Book cover of “Generation Four“ by Lunamoon

Generation Four

  • Genre: Fantasy
  • Age: 18+
  • Status: Completed
  • Language: English
  • Author: Lunamoon
An inhabited twin planet of Generation Earth met with such a catastrophic fate that rendered it destroyed and inhospitable. Among the few survivors was a girl named Anita. Her story revolves around unraveling the mystery of the calamity and starting anew on Earth, where she encounters the surviving members of Generation Kira and Generation Tochi. 

Chapter 1. The Rise Of Generation Destroyer

Kourta Generation Tochi's defensive base. The great defence commander ordered Yukatzu, Kanzuka, and Kazame to complete the task of hunting down the Generation Destroyer. So the captains left for a city called Generation City Malvado. They had been told where their real target was, the University of Malvado.

Generation Destroyer is the last Generation of the many Generation Destroyers. Humans are born with rapid progress in the city, but unbeknownst to humans, Generations with more power already exist on Earth. Before the Generations lived on this Earth. The Earth was created for two Generations and for humans. Planet Generation is next to planet Earth. There have been many generations born on the Generation Planet. But previously, the ages were given a level for each Generation.

After that level, there was the mutual killing of each other's own Generation. This was caused by the desire to dominate and lead the Generation.

In this Generation war, many Generation Tochi, Kira, and different levels of Generation died in the war. The Generation government was killed during the war. So that day, only a woman from Generation. Tochi tier four from another generation decided to leave the current generation planet. Previously also, when the planet generation was in good condition.

Akira is a child from Generation Destroyer who was on Earth when he was twenty-one years old. He already knew what would happen in the days to come. Therefore he and his family plan to leave Generation without anyone knowing. Unfortunately, his father and mother were caught by Generation Kira troops. The only survivor of the incident was himself, Akira. His father and mother died at the hands of Generation Kira. He went alone to Earth to survive and, in his mind, would avenge all the actions of Generation Kira. Yukatzu, Kanzuka, and Kazame disguise themselves as one student at Malvado University. They are three men who like to mingle in their surroundings.

"Kanzuka, where should we ask about the Generation class?" Yukatzu asked.

"Uh, don't forget who you are. Just walk!" Kanzuka replied calmly, walking, ignoring the girls' voices.

They walked to the Generation class. When they arrived, they sat waiting for someone to come that day. Generation's classroom was quiet and desolate. When a woman saw the three of them, the woman quickly ran for joy. Who knew what was wrong with her?

At 08.00, I just arrived at the Generation class. I entered the room while looking at the three men. I sat in the front seat of the second row next to one of the men. Not long after that, another student arrived. By the way, I forgot to introduce my name. My name is Anita. Just call me An. Yes, I'm only human, but I have a secret that no human should know my secret. As usual, a lecturer gave us a lesson that day. When class is over, all students leave. Suddenly a man asked me.

"Hey, is this the greatest Generation class?" asked Kanzuka.

"Oh, um. I think you guys are wrong. This is a Generation class. It's normal to say too much, and be careful because strange things often happen here, "I replied.

Another man asked, "How strange happened?" Yukatzu asked.

"Uh, you see the girls out there?" I said.

The three of them looked outside.

"And that's them. often, girls go after Generation boys like you guys now understand!" I replied, leaving them.

"Did you know she was the first woman I met like that?" said Yukatzu.

"Oh, friend. Let's look before the monsters eat you in the Generation class!" Kazame said, leaving the classroom, and they followed.

Akira ( the Generation Destroyer) has never aged since living on this Earth. He also attended the University of Malvado. This he did to kill the descendants and the Generation Kira who survived and went to Earth. This

has become a fugitive for the police because Akira committed murder. Akira realized that because of his actions, he had become a fugitive. Therefore, in order not to be known, he committed the murder of Generation Kira by eliminating his tracks and giving a mystery sign to the police. Akira casually walked out of the classroom. He had time to meet with Yukatzu, Kazame, and Kanzuka. Unfortunately, they did not cross paths or know each other beforehand.

Outside the University of Malvado, I sat not far away, sipping a cup of hot tea. It's cold outside, so many people from the University of Malvado also come for drinks. By accident, I drank. I saw a mark on their hands when I looked at them. That made me wonder who they really near the glass (Akira) is, the 4th Generation Destroyer. The man sitting in three with his best friend is a tier 4 Generation Destroyer, the same as him. But it's strange why they don't show or even move the sign that they're Generation Destroyer. When I saw them, I started to think that now there will be many Generations on Earth.

Evening, Akira begins to attack to kill the Generation Kira who made it to Earth. The target this time, he will destroy Generation Kira level 3, Green. That same night he managed to kill 3 Generation Kira, and he was sure there were still 25 Generation Kira left. That night the captain of the Yukatzu came to the scene. He always saw a red circle on his victim. This makes Captain Yukatzu curious as to who the culprit is. Incidentally, the house was installed with CCTV, so the perpetrator was quickly caught on CCTV. Captain Yukatzu watched the footage and ordered his subordinates to look for the clearly recorded culprit.

The following day, as usual, I went to school. That morning maybe I was unlucky. I fell into the University of Malvado, and a man helped me. We met. He was named Akira. When I looked at his hands, I saw he was a tier four Generation Destroyer. The man smiled sweetly at me when I met him. We took the time to drink together at the Cafe not far from the University of Malvado.

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