Book cover of “Love and Vampires: Caille's Demon War. Book 2“ by Little Maze

Love and Vampires: Caille's Demon War. Book 2

  • Genre: LGBTQ+
  • Age: 18+
  • Status: Completed
  • Language: English
  • Author: Little Maze
The promise of the Moon Goddess will come true. Heyon will have a single request for her that will be fulfilled without any rules or shame. However, in the midst of personal problems, a war that is being raised in search of Caille's demon, and the strange things that have been happening to him without any explanation, the vampire sees himself witho... 

Chapter 1. Pleasures (1)

It was the second day in the elven realm and everything still looked messed up.

Heyon hadn't slept, he hadn't felt such a need and he was trying to think a little about everything that happened and to do that clearly, he always needed to be quiet and alone.

You could hear the sound of voices, the vampire could hear some conversations without even wanting to, but he could also feel his presence nearby and that made him anxious.

Her mind was in turmoil. Seated in one of the armchairs scattered around the castle in any room, his chin was once again resting on his knees and his position was completely docile. Some, looking at him from afar, that was noticeable, but they began to wonder how the witches managed to suspect that that was Caille's demon, Lim was clearly a common vampire.

His eyes strayed to the entrance the second the scent of blood filled the room. Saejin was there. The biggest one was holding one of his bottles and had two glasses in his hands.

"I waited for you in the bedroom, but I think you forgot which way leads you there."

Heyon just sighed. Her feet were bare, and her toes were curled. The older one watched him and frowned when he noticed that Lim didn't even smile. He left the glasses on a sideboard and opened the bottle. It was hard not to absorb the good and sweet smell that blood had. Heyon let his eyes glow, but they didn't turn red. Hwang served the containers, lifting one to him, and heard the low thanks.

"What happened? You need to eat to stay strong."

"I didn't feel hungry. I think that thing Elanor gave me to drink made my hunger go away."

" No, that doesn't work like that. " Hwang drank the first sip and looked at him. "What's really going on with you?"

Heyon drank the blood, smiled and straightened up.

"I don't know, Saejinie. I just feel a little under the weather."

"Indisposed? I don't understand."

"Yeah, wow. You know, when you feel tired inside and out."

"But you're a vampire. One of the powerful ones. You shouldn't be feeling this way."

"But I am... and now I don't understand, my mind is confused. I think I have a fever."

Saejin chuckled, stepping closer as he shook his head and held up his hand. It touched over Heyon's forehead, then down to his neck.

"It's as cold as a vampire should be." The bigger one walked over and sighed into Lim's skin. Heyon let himself be kissed on the neck, he was needy. "And you look as sweet as my vampire is. You're fine, honey."

Heyon looked at him closely. Hwang smiled and placed a subtle kiss on her nose.

"I'm not, Saejinie. There's something wrong with me."

Saejin denied, lifting the cup and drinking all the blood in one go.

He rose, cup and bottle in one hand, and extended the other to Heyon.

" Come with me."

The smaller one stared at the bony fingers and shook his head.

"I don't want to, Saejinie."

" Please."

Heyon looked up. The vampire smiled calmly and beautifully, it made him lighthearted. He looked back at Hwang's hand and sighed when he realized that he wasn't very strong about staying away from him. Soon he was intertwining his fingers with Saejin's and they were walking that way through the castle.

Everything seemed silent in that second. Most of the beings were secluded and maybe it was after two in the morning.

Heyon walked quietly and Saejin looked at him at every turn they made. They climbed several steps and, as much as Heyon really wasn't tired, he was getting bored.

" Where are we going, Saejinie? " He asked quietly.

Hwang, none of that. He walked down the last hall and opened the door at the end. Heyon felt the cold breeze hit him, but he let his eyes contemplate the view from above. They were at the top of the castle, in one last small, cold tower.

Heyon smiled, cheering the other for suddenly showing more animation.

He walked to the edge and leaned over. It was tall, very, very tall. Her eyes closed, and her smile widened as a feeling of lightness filled her.

" How did you know about this place? " He asked, still enjoying the breeze hitting him.

Hwang still appreciated how little things like a simple breeze could change what another felt inside. He sat in a corner, also looking at the height of it and sighed as he leaned back and lifted the cup, filling it again.

"I didn't know. Only that castles have towers, I assumed this one did too and that you would like to come here. I think I got it right?"

" You got it. " He turned around smiling. Her goblet was still in her hand, but she drank all of the red liquid, wiping her lips as she lifted it and asked for more.

Vampire Hwang filled it, watching Lim drink and turn to look back. Sneaky, Heyon stopped by her side, but boldly, Hwang walked over and stood behind her, gently sniffing her shampoo-scented red hair.

" When are we leaving? " Heyon asked, trying to sound firm, but closed his eyes when he felt the vampire's hand on his shoulder and the tip of the big nose brushing the back of his neck.

"As soon as this is over. We won't stay a minute longer than necessary, I promise you."

"Is something terrible going to happen, Saejin? I don't know, but... I feel like it will."

" Maybe. " Was sincere. He left a kiss there, watching Heyon bend his neck for more kisses. He smiled, noticing how with each new touch, Lim became more confident with himself.

"Doesn't that worry you?"

"Why do you think I can't stay a minute away from you? I want to protect you because I know it will be something big."

"Are people going to die?"

"Beings will."

" Because of me?"

Saejin denied.

He slowly turned Lim's body over and let the cup rest on one of the tower's stones. He reached for Heyon's, set it aside, and he cared to rest both hands on Lim's jawline, making him look into his eyes and hear him clearly.

"Nothing that will happen is your fault. Maybe it's the fault of the witches who, just because of the color of your hair, are setting this up. Maybe it's my fault too, I'm the one they want to hurt, I'm the one they created and I was I'm the one who abandoned them."

"You weren't to blame, you just chose not to serve them..."

" It's Elora's fault too, that fairy should have done a better job and killed that demon, not hidden him among the humans. You are the most innocent creature in this whole story, you are pure and you were human, we will prove it this in a hurry and let's go."


Hwang nodded. He raised his little finger of his own free will and made Heyon laugh softly by interlacing his own finger and seeing him sign the promise.

Her eyes were on the touch, but strayed to the vampire who was standing so close to her. It was notorious how they wanted each other, but Heyon looked away, making the other frown.

" What happened?"

" We shouldn't be like that. " He said, looking for the cup and once again drinking the liquid completely. Lim's belly was full, but he wanted to drink more of that blood just to keep his lips busy.

However, Saejin drew him close again, letting their eyes connect again.

" Why do you say that?"

"Because it's getting hard, Saejinie."

" Difficult?"

" Of always having you close. I... like you. " He said that again in the night, seeing the vampire not even change his features.

"I know. I like you too."

"No, Saejinie, you don't like it like I do."

"Don't be silly, Heyon."

" You act all... brute! You're a brute! " He complained, pouting. " I don't like how you act when you don't even show that you really like me, but I understand that maybe that's your way and respect. But you always come to kiss and touch me like that when you want to... and it's hard to resist, but I need to resist. I will resist you."

" Will you? " Saejin laughed. He moved closer to Lim and left him pinned against the stones of the wall. " Why?"

"Didn't you just hear what I said?"

"And what do you want me to do? I'm here, aren't I?"

"But you're not romantic..."

" Romantic? But that's for those who love, we don't…"

" I'm leaving. " Heyon warned, interrupting him. Saejin quickly grabbed him by the hand and pulled him back. "I'm leaving, Saejin!"

"Wait. Why are you... like this?"

"What were you going to say? That we're not dating? Yeah, I already know that. You've told me that countless times. I'm leaving because I understand that."

"Heyon..." the vampire sighed heavily. He pulled the other closer and hugged him tightly, feeling the smaller one try to get rid of it, but giving up right away. Heyon felt pathetic, but he didn't really want to go. I wanted Saejin to understand.

What's wrong with being just a little more... romantic with each other?

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