Book cover of “I'm His Lover“ by Memoree

I'm His Lover

  • Genre: Romance
  • Age: 18+
  • Status: Completed
  • Language: English
  • Author: Memoree
The world of luxury is full of darkness that can sometimes swallow people's dreams. When Alyanna meets the charismatic CEO, Mark Hernandez, their whirlwind romance takes them on incredible adventures. But amidst life-threatening challenges, Alyanna learns that love requires sacrifices and loyalty. In the face of heartbreak and deception, she must d... 

Chapter 1. The Bet

Friday. It's 7 p.m. Advanced Calculus. I am here at the moment. I've not been listening in class. Since I know how to do this, I let my mind wander when I draw in my small sketchbook.

I started thinking about summer. During that summer, I would backpack around Europe. I would get to know new people and maybe even fall in love. I also started to wonder what I would do at school.

My dad said that the small business I will get as a gift is mine to do with as I please. When I turn 21, I'll get it. I'm almost 18 and 17 now. Ha, funny! I spoke about the movie "The Sound of Music." Also, I'll be 18 in less than two weeks, which is about how much time is left in my senior year of high school. You're right, I agree. My birthday is also the day I finish school.

"Ms. Romero, Ms. Romero. Ms. Romero!" Mr. Martian tells me, and for the last part, he shouts.

I quickly close my sketchbook as I look up at him. "Yes?" I don't know, but I'm going to find out.

"What did you learn?" Please. On Monday, I heard him talk about what we had planned for the week. Also, he never changes the assignments, so I feel safe.

"Yes. It's on pages 10–12 and problems 5 and 6 of our workbook." I remember everything, as you can see. When I was 5, my mom packed up everything she owned while wearing a navy blue sweater. I remember that she called Miss Kay from across the street and asked her to come watch me until my dad got home. I remember when she started her car and I saw it pull out of the driveway. I still remember how when she left, she made me cry. When she left, I remember that she made my dad cry. The last time she put me to bed, I'll never forget it. Sometimes I wish I could forget, but I don't.

"Oh. That's the end of it." He went back to the front of the classroom. "Class dismissed. "Yes, at last. Freedom.

I ran out of class, to my locker, and then out the door to my big maroon truck. When I get home, I take off my stuffy uniform and put on some comfortable sweats.

I begin doing my homework. I move on to English when I'm done with math, which is easier to say than calculus. I finish the outline for a research paper, but I stop working on it because the paper isn't due until Wednesday. Charlie, who is my best friend, called me. I tell them no and switch over to FaceTime.

"Hey! What's going on?" I ask. Charlie doesn't live in his own state. He moved when he was 15. We kept talking every day at the same time and stayed friends. This came too late.

"Nothing," he says after a pause and a turn away from the camera. I think he must be sad or something. "I'll be staying with you for a week, so get used to it!"

My eyes get big. "How dare you! I swear you must be kidding!" He does not feel sad at all.

"I'm not joking. Honest." He puts one hand over his heart and raises his hands so I can see them.

"When do you plan to go?" I ask

"About 1 minute later. be there by midnight." Oh no, that's 5 hours.

"Ok. Well let you go. I can't wait to see you!" My grin is very big.

"So are you, Yanna." We hang up, and I go to the kitchen to find something to do until dinner.

My dad sends me a text message as I walk to the kitchen.

Dad: I'll be late getting home. Make sure to have fun with Charlie.

Yanna: Ok dad. What are you thinking? Staying up late?

I'm going to play cards with the boys, says Dad.

Yanna: Don't do anything stupid dad.

Dad: I won't. Love you Yanna!

Yanna: You too dad

Since I won't be eating dinner with my dad, I made some chicken and Mac and cheese after our short text conversation. I chose to eat it right away. When Charlie gets here, I might have something else. I'm not sure yet.

When everything is ready, I take it all to the living room and turn on my favorite movie, Spider-Man Homecoming. I start to watch Captain America after the movie and dinner. After I fall asleep, my phone rings. I looked at it and saw that it said "Charlie."

"Hello?" Right now, I'm still a little sleepy and don't know much.

"Did you fall asleep?" He asks.

"What. No. What's your address?" I switch topics, rub my eyes, and ask.

"I'm in front of the house." I wake up all of a sudden and run to the door. I scream and run into Charlie's arms when I open the door. "Hello to you, too." He says hugging me back.

"I am so happy to see you!" I put my face right into the curve of his neck.

"I agree, Yanna. Now can we get some sleep? I had to go a long way "He puts me down, and then we go inside and go to bed.

The next morning, I woke up late. I didn't expect to wake up early, but I also didn't expect to wake up at noon. My dad left before I woke up, so I didn't see him. Even though Charlie was still sleeping next to me, I got up and started making breakfast. So, lunch is a better word.

When I got down the stairs, I found a note from my dad. It said "Yanna, I'll be home before you. We're having people over. I will have Marlee cook for us tonight. A business partner and his son will be there. I think you'll do fine. Love you, see you later. -Dad"

I said, "Great," out loud.

"What's all the fuss about?" Charlie came into the kitchen and said something, which made me jump. I gave him the note. He quickly looks at it and says, "Oh, come on, it might not be that bad. He might be someone you like."

"Oh I bet." This is just a joke. The son or daughter of a rich man. Who always gets what he wants. I'm sure he's thinking the same thing about me."

You know, "He might be different." He shakes his head.

I don't care what he says, so I'll just keep cooking eggs and bacon.

After we watched Captain America from the beginning again, I looked at the time after a while. "Shoot. I need to start getting ready. You should too. Remember everything?"

"Yep. We'll see you at ten." He answered.

"More like 20 for me. It's hard to do this." I point out my face. We both laugh, and then we both go to the showers. Just so you know, each shower is on its own floor.

I guess getting ready takes me more like 30 minutes. Dad just got home, and he looks angry. "You ok dad?" I ask him as he walks back into the living room in jeans and a nice polo.

I'm so happy this isn't one of those dinners where I have to wear a dress. But it's not because I don't like dresses. I just don't like them. Most of the time, they hurt, itch, and aren't very helpful. Still, I do like them sometimes.

"Yes I'm fine. They should be here soon." In less than a second, the doorbell rang.

"I'll get it." As I went to the door, I said. When I open the door, I see a man about the same age as my dad and a younger man who looks to be about 21 or 22. "Hi. Welcome. I'm Yanna, come on in." My words make it seem like I'm a robot.

I can't help but stare at the boy. He looks great. His icy blue eyes look right into my soul when he looks at me, which makes me catch my breath. He shouldn't make me feel that way. That can't happen.

Since my dad and Charlie are in the living room, that's where I take the guests. "John, it's good to see you again. We're glad you came." My dad gets up and shakes hands with himself and each of his sons. Could I buy you a drink before dinner?"

"I'm going to have a single malt. If you'd like. Mark anything?" John answers. Mark. like that name.

"Not really. I'm fine." He says. His voice is deep and strong. same as his body. His arms are strong and his jaw is good.

I sit in the chair next to the couch where Mark is sitting. "So, Mark, how is college treating you?" My dad asks. I can tell that something is still bothering him.

"I'm glad I only need to pass one more test to graduate." He says this while looking at both my dad and me. He smiles and then turns around. I blush at even the smallest act of kindness. Why does this guy make me feel bad?

"So this is your last year of college, right?" I ask. I was pretty close with my guess. He must have been 21 or 22.

"Yes. My last test is on Monday." He says.

"Lucky. I'll be done with school in two more weeks."

"I know." Mark looks at me and gives me a wink. Why? That's my question. Out of the corner of my eye, I can see my dad tense up and get that nervous look again. Marlee walks into the living room just as dinner is ready to tell us.

Mark and I are both doing better. John and my dad went back to the house to talk about something else. I can tell it's angry even though I can't hear it very well.

The dinner continues as planned. Talk a little about what I have planned for the future. Charlie enjoys talking to Mark. Most of the time, Dad and John talk to each other, so I'm left alone.

I'm dying to find a reason to leave. I say, "I'm going to do the dishes." I like doing the dishes a lot.

"Honey, it's not necessary." Dad says as he looks at me. Ok, so he wants to talk to me just as I'm getting ready to leave.

"It's ok. I'd like to. You've met me." John just smiles — more like smirks — and Mark just looks a little confused. Charlie knows too much about me for him to be able to help me. I go into the kitchen and start washing dishes.

Mark comes in 20 minutes later, when I'm drying the last dish. "Hey," he says.

I'm now facing him. "Hi. What was the food like?" I ask. I try to talk to others. Just by standing there, he makes me feel scared. But I try not to show it.

"It worked out. One of my favorite meals is this." More small talk with easy answers for small talk.

"Good." I walk toward the cabinet after turning around. Something is coming from behind me. I don't jump or jerk, I just act like everyone else. I'm good at staying calm and not showing that I'm scared.

As I reach up to put away a plate, Mark grabs me around the waist. Before I do, he tells me, "So you're the lucky girl I'm going to marry." What! I drop my plate because I'm so surprised and confused.

"What!" I yell. "What in the hell makes you think I'll marry you?" "Did you not hear about the bet?" He asks. He has kind of big eyes. "No. What's the risk?" I ask, putting my fingers through my hair.

"Wow, your dad didn't tell you." He doesn't give an answer. Dad, John, and Charlie walk into the kitchen.

"Dad, what does he mean by that bet?" I ask. I'm angry, upset, and puzzled.

"Honey, hurry up. Let's talk in the living room."

I thought, "About what?" This can't be good, no matter what it is.

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