Book cover of “Loving Miss Daniels“ by Unika Writes

Loving Miss Daniels

  • Genre: Romance
  • Age: 18+
  • Status: Completed
  • Language: English
  • Author: Unika Writes
“Sex on the driveway,” Morgan said with a smile on her face. The look on Maia’s face went from plain to morbid. “You, want to have sex on the driveway?” Maia stuttered. Morgan couldn’t keep a straight face for much longer. She burst into a fit of laughter, making a frown appear on Maia’s face. “No, Maia. Sex on the driveway. The drink... 

Chapter 1

Morgan Daniels stood on the isle upstairs of ‘Yapaki lounge’, where she had a view of everything going on in the club, now tired of sitting in her office for hours going over paperwork whilst sipping on a glass of martini that was served to her over an hour ago.

The verdict, the club was doing well and could most definitely afford to hire two or three bartenders.

Tonight, aside from the fact that it was the start of the weekend, was no different from the other nights. The night was very busy as everyone was trying to rid themselves of the hassle of the week. Some work, some college, some may be heartbreak, or something else.

Morgan’s gaze locked on a blonde whose gaze has been on her the very moment she came of out her office. A smile appearing on her face, Morgan raised her glass to her.

She knew who she was because, for the past few days, she has been frequent at the club and won’t stop staring at her. She knew what she wanted and she was more than willing to give it to her.

But she had to make her sweat for it.

Morgan loved when they seemed desperate for her because she knew that she could give them what they wanted. If not more.

Yes, she was that confident

Tonight, however, she decided was the blonde’s lucky day. She was going to give her what she wanted after nights of making her wait.

Morgan Daniels turned around and closed the office door, before walking down the stairs, making her way to the blonde through the sweaty crowd.

“Hey,” She said once she was next to the blonde, drinking the last of her martini and sliding the empty glass to the bartender for a refill, sticking out her middle finger and pointer at once requesting two drinks.

“Hi,” the blonde says trying, but failing miserably to hide the nerves in her voice.

This only increased Morgan’s ego because she liked it when they were nervous.

With a smirk appearing on her lips, Morgan said “Morgan,”

“I know” the blonde replies quickly, earning a smirk from Morgan and simultaneously causing a blush to appear on the girl’s cheeks.

“I mean, I know who you are because you’re quite popular here. Everyone knows Morgan" the blonde quickly corrected, but still managed to earn a quizzical look from Morgan.

This seemed to annoy the other girls because she rolled her eyes.

“Never mind,” she says and Morgan nods.

“Buy me a drink” she orders.

Morgan had already ordered two shots from the bartender, so she easily slid one in the girls’ direction and it was her turn to give Morgan a questioning stare.

“That fast? I hope you didn’t s***e it” she inquired playfully and Morgan gave her a sly smile and sipped her drink before replying.

“I can get a woman just fine. Thank you!” she replied.

Morgan watched the dance floor as she took sips of her drink. A red hair on the dance floor caught her attention as she swayed her hips seductively against some dude that was clearly, already having an erection.

She was freaking hot. Morgan smiled as she thought to herself, making a mental note to have the red-haired some other day since she already had the blonde next to me who gradually undressed her with her stare.

“Want to get out of here?” the girl whispered into Morgan’s ear. The whiff of alcohol on her breath made her immediately aroused.

“Give me a minute,” Morgan said, downing what was left of her drink and disappearing in the back.

Jonah, Morgan’s best friend, partner and the closest thing she has to a big brother, had his tongue down Laiba’s throat, his girlfriend of six years, who recently became his fiancée. The site makes Morgan gag as she struggled not to throw out.

“Dude, get a fucking room! Jesus” Morgan grumbled, pulling them apart and walking in between them.

“What the fuck! What is your problem dude?” Jonah inquires, annoyance quite evident in his voice.

“Take charge” Morgan Daniels ordered, fishing for the key to her car from his pocket

“Where are you going?” he asks, putting his hand over his pocket making it impossible for Morgan to take out the keys.

“Someone is waiting for me up front,” she ignored his attempts, trying once more to take the keys from him.

“Who?” he asks, his question taking me by surprise

“Not Laiba” Morgan uttered with a sky smile

“Hey, watch it. That’s my fiancée you’re talking about” he warns. Jonah was very protective of Laiba. He had no trouble with people talking ruthlessly to him, but when it came to his fiancée, be careful, you might lose a tooth.

“I’m sorry” she apologized most to Laiba than to Jonah. “Can I have my keys? It’s rude to keep a pretty girl waiting” Morgan was getting impatient. Jonah was fun of this, borrowing her car and whenever she needed it back, he’d made things hell for her.

Jonah looks at his friend warily but hands her the keys.

“Be careful?” it was a plea.

“Okay mom,” she replied sarcastically and seized the keys out of his hand and hurried back to the front.

At first, Jonah was okay with this. He knew she wasn’t into relationships due to what she went through in the past. But recently, he hated it.

Ever since proposing to Laiba, he wanted her to find someone and settle.

Now that, Morgan Daniels wasn’t okay with.

What good will it bring her to find someone, only to have them betray her in the end?

She was fine being single and sleeping around, thank you very much.

No feelings. No hurt.


La vie est parfait

Worried that the blonde may have left, Morgan Daniels rushed back to the front, just to find the girl twirling her finger around a strand of hair as she hungrily looked at the Red hair she had her eyes on earlier, swaying her hips.

“Let’s go” she whispered into the girl’s ear, touching lightly her arm.

She nods, picking up her little purse. Placing a hand on her lower back, Morgan led her to the back of the counter, passing through a small corridor that led outside.

Once outside, she pressed a button on her key, the door of her car opened and she helped the blonde get into the passenger’s side, while she got in the driver’s side.

Then, Morgan turned on the ignition of her car, driving off with her victim for a night of endless pleasure.

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