Book cover of “Miracle on Hollow Peak“ by RomanticAdrienne

Miracle on Hollow Peak

  • Genre: Romance
  • Age: 18+
  • Status: Completed
  • Language: English
  • Author: RomanticAdrienne
My name is Kira Reed, and it feels like I’ve been a part of his company forever. However, I’ve reached my breaking point. He’s an utterly detestable individual, and I can no longer endure his oppressive rule. Or perhaps I’m trying to convince myself of that. Who am I fooling? Moreover, with the holidays just around the corner, all I yearn for is to... 

Chapter 1. Going Home


I am Kira Reed and for as long as I can remember, I have worked in his company. But I had enough! He’s such a despicable man to the point I couldn’t resist his tyranny. Or maybe that's what I want to make myself believe. Who am I kidding? Besides, the holidays are coming and I really want to go home this year.


“Are you sure this is what you want, Kira? Think again, this man won’t take you back,” said Alana, one of my supporters in this company.

“I’ve never been more sure, Alana. You know I can’t stand him anymore!” I shouted, closing the door to my office.

“Won’t you at least wait and give it to him in person? He’ll get mad, you know. Especially now that he won’t find someone so soon to replace you.”

“You think I care? I’ll leave my resignation on his desk and leave. I have to be on a plane to Hollow Peaks by 6 PM.”

“OK. Regardless of what happens here, I’m glad you’re spending Christmas and New Year with your family,” Alana said wistfully.

“You know you’re invited too. Plus, my brother would really enjoy it,” I said and winked at her.


“What? You know better than me that there are some sparks in there. Maybe the magic of Christmas will open up some more minds. Anyway, I need to wrap this up and go packing at home. There’s a lot to sort out.”

“I’m gonna miss you, baby”

“You can visit me anytime,” I said and held out my arms. Alana stepped into my embrace. We didn’t stay hugged for too long because I didn’t want my co-workers to notice anything. Only Alana knew I was leaving.

Just like a feline, I walked into my boss’s office and placed my resignation on the desk. I looked around a bit. Knowing how tyrannical Gabriel Bates was, the office was in complete contrast to his personality. No room for regrets. Maybe only that this was my only source of income. But I would be alright.

When I got home, I didn’t know where to start. I loved this apartment. My parents had bought it for me when I moved to London. They said I needed a place of my own, so I didn’t have to pay rent. It cost a fortune and, although I objected, my parents insisted.

I didn’t pack too many clothes. After the holidays, I was planning to come back and look for another job.

I was looking out the window when my cell phone rang. It was Gabriel, but I didn’t answer. I initially thought he wouldn’t care that I was leaving, but there was a big event coming up over the company that I was part of. He was definitely calling to tell me I was being irresponsible.

Outside it was already snowing with big flakes, and there were only three days left until Christmas, but if I didn’t count today, which was ending anyway, there were only two.

Finally, the cell phone stopped ringing.

And that was the last noise I heard from Gabriel Bates. Or so I thought.


“Look! There she is!”

My mother and brother approached me as I waited for them at the airport’s arrivals area in Hollow Peak’s airport. I couldn’t hide my joy and a broad smile lit up my face. I haven’t seen them in a long time.

My brother hated the big city, so he stayed behind and helped all the animals here. He was a vet.

I knew how much my mother loved me, but she also condemned me because I was the youngest and the only one who hadn’t gotten married. Whenever we were together, she would always find something to criticize about me.

She always said that my biological clock was ticking and that I would remain an old maid in my twenty-seven years.

“Dear, have you been sleeping lately? It’s awful how you look”

And that was her.

“Thank you, mom. That helps”

“I’m not saying it the way you are probably thinking. You’re gorgeous, but...”

“I’m alright, mom. Just a bumpy flight, nothing more”

But that was not all. Somehow, my mind wondered at Gabriel’s stunned face when he saw the resignation letter. I explained nothing to him in that letter, just that I quit. But that was only for me to know.

And there was more. Along with my resignation, my heart remained there, torn to pieces. Another secret of mine.

Everyone else knew I couldn’t stand Gabriel anymore, but I was actually running away and put some distance.

The only way I could have done it fearlessly was leaving London for the holidays.

Now that I arrived on Hollow Peak, it overcame me with a deep sorrow that I would not ponder. Did I appear awful? Entirely convinced I was. Because the man I lost my heart to would never feel the same way about me as I did about him. So distance was actually the only way.

And in a week, when I would return to London, it would be to my cozy apartment and no job, no letter of recommendation from my previous employer, and no opportunities. All of that was almost as awful as the broken heart I was keeping to myself.

My chest hurting wound was incredibly annoying.

This Christmas, I might well be a complete Grinch, but my family couldn’t possibly know the whole depth of my problems, so...

I have to fake happiness.

I was thankful, though, that we were spending this Christmas as a family. This was the honest truth.

“I’m so sorry, Alana and Brad couldn’t make it. I would have loved you guys to meet the man who stole my heart.”

“Me too, sis. I should meet him so he would know that you are not alone and that you have someone to take care of you,” my brother said from somewhere behind my mother. He didn’t change at all. The beard made him a little more mature, though.

“Come on, Joe, you’re upset that Alana couldn’t make it, but you’ll get over it. Come here, I missed you so much,” I said and hugged him like crazy.

And that was the additional issue I would have to manage during the week. Inquiries and remarks regarding my fictitious partner, who I shouldn’t have created.

“I missed you too, sis, but you are mistaken. I don’t even remember… Alana… or how you said her name was”

“It’s Alana, and… ugh, nevermind. You know how I hate crowded places, so if we finished here we might as well go home,” I told them, looking around.

There was great excitement. I wasn’t the only one who came home for the holidays.

“This is the best thing to do, especially since I’m going to spoil you with my treat. My hot caramel white chocolate. I bet you missed that too”

For the love of God, I had forgotten about that. There were no holidays without his special treat. These were the moments when I realized how much I missed my family.

“Joe, you just convinced me. Let’s go, I am starving too,” I said, looking back on my shoulder like I was afraid anyone would see me.

Calm down, Kira. He wouldn’t have the guts to come all the way here. Or would he?

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