Book cover of “Steamy Chase“ by Adjoaq

Steamy Chase

  • Genre: Romance
  • Age: 18+
  • Status: Completed
  • Language: English
  • Author: Adjoaq
They were friends…till that fateful day… Everything changed! Dean Broody was rich, handsome, charming, fun-loving, and a ladies’ man. As the last of seven sons by a wealthy couple, Dean had sailed through life getting everything and any woman he wanted. Women didn’t usually say ‘no’ to him. Till he fell for one of his friends… Kayla Cooper was a f... 

Chapter 1. The Party

“Wow…don’t fall. What did you do? Drink a whole keg of beer?” Dean Broody asked Kayla Cooper who looked like she was about to fall over.

“Fuck off Dean.” Kayla slurred her words, willing the world to stop spinning.

Dean reached for Kayla just as she took a step and swayed. “Jesus, just how much have you had to drink, Kay? You’re s**t-f**ed.” Dean groaned holding on to the drunken beauty. “Come on, let me take you to your room. You need to lie down.”

“Screw you, Asshole.” Kayla hiccupped. She knew she was drunk but also knew she had to act sober and tough because knowing Dean, he was never going to allow her to hear the end of it.

“Yeah, yeah, yeah. Come on,” Dean said picking Kayla up bridal style and heading towards the chalets. “Which one is yours?” He asked when he got close to the chalets.

Dean looked down at Kayla when he didn’t receive any reply and groaned. Shit! She was fast asleep. He decided to take her to his room and tuck her into bed. He knew he wasn’t going to come back to the room anytime soon so Kayla could comfortably use his bed whilst he went back to the party to have a good time. 

After removing Kayla’s shoes, he tucked her in and left the room smiling to himself. Kayla was so going to get it from him and the boys in the morning. The tough Kayla, drunk! Now, that was a sight one didn’t get to see often. But Dean knew he couldn’t blame the sexy feisty Kayla. Damon Thomas Reid could throw a mean party. Damn! 

Claiming he had promised his husband, Tristan, a big party when they got back to the U.S. from their wedding in France, Damon had thrown a party to remember. Although they’d been married for three months, they still stuck to each other like glue, Dean snorted. Who would have thought Damon, the tough billionaire could get that sappy. Love sure could do things to people. All friends of the couple had gone cruising on the yacht, TRISTAN. The magnificent yacht had been a wedding present for Tristan from Damon. After the cruise, the yacht had docked on a beautiful Island, where the party was being held. And what a party it was! Hands down the party of the year. Almost everyone was drunk. Even Kayla!

Dean chuckled. What made Kayla getting drunk even more amusing to Dean was the fact that Kayla was a tough no-nonsense kind of girl. She was Cole’s executive assistant in his law firm and was studying to become a lawyer herself. Despite the fact that Cole was her boss, Kayla was so close to Cole that he treated her like the little sister he never had. All of Cole’s friends had also gotten very close with Kayla to the extent that they sometimes referred to her as their Drill Sergeant due to her bossy nature. 

Kayla had been orphaned as a child and had ended up in a foster home. She had to grow up looking out for herself hence, her tough nature. Though all the guys were six feet or more in height and very well-to-do, Kayla bossed them around whenever she felt like it. They adored her.

To Dean, Kayla was damn sexy. With her dirty blond hair cut into a short, sassy Halle Berry hairstyle, a curvy body that any model would die for and the most intense green eyes, she was simply elegant and striking. But then, Cole Adams, the notorious ladies man…at least until he fell in love with the beautiful Briana…wouldn’t have agreed to Kayla being his assistant, if she hadn’t been hot. 

Out of the squad, as they often called themselves, namely Dean, Cole, Damon, Matt, Chris, Kyle, Michael, and Ty, Dean got on Kayla’s nerves the most. He teased her all the time and Kayla also used any opportunity she got to either put Dean in his place or tease him back. The gang usually enjoyed Dean and Kayla’s antics and war of words so much so that they actually awarded points sometimes. So Dean was thrilled he had gotten to catch the sassy Kayla in such a state. He couldn’t wait to tell the guys. Maybe he should have taken pictures. That would have been the ultimate check-mate, Dean smiled to himself.

Dean had always been mischievous. But then it was only to be expected as he was the last of seven children…all boys. Teasing and playing pranks on each other was the culture in the Broody home. His dad was the wealthy and famous Michael Broody, an architect. Unfortunately for Michael Broody, out of all his sons, only Dean had become an architect like him. Lucy Broody, Dean’s lovely, sweet mother was a medical doctor and had made it a point to push all her children into her field. All his brothers had gone into medicine just to make her happy. Out of the six, four were doctors and two were pharmacists. 

The Broody family was a close-knit one. They were involved in each other’s lives, were aware of small and large events in each other’s lives, and were very supportive of each other in times of trouble. Like any siblings, Dean and his brothers fought and disagreed on everything but they loved and cared about each other a lot. 

Michael Broody had retired, leaving his empire into the able hands of Dean. One could say Dean Broody had to start making very important decisions at an early age as he’d been running the empire for the past seven years. Though the whole family was proud of what he had been able to accomplish within that number of years, he was still seen and treated as the baby of the family. The fact that he was six foot ‘one and towered over most of his brothers didn’t make any difference. They were so annoying sometimes but Dean wouldn’t have them any other way. He loved his parents and brothers to bits.

“Hey Dean, want to participate in the drinking contest?” Ty’s voice boomed from across the room immediately after Dean got there.

“Bring it on boyz,” Dean answered, never one to back down from a challenge.

And just like that, all thoughts of Kayla disappeared from his mind as he threw himself into having fun.

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