Book cover of “Unexpected“ by Infinitylocks


  • Genre: Romance
  • Age: 18+
  • Status: Completed
  • Language: English
  • Author: Infinitylocks
Summer's life has been a constant hustle since she was placed in an orphanage at just three years old. She works as a delivery girl at a restaurant, but her life takes an unexpected turn when she crashes into Darren Conte's car on a rainy night. Darren demands $100,000 for damages, but Summer has no way to pay him back. To make matters worse, Darre... 

Chapter 1

Summer Alexander’s POV

“Summer! Go take table 2!” My boss shouted as I just got out of the toilet. He’s such an annoying boss but I needed the job more than anything.

I’ve been living the hustle life since I was 3 years old since I’m an orphan. I have no idea who my parents are, what do they look like, let alone knowing if they’re still breathing or not. Ever since I was a kid, I lived a tough life and mostly alone without anyone by my side.

When I was 15 years old, I started to take more part time jobs even though I’m still busy at school. Then time flew by so fast, I got into high school and learned to socialize a little bit. I let myself lose a little and that’s when I met my friend, Hanni. She’s Korean-American, not to mention that she’s beautiful and rich.

We both are polar opposites. She’s beautiful and I’m just plain. She’s rich and here I am working a lot of part time jobs. She’s not interested in school, when I love school and quite smart. I can be cocky when it comes to good scores. Luckily I got scholarships for my college because of my high school grades.

Every time I see Hanni, I can say that life is not fair. How can she live her life easily when I have to struggle a lot? Hanni never looked down on me but I felt jealous sometimes.

“Summer! What are you doing?! Take table 2!” My boss called me again and I grabbed the menu before running towards table 2.

“Hello, what can I get for you?” I asked with a smile.

“We’ll get 2 cheese toast, 1 beef sandwich and 1 chicken salad.” The customer said and I repeated their order, just to make sure.

“Your order will be ready in 10 minutes, thank you.” I said and smiled at them.


“Summer!” My boss called after I put the new customer’s order in.

“Yes?” I asked and he came out from the kitchen with a plastic bag.

“Go deliver this.” He said and he walked back to the kitchen. I checked the address that was attached to the plastic bag. I walked out from the restaurant and got on my motorcycle.

Yes, I usually do deliveries too because I have a motorcycle. Tiring but I know I’ll be okay. It’s always been like this. After this, I’m going to work at the ice cream shop and later on working at a cosmetic shop and lastly at midnight working at a Korean chicken shop as their delivery girl.

As I was going to deliver the food, Hanni called and I picked it up.

“What’s up?” I asked as I put her on loudspeaker and put on my helmet.

“Guess what?!”


“I got us tickets to the musical concert that you wanted to go so badly!” My eyes widened hearing the news. I’ve always loved musical theater concerts and she just got it for me.

“Hanni! You really made my day.”

“I got you girl, you don’t need to worry! Are you working now?”

“Yeah, I’m going to send some food to a customer now. I’ll call you later on tonight!”

“Okay! Please stay safe, I’m always worried about you!”

“I know and I will!” She ended the call and I put my phone into my pocket. After delivering the food safely, I walked back to my motorcycle. I got on it and I could feel a drop of rain on the top of my head.

“No way!” I quickly put on my helmet and drove back to the restaurant but instead of getting myself safe from the rain, it’s starting to get heavier. There’s traffic and the road was slippery.

When there’s a red light, I hit the brakes but there’s a lump in front of me that causes my motorcycle to slip and crush the black sports car in front of me.

I fell down to the ground and turned to see that there’s a dent on the car. The owner of the car came out and I knew that I’m in trouble instantly.

“You!” The owner pointed his index finger at me as I got up from the ground. He looked at me angrily and I turned to the dent again to make sure that this was real.

“What are you going to do about this?!” He shouted and I knew instantly that all of my hard work to pay my college this semester will go to dust.

“I’m so sorry, I’ll pay for the damages.” I said and I know that’s the stupidest line when I was supposed to tell him the situation.

“You won’t be able to pay this!” He’s right but the tone that he used was just not the best. I guess I’m not in my best mood because of the rain, even though I got the tickets to the musical concert.

“I crashed your car but you don’t need to say that!”

“I want you to pay me 100.000 dollars!” He said and my eyes widened. He’s kidding right? It’s just a little dent on the car but why?

“What?! There’s no way… that expensive?!”

“You said you want to pay it right! 100.000 dollars by the end of the week!”

“How about you take this to the repair shop and tell me the price once it’s done.”

“I’ll give you a week or I’ll sue you! Now give me your ID!” He said and I looked up to the sky. Water got into my eyes but I couldn’t care less. Why do I have such bad luck? I grabbed my wallet from the back of my pocket and gave him my ID.

“Summer Alexander, I’ll give you a week or I’ll sue you and throw you to jail.”

“Where can I find you?” I asked as I looked straight into his eyes coldly. He smirked.

“Conte Corp.” Right. Great. Good job Summer, you just crashed into Conte's car.

“I’ll see you then.” With that he got into his car. I turned to my motorcycle and the traffic that I made.

I want to run away… far away from here.

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