Book cover of “Kiss of the Damned: A Vampire's Curse“ by Empress Kei

Kiss of the Damned: A Vampire's Curse

  • Genre: Fantasy
  • Age: 18+
  • Status: Completed
  • Language: English
  • Author: Empress Kei
After being betrayed by a woman he truly loved, a vampire named Sebastian Kensington decided to sleep to ease his heartache. It was cowardly, but he did it for fear of harassing innocent humans. He had been sleeping for more than a hundred years, but one day, he suddenly woke up. He was thirsty for blood, but he was extremely picky about the blood ... 

Chapter 1

The port of Firebend, which was perched on a mountain, was populated by thousands of families, and Mayor Lockwood led them. There was no chance that a mountain developed this port by mistake; it contained valuable metal ores, which were critical to the inhabitants of Firebend’s survival and the growth of Stonewick.

The harbor itself seemed to be magnificent. This resort, with its bamboo-roofed buildings and walls, as well as its waterfall stairway, created a mesmerizing environment. In Firebird, the economy was expanding, with wood crafting, armor smithing, and carpentry providing the majority of the revenue. Their most significant assets, though, were their ability to hunt sustainably.

The true architectural trade hub was developed at the foot of the mountain. Green, rich fields surrounding it, adding to its allure, has contributed to the development of Stonewick. However, it was not just the wealth these fields provided that was significant; they were also crucial in architectural designs since the overwhelming majority of structures were thin and tall, mimicking the grasses and openness of the fields surrounding them. In addition to the elegant buildings that dotted the city skyline, there was no other location on the planet that had anything like it. Stonewick’s parks and gardens were blooming, and the community has received a great deal of attention as a result.

The town’s history and its character have been shaped by a plethora of civilizations that have left their imprint. What was once a city with few characteristics has evolved into a mash-up of diversity, and it continued to bring the city’s residents together. If there was something that the Mayor should worry about, it was the awakening of Sebastian Kensington.

Caden Lockwood, the Mayor of Stonewick, stared in the mirror for a long time and groaned with frustration. Silver, straight hair softly draped over his time-worn face. His intelligent, brown eyes, which used to be tantalizing, were full of worries, and he wondered if someone would find him attractive in his current state.

In his younger years, he was a great romantic, and if there’s anything that would remind him of those days, it would be the thick beard that seductively accentuated his cheekbones. He had multiple opportunities to shave it, but he had made a promise to someone that he would maintain it for the rest of his life. His beard was being caressed as he took a deep breath in front of the mirror, reminiscing some elegant recollections from his time with that lady. He was daydreaming once again when someone repeatedly knocked on the door. He walked agitatedly towards the door to open it, and when he saw the face of Camille Barnett, he instantly scowled in disappointment.

“I urge you to hurry and return to your task as quickly as possible,” he instructed her. The lady has been looking after his family for more than ten years, yet she has attempted to seduce him on one occasion. He saw it as a serious transgression and sentenced her to a period of confinement in the Kensington estate as punishment.

Even though she spoke calmly, Camille was bursting into tears within and begging for his forgiveness. “He’s awake,” she murmured calmly. For her, working at the house had been unpleasant, and she had trouble sleeping in a place where vampires lived. Caden Lockwood, on the other hand, was scarier than those immortals!

Caden looked at Camille with his brows wrinkled as if he were perplexed. “Excuse me?” he inquired of her.

“Sebastian Kensington is awake,” she said in response to his question.

He stood there staring at Camille for a bit, and then he walked back and forth inside his office, his hands tucked into the pockets of his pants. Afterward, he took a long breath and then another, but he couldn’t come up with the perfect words to express himself. He couldn’t understand why his forefathers had pledged their allegiance to individuals who could wipe out the whole population of Stonewick, to put it mildly. More than three generations had handed down the legend of the sleeping vampire, and no one knew when Sebastian Kensington would come to life again.

“For goddamn’s sake, why did he wake up at this time?” He wondered. When Caden yelled at Camille, his voice could be heard echoing around his office.

Camille shook her head, but she couldn’t put her finger on it. In reality, the individuals who lived in the mansion, who were Sebastian’s descendants and relatives, were equally concerned about the re-emergence of their actual leader! Following the Great War between humans and vampires, those individuals attempted to subsist on animal blood for hundreds of years; nevertheless, Sebastian Kensington was believed to be fastidious about what he ate.

“Can you tell me where he is now?” Caden inquired of the lady, who seemed to have lost her reasons and stared at him. Afterward, he observed that Camille Barnett’s hands were trembling, and he felt awful for the woman. The fact that the true leader of the vampire clan was awake may have made the lady feel threatened. “Have you had anything to eat yet?”

Camille responded with a shake of her head for the second time. “I-I don’t believe I’m going to be able to work with them anymore.” Finally, she was able to tell him the truth about her feelings.

Caden exhaled deeply and fixed his gaze on Camille’s face for the umpteenth time. She used to be gorgeous, but it’s clear that years of dealing with Kensington have taken their toll. He was ashamed of himself for making such a reckless choice to throw a fine lady into that situation. “Join me for breakfast,” he said, and the lady promptly rose to her feet to join him to the table.

Once seated across Caden Lockwood, Camille drooled over the food that was being served. In the mansion, she couldn’t eat properly even if they had the best chef in the world to cook for them. “Thank you, Caden,” she said before stuffing her mouth with her favorite food.

Caden smiled at Camille, and then he announced, “After breakfast, let’s go together.”

She got excited for a second until Caden mentioned the name of Sebastian Kensington. “Why? Why do you want to go there? It’s dangerous!”

“Because I need to talk to him, Miss Barnet and I hope that this news wouldn’t reach anyone outside Stonewick,” he said after taking a deep breath. The woman in front of him was shocked at his decision, but he couldn’t allow that bastard to hurt anyone in Stonewick!

“I don’t know how you are going to handle this, Mr Mayor,” she said.

“Me too,” he admitted the truth. “In the meantime, I want you to keep your mouth shut regarding this matter for everyone’s benefit, understand?”

Camille nodded his head and replied, “Yes!”

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