Book cover of “Legend of the Alpha and the Reclaimed Luna“ by Black Widow

Legend of the Alpha and the Reclaimed Luna

  • Genre: Werewolf
  • Age: 18+
  • Status: Completed
  • Language: English
  • Author: Black Widow
Zayla Malich is a wildlife photographer and an adventurer. She grew up as an orphan and had been working non-stop for three years. Because of this, she finally decided to take some time off from work and start crossing an item on her bucket list, which was to take a road trip from her hometown Las Vegas to Portland alone for the specific reason tha... 

Chapter 1

Being a wildlife photographer had always been a dream come true for Zayla Malich. While most people her age were still usually contemplating where their path in life was, she was sure of hers. This might have been because of how her childhood was. Zayla grew up in an adoption center, never fully experiencing what having a family felt like as she was never adopted at all. Which, in turn, made her grab onto the next thing she felt was never going to abandon her — dreams and a future.

After reaching the age that the adoption center deemed to be too old to be under their care, Zayla became certain of how to live her life. After all, she was the only person she could depend on. Unless, by some miracle, someone came and introduced themselves as her family.

“Finally, Will!” One of Zayla’s friends at work, Rizel, clapped her back. “After three years, you’re taking a real vacation.”

“I’ve been taking vacations and regular weekends off before. Why are you so dramatic about this?” She made a face at her as if she was offended for simply doing what she was being paid for in the first place.

“Those are government-mandated, idiot.” Rizel rolled her eyes at her friend before back hugging her while wishing, “Have a blast at Portland and don’t forget to take pictures of the animals you see. Like the ants on the road. Or a fly.”

Zayla, after packing up her things at work, turned around in Rizel’s arms and hugged her back with a soft, “I’ll see you in a few weeks, Riz.”

On her drive to Portland, Zayla had made two stops to fill her gas tank and her stomach, along with taking a break from driving. On her first stop, she decided to text Rizel back after ignoring her first few calls when she left.

Rizel: [So, why Portland?]

Zayla: [Well, it’s not overrated…and…it’s beautiful haha]

Rizel: [There are other beautiful places. Nearer ones….you’re meeting a guy, I can feel it in my gut…]

Zayla threw her phone at the passenger seat, not bothering to start the same conversation about the probability of her seeing a secret boyfriend in Portland for the hundredth time. After eating the hotdog sandwich she bought at the gasoline station, she decided to get back on the road before night fell. Although it was still a little light out on her second stop, the sun was still hanging on the horizon, close to setting, and the dangers of the night were starting to move out of their niche to find their prey. Just like how a pair of curious eyes were starting to prey on a certain girl nibbling on a cereal bar while waiting for her tank to be full.

Jackson Hipple was a rogue werewolf, one who didn’t belong to any pack, happened to be walking idly at the exact moment he spotted an abandoned gas station — or so he thought if it wasn’t for the girl standing beside her car in capri shorts and a fitted gray top. It was as if Jackson’s feet led him there because fate had something to tell him.

“Tal?” he thought to himself after the girl lifted her head to chug down a water bottle. He released a breath after seeing her face clearer and laughed internally at himself. Of course, the girl could not be Tallon, Jackson’s first love. It’d been twelve years since he last saw her as they parted ways in the middle of the woods under the illuminating eyes of the moon, looking down sadly at them.

“She may not be Tal, but I want her.” Jackson sniffed the stale air blowing the scent of the girl towards his way and closed his eyes in anticipation as he looked up at the moon that had yet to rise. He could wait until the right time came. Just like how he’d always been patient until the moon herself appeared from behind the clouds.

Zayla, after filling her car and her appetite a little on her second stop, got back behind the wheel and drove straight away, already more than halfway away from her hometown, Las Vegas. But what she didn’t know was that a certain wolf was trailing somewhere behind her, following her all the way to Portland.

Upon her arrival at the inn she rented for her stay, she decided to take the rest of the day unpacking and sleeping early so she could have a long day before the start of her official vacation.

The day after, she had a heavy breakfast, not sure if she would be able to follow a proper meal schedule with her plans mostly booked. Just like how she made her way towards the Tryon Creek State Natural Area, the camera held securely in her hand as her lenses captured the different creatures ranging from reptiles and even to the cute furry little animals roaming the area that she knew Rizel would love to see.

Sitting down for a few minutes to replenish herself, she started to hear rustling by the nearby bushes. Zayla shrugged it off, thinking it was just another animal or perhaps the wind making the leaves rustle. But she couldn’t shake off the thought that some predator was lurking in the same area as her and could jump out and have her as its meal. Not wanting to cross paths with a mountain lion or a bear, she briskly walked back to her car, only to stop meters away, seeing a broad-shouldered man leaning on its hood and staring straight at her as if he expected her arrival. Zayla started to take cautious steps towards her car, and the man inevitably, a sneer slowly appearing on his lips.

Upon further inspection, as she got closer, Zayla saw his brown eyes following her every move.

“Hello.” The man stood straight, highlighting his tall build as Zayla had to strain her neck.

“Do I know you?” Zayla’s voice was barely above a whisper, her heart beating fast because she couldn’t deny how handsome the man was. But also, there was a nagging thought that was knocking at her brain, telling her to be careful around him.

“That’s why I’m introducing myself,” The man took a step closer and extended his hand, a bigger smile making its way to his face. “Jackson Hipple. Or simply, Rus. And you are?”

“Zayla. Or simply Will.” She hesitantly took his hand for a quick shake, and just before she pulled her hand back, she looked back up at him, the smile decorating his face sending shivers down her spine.

“Now, could you please excuse me, Rus? I need to get back home. So if you don’t mind?” She tried walking around him, only to be blocked as he stepped backward, blocking her way again. If only he could howl at how ecstatic his wolf was currently feeling. Add to that how he could sense Zayla fearing him.

“Just the way I like it.” He smiled down at her, faces inches apart.

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