Book cover of “Feigned to Real“ by Chhavi Gupta

Feigned to Real

  • Genre: Romance
  • Status: Completed
  • Language: English
  • Author: Chhavi Gupta
Maurvi is a very pretty, smart, bubbly and innocent girl. She is the kind of friend anyone would wish to have. She wants to save her friend from getting too involved with a guy who is not too good for her. But she needs help in order to help her friend. Gautam is a smart, funny and witty. He needs to take help from someone to get out of an awkwa... 

Chapter 1

Maurvi’s POV

I unlocked the main door of my home when I reached home from my college and threw my bag and my car keys on the couch. I didn’t even change my clothes and just ran towards my bed and buried my face in my pillow and cried for hours.

I was really sick and tired of this issue now. My best friend Prachi somehow had a misunderstanding and since then she is not talking to me properly. I was feeling very frustrated because of that.

I tried to explain everything… But she didn’t fully believe me. She has always been very important to me. We have been together for the last 5 years since we took admission in our college. We have always been inseparable for the last 5 years.

But since last month, things have changed. She started telling lies and also started avoiding me… I have tried to mend everything but it seems that she doesn’t trust me.

It all started when we joined a computer center. We had a batch of around 10 students. We made some new friends… But one of them mistook my friendship as something else and proposed to me on the phone.

I was shocked at his proposal but as I was not at all interested in him, I said that I don’t have any such feelings for him. He tried to make me accept it by making me guilty. He said that I was not accepting his feelings as there was a hell lot of difference in the social status of our families.

It was not like that. He was just not the kind of a person I can think about falling in love with… In fact, he was exactly the opposite of what I wanted.

I tried to explain that to him and he seemed to take it in a healthy way. He said that he understood. As I used to tell everything to Prachi, I told her about this incident too. She behaved in a weird manner. But afterwards, I started feeling that she started avoiding me gradually…

Recently I came to know about the fact that she was having an affair with the same guy secretly. I tried to make her understand that he was not good for her. I had come to know about a few, not so good things about him. I even told her about them but she was not even listening to me.

I cried for hours and then tried once again to make her understand that Naman was not good for her… I wanted to save her from him… I recently came to know that he had some kind of criminal record too. He had anger issues and he was definitely not good for my best friend.

I called her on her phone but there seemed to be no network inside my home so I went outside. I tried again and her phone started ringing, which she picked up reluctantly. It was quite evident from her tone…

“Hello… yes?” She said in a bored tone.

“Prachi… please try and understand…he is bad news… he is not good. I can prove it to you. Please just stop right there… He even has a criminal record… However small it may be. Please stay away from him.” I pleaded.

“Oh please Maurvi, you are saying bad things about him as he proposed to me and not you. You are just being jealous.” She said in an angry tone.

I even reminded her that he proposed to me but I was not interested. I tried to put some sense into her head but she was not paying any heed.

“Maurvi, I know you must have developed a crush on him as he is very good looking and you are feeling bad that he chose me over you. You are even making up all the stories about him proposing you. While in reality you proposed to him and he refused as he is in love with me.”

I was shocked to hear that. How could she say that?

“Oh come on Prachi… I used to tell you about each and everything if I ever had a crush on him, I would have told you. You know very well that I have a crush on someone.”

I have had just two crushes in my life. The first one was when I was in class 9 and another one about whom I was very serious. He was the man of my dreams, not that Naman.

“Please Prachi trust me yaar… I just want you to be safe and happy. He was just a friendly batchmate to me. Nothing else.”

“You are telling me to trust you, but that means that you are asking me not to trust him… I love him ok? And he loves me…so if you can’t see me happy just stay away.” She was almost shouting at me.

“Prachi, he is not good for you… He is a liar… He has a criminal record. Just stay away from him. What can I do to make you understand that he is a liar?”

“No you are just being jealous, that’s why you are saying all that. I don’t want to talk to you.”

“Prachi please...”

“No more discussion on this topic… I have had enough...” She disconnected the phone.

I tried calling again but her phone was switched off. I felt helpless. I wanted her to understand that she was wrong about Naman. He was not how he looked like.

Someone I know once saw him coming out of the computer center after the class and asked if he was Naman. I nodded and asked if she knew him. She said he is the ex-boyfriend of her cousin. She also told me that they broke off because he had severe anger issues. He used to shout and get angry at her cousin over very small things. Ultimately she had to take help from her parents.

I thanked God that I never had any feelings for him and I refused to accept his proposal to be his girlfriend. But Prachi fell for his false charm.

I decided to call him. I punched his number on my phone. The bell started ringing and he picked up the phone on the third ring.” Hello, Maurvi...”

What a pleasant surprise… I am obliged that you called me. How can I help you, beautiful?” He said.

“Just stay away from Prachi.”

“Awww… are you getting jealous now?”

“Are you kidding? Why would I be jealous? Just leave her alone.”

“You want me to leave her alone? But why would I do that? She is my girlfriend, I hope you know that by now.”

“Why are you telling lies to her? Why did you say that I am interested in you or even worse that I proposed to you? You know very well that is a lie. You proposed to me and I declined it. Why are you poisoning her mind?”

“Awww I wish I could see you right now… You look even more beautiful when you are angry… I would leave her alone if you accept my offer.”

“What? Never. I never had feelings for you and now you disgust me. I will not let you spoil her life. Just take my suggestion and stay away from her or you will have to face the music.”

“Oh, I am really scared, beautiful.” He said in a sarcastic tone and laughed.

“Don’t worry about me, beautiful, just worry about your friend and your precious friendship with her. I will ruin it forever. You know what I still remember you both saying that you have been inseparable from the last 5 years. I challenged her that I will break that strong friendship between you. And I succeeded.” He was laughing.

“Shut up. I will never let that happen. Just stay away from both of us or I will have to take help from my family against you. Let me tell you that if I use our contacts or if I tell my parents about all this, you will be in hot soup. I hope you still remember that there is a hell lot of difference between your and my family’s social status, as you put it yourself. So beware and stay away.”

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