Book cover of “Marriage After a Loveless Contract“ by Anna Bella

Marriage After a Loveless Contract

  • Genre: Romance
  • Age: 18+
  • Status: Completed
  • Language: English
  • Author: Anna Bella
"Who are you?" Fear welled up in her heart; she had never met this person in front of her. The man's eyes flashed with a ray of light, lifting her chin. "It doesn't matter who I am; the important thing is, I'm your man!" 

Chapter 1

Today, January 1, Vera Russell and Kane Matthews went to receive their marriage certificate. Originally, they could be a little late to register, but because both parents said that this year's luck was not good, it could be avoided to document a little early; after New Year's Eve, they would not be able to go. Sign up again! What about the wedding? Fixed to May will celebrate an auspicious zodiac day. Therefore, now Vera Russell and Kane Matthews are legally married.

Vera Russell sat in Kane Matthews' car, respectfully polite, extremely gentle, not saying a word. This day will come sooner or later. From birth until now, she has known her true identity: Kane Matthews' fiance. Even when she started to practice speaking, the first word her mother taught her was Kane. Even if she turns to ashes, she can't forget that she is Kane Matthews' woman! Therefore, she was not surprised nor resentful, completely aiming for the position of the wife of the talented and promising young President Matthews! I don't know how many people dream, but she is born because of this position. So, in Vera Russell's mind, she had never considered herself to be another person until now; she was naturally the wife of Kane Matthews, and sooner or later, she had to marry him.

And Kane Matthews? Not unique; since he had thoughts and ideas, he was brainwashed. His father is like reading a mantra in his ear every day, saying that he has a girl destined to get married at 10 that year; he brings a little girl to him, once again towards him. Solemnly declared that the small, wrinkled face was his future wife. At first, he thought his father wanted to have a daughter crazy, so he had to listen to his arrangement. With increasing age, knowledge is expanded, and there is no longer any rejection. Anyway, sooner or later, you have to get married, marry whoever you want. His mouth involuntarily turned up. Moreover, the woman was also very timely; she made that request of his, and she responded.

He clearly remembered five years ago, that day was her twenty-year-old birthday, and he also accepted the invitation to participate. For the first time in his life, he carefully observed her. Her appearance with too much makeup made her look extremely dazzling, but she was also very dignified.

The face is also not bad; Kane Matthews gives her 80 points for her face. He might even give it a little higher if I didn't have these lipsticks. Because he doesn't have much sympathy for girls with heavy makeup. It's just a fake face. Later, he understood that she had always been a vice of virtue; perhaps, in her heart, she thought it necessary to wear makeup to pay attention to politeness and tact. He couldn't help but shake his head. On that very day, Kane Matthews directed her to make a request, to which she immediately complied without hesitation. Kane Matthews first developed a liking for her. He even thought that it would be possible to marry her immediately.

In five years, the number of times two people have met can be counted on the fingers of one hand. However, in these five years, he always remembers that he is a married person, and she, except for the same face before and after, has always had a regular attitude towards people, like she was a married woman. Going to register today; both of them are very calm, like "husband and wife."

"From today, come to my place, don't you mind?" Kane Matthews said politely.

"Maybe." Vera Russell nodded, answering.

The two haven't had much conversation, so this is not bad.

"The contract also takes effect from today. Do you have any other requests?"

"The contract also takes effect from today. Do you have any other requests?" Kane Matthews did not expect her to comply like this, still a little guilty in his heart, and wanted to make up for it.

"Do not have." Vera Russell laughed. Was he too nervous, afraid she would change her mind again and break her word?

"That's fine; every month, I will deposit some money into your account; just say anything." Kane Matthews is in a very good mood. It was difficult to find a wife like her at the beginning of this year.

"Thank you!" Vera Russell said casually.

Such a marriage was just what she needed. There is no bondage; you have your own world, no different from being single; why not do it? This thank you from her is like thanking that contract.

"They will likely come and go, so we must live under the same roof. But, rest assured, I won't cross the line." Kane Matthews is still relatively clever thinking. Based on his knowledge of his parents, it is estimated that they will come tomorrow, or not, maybe even tonight, they will come to check the room. He said he would not cross the line, in fact, to give her a little face. In other words, he's not even interested in a girl like that!

"Don't worry, I understand. This month... I'm leaving for a while, having booked my plane tickets, going on a trip. Don't you mind?" Vera Russell asked.

"Ah? When?"

"End of the month."

"Uhm, that's it… That's fine. Where are you going?" Kane Matthews drives and calculates.

Vera Russell was a bit strange by her question; how did she report to him? Didn't they say they didn't interfere in each other's affairs? But she still politely returned to answer:


Ah? Domestic? Kane Matthews thought about it and said:

"No, no, no! It's America! We want to go on our honeymoon, so to speak. I'll go to the airport too… Do you understand?"

Vera Russell just heard, what? America…? Understandable, of course. He went to America, she went to Marbella, then told the two families they would honeymoon together. This is understandable.

Vera Russell nodded, smiling. What he wants to do, she will not ask, as long as her plan is not disturbed. Kane Matthews whistled as if to show her appreciation.

The car stopped. Vera Russell got out of the car and looked at the mansion; it looked very comfortable; it seemed that the next year was bound to be very leisurely. Kane Matthews led the way inside, put his hand on the lock once, and opened the door. Vera Russell followed; bright and clean, very spacious. Before she could regain consciousness, a girl suddenly ran up, rushing into Kane Matthews' chest. Suddenly, I heard a soft voice:

"Kane, how come you're back? People remember you want to die!"

Trembling. Vera Russell's hair stood on end, goosebumps. The sugar content is also too high! Kane Matthews laughed and held her, letting her stick to his side, very intimately kissing her lips, passionately and hotly. Vera Russell quietly stood to one side, enjoying watching the two of them perform. About a minute passed; the time they held their breath was really long. She couldn't help but shake her head; she simply went to the side of the sofa and sat down, waiting to see.

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