Book cover of “King of the Cursed“ by WAJE

King of the Cursed

  • Genre: Werewolf
  • Age: 18+
  • Status: Completed
  • Language: English
  • Author: WAJE
Dargan, the cursed Alpha, has one goal: to seek revenge on those who let his family die. He reigns over the pack and kingdoms with an iron fist, fueled by his traumatic past and nightmares. He is cursed with the seven rebellious beasts and can only consume blood. In a bid to hurt the chiefs who plotted against him, Dargan requests the seven prin... 

Chapter 1. Foreword

Once upon a time, the moon goddess created a special kind of beast meant to protect each of the seven kingdoms in Wolf’s heart pack but they got rebellious and took sides with the arch-enemy of the moon goddess - mother darkness.

The kingdom was at peace with their packs until disaster struck and the wolves began to die of strange illnesses.

The pack members had to flee to other packs for survival but unfortunately, they got killed by weaker packs who took it to their advantage by the problems surrounding the once biggest pack.

Only one man could save them.

He crossed the seven seas to get a solution and came back with the box to heal the land of its affliction. He gave his time and put his life at stake to salvage the restoration of his beloved pack but unbeknownst to him he got tricked and got the box of curses.

It was the forbidden box made to heal and also to curse.

Soon peace was restored and life came back to normal in the kingdoms; the deaths and strange illnesses became a forgotten tale.

But the curses that came with the box started taking effect on him and his family. He sought help, got laughed at, and was rejected by the people he saved.

The pack members went about merry while casting him a look of disgust. He lost everything, his family, the two most important people in his life.

He blanked into pain and revenge. His heart broke and he sought the forbidden by opening the box and drinking its content. He died and came back as the king of the Cursed seeking their blood.

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