Book cover of “Luxury Man. Book 1“ by Little Maze

Luxury Man. Book 1

  • Genre: LGBTQ+
  • Age: 18+
  • Status: Completed
  • Language: English
  • Author: Little Maze
JaeHwa is a South Korean man whose profession is to be a luxury escort. Fear of the dark past he lived in has made him a cold-hearted man. Always on the run from love, he seems to get closer every time he feels his heart race at a certain smile. JaeHwa has dreams but not of the warmth of love. However, his life turns upside down when he has to take... 

Chapter 1

While JaeHwa calmly waited for the elevator to reach the fifth floor, he looked at his reflection in the mirror there. It was a fully mirrored elevator, which gave you the opportunity to see what your outfit looked like at the time.

His cell phone that was in his pocket vibrated, it was a message from his friend, Min YoonHa, and he asked where the dinner that JaeHwa had made was.

" I didn't make any dinner, YoonHa, I'm working. And it's not even six o'clock yet, get off the bed and do it yourself. " He sent an audio and heard the sound of the elevator indicating that he had arrived at the desired floor.

JaeHwa looked around, his client had made an appointment with him at five in the afternoon and had specified which apartment would be waiting for him.

The boy wasn't very fond of working at home, much less dealing with new customers, but the voice of that one in particular caught his attention during the call. He seemed shy when asking the amount he charged for two hours and even asked if he had a problem with virgin guys. Of course, JaeHwa soon realized everything, the man was a virgin, which he didn't like very much, but JaeHwa could soon imagine the voice that caught his attention moaning low and asking him to calm down, so that took him there.

The cell phone vibrated again.

" Damn JaeHwa, I don't even know how to heat water! " YoonHa answered the audio, which made JaeHwa stop his steps and laugh.

" Your problem. " Was the answer he gave.

JaeHwa put his cell phone back in his pocket and stopped in front of apartment five hundred and six. The boy soon pressed the bell, adjusting the dark button-down shirt he wore.

The door opened, and a pair of wide, dark eyes stared up at the taller one.

" Park Hayoon? " JaeHwa asked, smiling roguishly.

The vision he had was of a smaller, chubbier, and completely beautiful boy. His hair was pink, but it was almost blonde. The rosy and full mouth caught his attention too, the man had sordid thoughts with him, he couldn't help it.

The smaller one nodded, blinking completely lost and looking around.

" You can come in..." he replied in a low voice, giving way to the other.

JaeHwa entered the place and noticed the complete organization. The place had a strong smell of flowers, or the boy had just cleaned it, or that was what that Park guy smelled like. JaeHwa was curious, he saw Hayoon stare at him again, and then he smiled, the older one approached the body and held it slowly against the door, lowering himself slightly to be face-to-face.

" You're beautiful. " Jeon said and noticed that the smell was definitely Park's. She wanted to sniff him in the scruff of the neck, but she saw the way the younger's cheeks flushed, so she didn't risk scaring him too much. " The payment? “

Hayoon pointed to the table in her living room and JaeHwa followed with his eyes. He straightened up and walked over to it, counting the dozens of bills there, counting them one by one until he was sure.

" There are six and a half million won... " Park spoke low approaching.

" There's more than I told you, " Jeon said, putting the notes in his pocket. " Why?

"Because I need you to help me. Really help me...

"Losing your virginity, I know... And wherever that is?" Jeon looked around again. " In the bedroom?

" C-Calm down. Do you want something to drink first? " Hayoon approached and walked to the kitchen. "A wine?

" I don't drink while I work. " Jeon spoke calmly and leaned on the island that divided the kitchen. " But feel free. “

Hayoon nodded quickly, he looked really nervous. Jeon just enjoyed the boy's beautiful sight. It was really beautiful, I had never seen or attended to someone so beautiful. He wore tight shorts, which made his beautiful thighs and butt well-defined. The clothes were branded name, which certainly didn't surprise JaeHwa since all, or most, of her customers were wealthy.

Hayoon lightly drank a full glass of wine and filled another.

" Just don't get drunk. " Jeon said laughing. Park looked at him and nodded. Jeon then walked up to him and stopped by his side. " You really are very beautiful, how are you still a virgin? " He asked slowly, opening the buttons of his shirt.

Park stared at that and felt his heart speed up.

"M-My boyfriend doesn't want to...

"Oh." That took Jeon by surprise. How could anyone not want to have sex with that boy? "He seems like a bad boyfriend to me.

" He's not..." Hayoon replied, cringing as Jeon approached. The older man's thigh slammed between his as his body was pinned against the island. " He asked me to do it.

" He asked you to fuck a call boy? " Jeon asked, finally removing his shirt and placing it on the marble. " Is he going to see us doing it or is he going to want a video or something?

" No! Jiwan is not like that. He just doesn't want to... make love to me like that.

" Then let me do it for him. " Jeon smirked, staring at those lips and dying to kiss them. He was sure it would be good, but the smell of wine stirred him up more. " Can I?" he asked, sliding his hand down Park's body, touching his side until he reached his hand and reached for the cup. Hayoon sighed with the touch, her body was shaking a little, her nervousness was doing it. " What do you want to do?

" Let's go to the room. " The other spoke low, reaching for JaeHwa's hand and pulling him.

Jeon walked around the small apartment and couldn't notice the toys in the corner. They looked like toys from some animal and judging the pink bed next to the sofa, he was almost sure.

"Do you have a pet here?

Hayoon closed the bedroom door and looked at Jeon who was shirtless and in the middle of his room. The man was pointing at another small mountain of toys beside the bed.

" She's not here.

" She? Is it a dog? A cat? Sorry, I like to ask questions.

Hayoon smiled and nodded.

" It's a bitch... Her name is Fluffy.

" Fluffy. It's cute. " Jeon said and saw Park nod. They were now silent inside that room, and as Jeon knew it was the other's first time, he didn't immediately remove his pants, but opened the first button. He approached again, now seeing the eyes that looked more pleading staring into his, and that made Jeon smile again. " Let's take it easy, all right? " he spoke low and saw the other nodded. Jeon then bent down a little, approaching Hayoon slowly and if he got a negative, he left the first kiss on the skin of the other's neck.

Hayoon still had a quiet body, she thought about Park Jiwan all the time and even though Jeon was hot as hell – an opinion he got as soon as he opened his door – it still felt like a betrayal.

If Jiwan was her boyfriend, why would he have to have sex with a male escort first and only then make love to him? Park didn't understand...

He shivered when he felt Jeon's hot and humid tongue run over his skin and he gasped in surprise when the bigger one touched him firmly on the waist.

As much as it was a mistake in his mind, it was a good mistake.

Cowardly Hayoon felt hot, touching her neck was already something that made him quite excited, and the way Jeon did it was new and very, very good.

He felt his cock tighten, and groaned when the other slid his hand and pressed it over the flesh of his ass.

" Your moan is delicious. " Jeon spoke up slowly with his mouth still touching Park's skin and stopped a few inches from the other. " I can imagine many things with you right now.

" Let's just..." Park sighed heavily when Jeon licked from his chin to his ear, pulling the lobe between his teeth. "As far as I'm concerned, I need to lose my virginity.

" You need..." Jeon sucked the other's lobe again and moaned purposefully low there. " Or do you want to lose?

" Can't it be both? " Hayoon asked, her little eyes returning to look at Jeon in front of her. "My boyfriend is active, so I have to be passive, but I've never done something like this.

" You don't need to be passive just because your boyfriend wants to. You need to do what you want. " JaeHwa spoke. He moved the tiniest bit away, returning to his full standing position, and looked him up and down. " I don't care at all if you want to fuck me. It's my job, besides..." and again he approached, bending down and cowardly letting the light seal over Hayoon's mouth, descending his hand through the other until he touched the erection that Hayoon was visibly carrying and squeezed his fingers there. "You're hot as fuck.

Hayoon moaned loudly, which made JaeHwa smile. The bigger one couldn't take much longer, his own dick is already starting to hurt inside his underwear. Jeon felt strangely attracted and turned on by Hayoon, and they hadn't even touched or said dirty things yet.

That was a rare thing to happen, maybe it never even happened to him. But usually it was the customers who dictated what Jeon should do, here Jeon was in charge, and maybe that was what made him different.

Jeon reached for Park's hand and rested it on his erection. He could see that the boy was still too scared, although he showed clear signs that he liked what they were doing. Hayoon touched JaeHwa's cock in uncertainty. Again his mind tried to warn that it was still betrayal, and even if Jiwan knew it, it was betrayal with himself.

Jeon pulled him onto the bed, unable to bear the throbbing of his own cock. Park's eyes were still watching everything very carefully, and they didn't come out of the box when JaeHwa slowly lowered the shorts he was wearing.

Jeon's smirk widened. He felt his mouth water, and it didn't take long to touch the middle cock that was now covered only by the thin fabric of the black underwear that Hayoon wore.

" Everything okay?" Jeon had the pleasure of asking before simply pulling it out. Park took a while, he was in an internal fight with himself, but he remembered Jiwan and that it was more for him than for himself, and so he nodded. "I'm going to touch you with my mouth, okay?

Jeon never warned, he really was worrying more than he should, but it was the boy's first time, what could he do but make it a little cooler?

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