Book cover of “His Favorite Enemy“ by Infinitylocks

His Favorite Enemy

  • Genre: Romance
  • Status: Completed
  • Language: English
  • Author: Infinitylocks
'Enemies to lovers' sometimes seems to be an impossible concept, but you know what they say? There's a fine line between love and hate. Mason King is a bully but one with one girl only, Amanda Lee. Mason and Amanda were friends, but they both became rivals at school and started to prank each other until the end of the century. Their family wants t... 

Chapter 1

"MASON!" I'm drenched in water when I just took a step inside the hallway. Mason and his minions just dropped a bucket of cold water from the second floor. I looked to see them laughing and high-fiving each other.

I hate Mason King and it's final.

As a 17-year-old, I just want to live my life to the fullest. I want to have a great high school life and maybe date some boys in the process.

But someone decided to ruin it for me.

This morning, I threw his basketball shoes away and he's paying me back by drenching me in water. I sighed and looked at my best friend who was standing a few steps in front of me. I guess she's lucky.

"MASON!" I yelled and he kept laughing.

"Yes, sunshine?" Not him using the nickname that the whole school made.

"You! You! I swear.. I'm going to give you hell." I walked towards my locker grabbing my phone to call my driver to pick me up.

"Amanda." My best friend, Carol, was completely speechless. She gestured to me that my black bra was completely visible. She quickly gave me her jacket and I thanked her.

"I'll pay him back tomorrow!" I said and waved Carol goodbye before getting into my car. Between me and Mason, we always fight and going home with wet uniform always happens.

"Amanda, why are you-"

"As usual, mom. Mason did this." I said as I walked past her.

"Again? I don't understand why you both don't get along." She said as I opened the fridge, grabbing my favorite chocolate milk. I poured it into a glass before answering my mom.

"It's our nature to hate each other, I can't stand that man."

"Until when? When will you two stop?" My mom rolled her eyes as she put her potatoes in the oven.


Mason and I can't be in the same room without killing each other but our dads are very close. They've been best friends since high school. Everyone in my family loves Mason but me, I hate him so much.

My big brothers Sam and Seth like him a lot because they always play basketball together. Not only my brothers but my little sister, Ashley, she has a crush on Mason. She's 10 years old by the way and she loves Mason.

I'm the only one who wants to kill him in his sleep while everyone worships him like a god.

"I'm going upstairs to take a shower." I said.

"Amanda, you and Mason need to stop fighting. Please be mature and don't fight at school. You know that our families like to spend time together." My mom said as I'm going up.

"You can dream, mom!" I went straight to the bathroom. I took a shower and went to sleep immediately.

"Amandaaaa.. Amandaaaaaaa.." I pushed Ashley away from me. She's interrupting my beautiful sleep.

"Amanda!" Now, my brother came into my room. Ashley kept pulling my hair but I didn't want to get up.

"Amanda.." My brother called me in a serious tone.

"Amanda.." Now he's poking my arm.

"Amandaaaa!!" Ashley screamed into my ears.

"What?!" I sighed.

"We have to go."

"Where? I don't remember having anything on my schedule." I said lazily.

"Mason's dad's birthday."

"I'm not going."

"You're going, Amanda."


"Yes, you are." He grabbed both of my ankles and dragged me down.

"Amanda.." That's when I turned my head to my dad.

"Get ready, we're all going!"

"Dad, please. I'm not in the mood."

"Get up, or you won't be joining us this summer." He threatened me so hard that I had no choice but to wake up. I walked out to find my mom and asked her about the venue and they will be celebrating in a hotel restaurant.

I walked back to see what I have in my closet. I decided to go for a short black dress with an off shoulder top. I put on my make up and put my hair into a ponytail. Grabbing my ankle heels and wearing down downstairs.

"Are you ready?" Seth asked.

"Yeah, where's Ashley and Sam?"

"Sam will meet us there, he just got off work. Ashley is already in the car with dad." Seth said as he helped to stand up.


"I heard you got home drenched." I sighed when I heard him saying that. He chuckled and I glared at him. He likes Mason and mostly on his side when he's supposed to kill all of my bullies.

"Seth, stop it." Mom said as she walked past us.

"Yeah, Seth. Stop it." I repeated what mom said.

"Let’s go kids!" We left the house and got into the car. We will go straight to the restaurant.

"Mason! Mason!" I wanted to shut my sister's mouth because she will never shut up calling Mason. My parents greeted Mason's parents and I wished Mason's dad a happy birthday politely. I walked to my seat where it's already prepared. I turned to see who would sit beside me and Mason's name was there.

"Seth!" I called my brother and he turned to me, raising his eyebrows.

"Can you sit here?"

"I can't." He shook his head and I sighed.

"Why? You want to get rid of me?" I looked up and saw Mason already smirking at me.


"Good evening, my favorite enemy." Mason said as he sat on the seat beside me.

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