Book cover of “His Obsession“ by Oyiza

His Obsession

  • Genre: Steamy (18+)
  • Age: 18+
  • Status: Completed
  • Language: English
  • Author: Oyiza
"I'm attracted to you." He smiled seductively. "I don't like you. I only want to fuck you. That sexy gown makes me wanna bury myself in between your thighs." Hailey Brooklyn is a poor but feisty woman living in the richest city in America, Washington, DC. She meets Charles Monterio, a devilishly handsome billionaire who craves her sexy body and cr... 

Chapter 1



"Gosh! That girl must still be asleep. Hailey!!!"

Hearing the voice calling unto her, Hailey snapped her eyes open. Her eyes moved to the clock not faraway from the bed and it almost went to the size of an orange when she saw the time.

Today was her interview! And it's past 9 already. She was supposed to be there by 8am!.

"F**k, what was I thinking?" She questioned herself as she hurried off the bed and found her way to the bathroom.

"Hailey, will you get your sleepy ass out of the bed?" Leah almost yelled as she entered the room.

"I'll be outside in a bit, Mom," Hailey yelled from the bathroom.

Leah taps her forehead in frustration.

"Today was supposed to be your interview, how could you be so incompetent?"

Hailey returned back with a towel around her, she went to her small closet and started rummaging through it for the clothes to wear.

"Not like I'm gonna get the job anyway" she mumbled beneath her breath but Leah definitely heard her.

A loud smack suddenly landed at her back and she faced her mom in anger.


"How could you utter such words from your mouth? You should be optimistic not the other way round"

Hailey rolled her eyes as she resumed looking for the perfect clothes to wear.

"This is the 10th interview I'll be trying this week, why should this be different?" She muttered.

She picked a blue gown, went to her small dressing table and started applying lotion on her skin.

"You already lost the job even without being interviewed, who knows if this would have been different" Leah said.

"Mom, don't start again. At least I have a little job I'm doing. Not like I am that jobless" Hailey puts on the blue dress which was just below her knee.

"I hate it when you stress yourself" Leah muttered.

Hailey smiled before facing her.

"I'm not stressing myself mom" she drawled. That was an obvious lie. She works in different places, in the morning, she works as a waiter in a restaurant, at noon, she works as a caretaker, in the evening, she works in a bar. All this was enough stress for her.

"Aren't you going to have breakfast?" Leah asked.

"Will find something to eat on my way" Hailey said, she picked her bag and then went to their small living room.

"Where's Dad?" She asked when she noticed her Dad's absence in the house.

"He went to visit a friend" 

"Okay, bye mom" Hailey pecks her cheek before leaving the house.

"Proving tough when she's actually soft inside" Leah mumbled, shaking her head silently.



A black shiny limousine stopped right in front of the company. The chauffeur came out of the limo and opened the back seat door.

A pair of black shiny shoes could be seen stepping out of the car and then out of it, came a tall silhouette figure, he's putting on a black shade.

Immediately the guards set their eyes on him, they bowed their heads immediately.

"Morning sir" they chorused.

He simply nodded and then entered the company, his bodyguards followed behind immediately.

The once busy and noisy place suddenly went quiet immediately when their Boss entered.

Some girls started adjusting their tops and skirts, making it a bit revealing.

"Good morning sir" 

"Good morning, Boss" 

Charles simply waved his hand at them till he went out of sight.

"Gosh! I wonder why he doesn't even look at my side for once" Tiana, a worker in the company, said.

"Considering the fact that he's a casanova, it shouldn't be an issue" another girl said.

Soon, everyone went back to their business.


Charles entered his office and went to his table immediately, he sat on the chair and loosed his tie a bit.

The secretary entered and walked to him.

"Good morning sir" she greeted.

"My coffee," he said.

She understood immediately and went out of the office to brew his coffee. Minutes later, she returned with the coffee and handed it to him.

Charles sipped the coffee slowly and smiled satisfactorily. She knew exactly how much he loves his coffee.

"You can go," he said but she remained motionless.

He raised his brow as he stared at her.

"What do you want?"

The secretary smiled seductively as she moved closer to him, she sat on his table, facing him directly. She spread her legs wide, revealing her black lacy panty as she twirled her hair in her hand seductively.

"Like what you see?" She bit her lips slowly.

Charles chuckled as he stared between her legs, he wouldn't lie that she looked good but then, he doesn't do his employees.

"Do you want me to make you feel good?" She asked and he nodded.

The secretary smiled triumphantly, her hands went to her shirt as she started unbuttoning it slowly. She finished unbuttoning her shirt and her bra came into view.

"Move your head closer to me, let me feel your lips on mine" Charles said.

She moved her head closer to him as he demanded, just as she was about to kiss him, he moved his head closer and whispered in her ears.

"You're fired" he sat back properly.

Her eyes widened. Did she hear the wrong thing?


"I don't repeat myself" Charles said sternly.

The secretary stared at him in shock. He's known to be the biggest flirt, why is he resisting her now?

"Should I call the guards?" His voice broke her out of her thoughts.

Then, reality dawned on her. She just got fired. She quickly got down from the table and went on her knees.

"I'm sorry sir, please forgive me" she begged.

Charles stares at her. She must have been foolish to think he'd fall for her tricks.

"I, 2,..." Before he could count three, she was already out of the office.

"Bìtch" he mumbled, fixing his tie properly as he got himself busy with his work.



Hailey checked the time on her wristwatch and breathed out in relief, she wasn't that late. She's just returning from the company when she's to be interviewed only to discover that the interview has ended.

"Knew it was gonna end up like that" she mumbled to herself as she entered the restaurant.

"And why are you just coming now?" Madam Melody, her Boss asked.

"Erm... Good morning, ma'am" she greeted, tucking her hair to the back.

"You haven't answered my question yet" Madam Melody said, ignoring her greetings.

"When I woke up today, I woke up early tho, you know I keep up to my time" she chuckled.

"So, I took an early cab but you see, the traffic was so damn heavy. Like..."

"Didn't ask you to tell me your life story. Just get back to work, come late next time and say goodbye to this job" Madam Melody said before walking away.

Hailey scoffed inwardly.

"Come late next time and say goodbye to this job" she mimicked. She went to the dressing room and changed her clothes, after that, she got to work.



Charles sat on the chair in his office, typing very fast as he was engrossed deeply in what he was doing.

A knock was heard and he frowned. He didn't call for anybody.

"Who's it?" He asked.

"A monster" a guy said as he entered.

Charles shook his head before facing the computer.

"Why are you here?" He asked.

"What's up, I didn't find your secretary outside" the guy said as he made himself comfortable on a chair.

"I fired her," Charles simply said.

"Why? She tried to make you sleep with her and you bluntly refused by firing her?" 

"Exactly," Charles muttered.

"Why? I mean, you don't refuse any woman that offers you her body so why?"

"Because I don't f**k my employees. And, if you're here to talk to me about her, then take your leave" 

"I'm not..." 

"I'm busy right now, maybe you should come back later" Charles cuts him off.

"Are you chasing me out of your office right now?" The guy asked in disbelief.

"I'm not, don't take it the wrong way"

"Of course you are... I'm gonna leave on my own, you don't have to chase me" the guy stood up and walked to the door.

"Jace," Charles called.

Jace smiled, he cleared his throat before facing him.

"I didn't mean it that way," Charles said.

"Of course I know, I was only kidding. Continue with your work" Jace said before finally leaving the office.

Charles breathed out loudly as he rested his head on the chair.

A knock could be heard, before he could utter any word, the door opened and an elderly man with a blonde lady behind him entered.

Charles rolled his eyes, he already knew what they're here for.

"You could have at least shown me a little respect in front of her," the man said.

"Why are you here?" Charles asked instead.

"Well... Introduce yourself" the man said to the lady.

The lady smiled at Charles.

"I'm Celine Morgan," she introduced.

"She's beautiful, isn't she?" The man asked.

Charles nodded as he accessed her body. She's putting on a tight red gown, revealing her cleavages.

"She's not bad," he muttered.

"Good. She'll be your girlfriend from now on" the man said.

"What? Dad!" 

"Why? You just said it yourself that she's beautiful so... You both are good to go"

Mr. Monterio faced Celine.

"Make him fall for your charms, it's up to you" he muttered. He glanced at Charles before leaving the office.

Immediately they were alone, Celine catwalks to him, swaying her ass seductively.

She placed her hand on his chest, caressing it slowly as she felt his muscles.

"We're alone," she whispered.

Charles smiled, getting what she meant. He pulled her to his legs as his hands played with her cleavage.

"My girlfriend is so sexy," he said seductively.

Celine smiled. She straddled him as she started grinding her butt on his cock.

Charles's hand went to her ass as he pressed it earning a moan from her.

"How about we have a very good time?" Celine asked, emphasizing on the 'good time'. She stares at his eyes, those sexy eyes that can bewitch a lady.

"Sure" with that, their lips found their way together as they engaged in a very crazy kiss.

Charles pressed his hand on her b**bs as he kissed her fiercely. He could feel himself getting hard down there.

Celine smiled when she felt him poking her butt, her hand moved to his trouser and she squeezed him lightly.

Charles groaned, she was definitely testing his patience. 

He stood up from the chair with Celine in his arms, he placed her on the table and unbuckled his belt, and brought out his road

Celine undressed herself till she was stark naked. She smiled when she saw his eyes eating her up.

Charles spread her legs wide and entered her Immediately, without wasting any time, he started drilling her pussy hard.

"Oh my!"

"Baby, go faster!"

"You're so good.... Ahh!!"

Celine moaned as he banged her harder and deeper. He suddenly stopped and turned her over the table.

"Bend your ass" he ordered hoarsely.

She did as he instructed and he entered her in a go. He started thrusting into her madly as he went very deep inside her.

"Oh fuck!"

"Destroy me!"

"I'm yours totally! Fuck me harder"

Celine moaned loudly, thankfully the room was soundproof so their moans were safe.

Charles banged her so deeply, as he smacked her ass occasionally. His hand went to her boobs as he squeezed her nipples.


"Don't stop!"

"Faster baby! Faster!"

Their moans and pants filled the office as they rode to heaven.

After a while, Charles pulled out of her sloppy pussy and released his loads right on her ass.

He wears his trouser after he was done and moved away from her.

Celine breathed heavily as she smiled in satisfaction. She just got the popular Charles Monterio in fucking her. And not only that, she's his girlfriend!

"Gosh! You were so good" she walked to him nakedly. She tried to touch him but he held her hand and gave her a dangerous glare.

"Don't" he warned.

"Why? I'm your girlfriend" she said.

"Not anymore. Because, we're breaking up now" Charles said emotionlessly.

"Wh... What?" Celine stuttered in shock.

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