do you understand?!” Zoren exclaimed.

When Vance nodded, it was only then that Zoren let go of him.

“Your son...When will you convince him to hunt?” Vance asked, clutching his sore neck.

“My son is still young, but I see in him the potential and fortitude that you don’t seem to have!” Zoren responded as he stared at an uneven patch of the ground. He prepared the crossbow as he slowly approached... He also told Vance to get his weapon ready.

While clutching the crossbow in one hand, Zoren used his other hand to draw the sword from behind him and repeatedly stabbed the ground.

“It appears that you are becoming overly paranoid!” Vance shakes his head.

Zoren scowled at Vance as he drew his blade behind his back... At the same moment, they were surprised when someone grabbed their feet and their planned victim, Reuben, appeared on the other side of the ground.

They shouted at the same time when Reuben threw them... With solid force, Vance hit the home wall as Zoren struck a tree hard.

“Trying to piss an Alpha is not appropriate and way too dangerous.” Reuben said while approaching Vance.

“Wait!!! wait!!!” Vance pleaded, but Reuben ignored him and continued to strangle him...and threw him in Zoren’s direction.

“Damn it, Zoren! If Alpha is the one you would hunt, next time I won’t join you.” Vance complained when he fell next to his brother.

When Zoren guessed that Reuben would launch another attack, he withdrew the tiny crossbow from his wrist and shot Reuben once in the stomach.

Zoren stood up, “If I were you, I wouldn’t move. It includes paralysis. And the more you move, the quicker it spreads to your body.”

Reuben ignored his advice and sped off. Despite feeling his muscles gradually harden, he continued to run.

“Zoren, we have a problem! A whole pack is quickly heading here in our direction. We have to go now!” one of his men stated.

“Let’s get out of here!!! and go after Reuben!” Zoren said.

Hunter’s group hastily made their way to their car and moved in the same direction as Reuben.

When Reuben felt his bones throb, he instantly stopped, looked up at the sky, and saw it was a full moon...

“Fuck!!!” He was startled to hear the cracking sound of his bones. Perhaps it was a medication side effect... Reuben reflected on the fact that he was unable to control his movement.

And in the silence of the night...A loud howl can be heard...

Zoren’s group looked at each other, “Hurry up! Reuben can’t go to town!” Zoren ordered.

Moreover, a giant animal can be seen rushing quickly in the dark and appearing to be very hungry and on the search for prey.

Zoren’s group was even surprised when a large wolf crashed into their car, causing their vehicle to lose its balance and almost fall over.

Zoren fires a shot at the giant wolf right away, but it appears the bullet had no effect. It didn’t do anything but growl and glare at him before scurrying into town.

“Zoren... Your son’s school is that way!” Vance states while looking at the town.

“I know!” Zoren’s furious answer. “Let’s go to Stanford University!” he commanded.

The driver instantly complies, fires up the engine, and takes the car.

“Why at Stanford University?” Vance asks.

“Because the school has festivities tonight and all the students are in great danger!” Zoren seriously answered...


[Stanford University]

A young woman walks by herself as tears continue to flow...

Because of the tears, she could not see the way...

So she removed the thick glass and wiped it while still crying.

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