Book cover of “Iniko. Book 2“ by Meg Elly Gerena

Iniko. Book 2

  • Genre: Romance
  • Status: Completed
  • Language: English
  • Author: Meg Elly Gerena
On Iniko's 18th birthday, he has his first shift. He shows he's different from the Lycans and werewolves. They thought him to be like any other, but the Alpha, alongside his Beta and Luna, knew the truth, along with the witch Miriam, who cursed Iniko's family. The curse, as it turns out, binds the next child born of Iniko's blood to another creatur... 

Chapter 1

“This burns me more than a Barbeque!” says my friend Rebbeca from under her black umbrella. She came out sightseeing with me for a while.

At times I swear she is no Lycan or werewolf. She is constantly sleepy in the day, as well as moody and I have never heard her talk about her wolf or Lycan. Nobody can see her, so I always talk to her as if she is real.

I know I’m a bit older. Not to be, you know, talking to my imaginary friend, but seeing her lonely gets to me and I don’t like making her feel bad. Rebbeca is a young blonde, skinny and pale. She is always in dark Victorian clothes and very imaginary. She is sweet in her voice, charming with her movements and a funny girl always full of adventures nicknamed her Ree.

“Then I think it’s time you go back to work and I do too. See you tonight, Ree.” I tell her as we part ways.

My name is Iniko, I'm a slim, brown boy. I have big dark brown curls with well-kept haircuts. I have thin hoop earrings, thick eyebrows, brown eyes, a heart shaped face with a more rounded nose. I have a very fit physique for a 17-year-old. My birthday is tomorrow, so I am almost a man with a wolf.

I am always in button down tropical shirts of light colors with short button pants and sandals. I wear caps when working, going out delivering things. I have been doing that since I was ten after school. Earning my keep is not easy. I never have a single dollar on me because I am saved. Which is something I don’t like at all. If you want a way better image of how I look imagine Brandon Mcguire is the best I can tell you, but I’m his better version.

I live here on an island named Agueybana, this island that helps raise their kind. Only Lycans and werewolves help the Lycans here. I’m an orphan, so one day I guess my parents left me on the island. The main packhouse being raised by the Alpha Drake in his pack on the island, Evergreen Pack, as a payment for staying I help in the protection of the Lycans. Which honestly is somewhat unfair.

They are the ones who need our protection or so the Alpha says, but they don't even try to be grateful to us. Instead, they bully us. I try not to let it get to me, seeing as I owe everything to the Alpha. He and Luna Marena are like the best parents I have ever had and I never once tried to be on their bad side.

I ride my bike to the big, blue building in the center where I work. It's literally like a department building and it's centered in the territory of the houses where the Lycans live. I help distribute their meals, clothes, toys, medications, mail and anything they ask as I walk up to the center gates where security is.

I gave them my ID to enter. I sat ahead since I was on the beach. I was a bit late, but nothing working would get me out. I park my bike in its space. Hook up the chains and lock it, taking the key with me. I stop as I hear the car with the meat stop.

A neighbor waves at me, “Hey Iniko, help me with this in the building, will you? I will be right behind you with more before they get their claws out at me again.”

He hands me a plastic bag that has the meats in them. I take it in and see the Luna is looking for someone. When she sees me, she calms down and other she-wolves follow her. She walks to me and takes the bag. I try to protest because a Luna is not somebody who should be doing this type of job, but she takes care of others' needs with our help.

Luna Marena looks like a cheerleader from the superbowl, long ironed black hair, really shiny bronze tan and bright green eyes. She has a curvy body, but flat on her chest and a shallow voice. All werewolves here are 6ft or more. She is 6 '2” which is taller than me, for now. I am 6’ now. Once I get my wolf, my body will definitely change.

She takes me by the shoulders and we walk out to a BMW. As we sit, she looks a bit nervous. Not the first time she is looking for me and can’t find me and I put my hand on hers to help her calm down.

The Luna takes my attention with our conversation. “How have you been?”

“I have been good. I've been at the ocean for a while. It looked like a lovely time in the morning to get some vitamin D!” I replied to her as I saw her shifting uncontrollably, not feeling con trouble with my situation.

“It is a very sunny day out, do you have any plans for tomorrow? It’s something the Alpha and I kind of need to know.” She adds, she sounds out of this conversation like she is trying to fill in the conversation absent-mindedly.

“Well, no, only my first shift and getting to find my mate like all other werewolves, why? Is everything okay?”

I feel like she is interrogating me on this. She has done it for the Alpha before and it’s always something they don’t tell me until I ask. Still, as I do, we stop in the packhouse. I have a shift to do so I can earn my keep staying here with everyone else, but I’m being moved here by my Luna during my work hours.

“Please don’t make things difficult, Iniko. I have excused you from work until we have your wolf, okay? So take it as a free day.” The Luna tells me with a warning tone.

“Luna Marena, what's going on?” My worried tone squeaks out.

She gets out of the BMW and heads into the packhouse. My two warrior friends Kealan and Chase, they look uncomfortable in how they are standing. I walk behind the Luna as my two friends walk beside me. Inside the Alpha is talking to his Beta Philip. I am very nervous they should be working, but here they are talking while we walk to them.

Alpha Drake is the big strong muscled Alpha and he works in the pack all the time. He never allows a day to be wasted. He is bold brown with tattoos all over him. He is wearing a crop top and blue basketball shorts as well as sandals with his sunglasses on his head. Everyone can see his brown eyes and has a slim face as he has no neck and he has his arms crossed on his chest and is 6’5”.

Beta Phillip is similar, but he has one heck of an afro with its metal brush stuck on the side. He wears a tree pal, black button tropical shirt and under a thin white shirt with green trunks and sandals. He's 6’4” also has many tattoos and is laughing at their conversation.

As soon as they see me, their faces change. What did I do that made them this angry? Was it Cayden and his anger with me? He always fights with me. I don’t know why. Yes, the girl he crushes on is beautiful. Anvi, even though I like her a lot, why would I bother to try when I know she will never want a guy like me? I’m not even a warrior that could provide her with anything.

The Alpha asks me. “How are you feeling, Iniko?”

“Me? Nervous, afraid and can someone please tell me what is going on? Luna Marena has been acting weird and so have my friends who are by my side on duty. Alpha, what is happening?”

“Iniko, they have made it clear to me that you need to stay far away from werewolves to make sure your curse ends here.” Says my Alpha, almost like a command to not defy him.

“Curse? What do you mean curse? I have never known of a curse.” I’m shocked and with fear, I can’t even explain.

I was livid. I had done nothing wrong, but here they are making me be a bad person when I had done nothing to them. My two friends put their hands on my shoulders to pin me still as the Luna goes to stand behind the Alpha and the Beta places his hand on the Alpha.

The Beta takes control of the conversation or tries to. “I will make sure to do Alpha as we talked about, make sure his father knows he is safe.

I don’t understand what they are telling me, the words just fly out of my lips. “My father? You can.”

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