Book cover of “My Name Is Lucy: Our Love Was Worth It. Book 5“ by Little Maze

My Name Is Lucy: Our Love Was Worth It. Book 5

  • Genre: Romance
  • Age: 18+
  • Status: Completed
  • Language: English
  • Author: Little Maze
After Lucy undergoes her gender reassignment surgery and confronts the stylist who aimed to dim her shine, she finally establishes her own brand. Now, determined to flourish in the fashion world, Lucy and Jaesun come together with a shared goal: to open their own store. As their engagement with Ryeon continues to mature, their wedding draws nearer.... 

Chapter 1

Lucy still smiled nervously. Ryeon watched her in a way that made his stomach churn with delight, even though he didn't understand a thing. The confusion still swirled in his mind, but seeing Lucy smile in that manner, celebrating and proudly showing off her own actions, drove him crazy.

"Where are we going?" Ryeon asked.

Lucy looked at him, then at the driver.

"We still have a few hours. Let's go out."

"Okay, but... where to?"

The girl reached for her phone, opening her Instagram and scrolling through the timeline.

"Here," she showed him the screen. "A new club opened in Itaewon. We can go there."

"Really?" Ryeon laughed. "We've never been to any club."

"It'll be our first time."

"Do you have your ID?" The girl nodded, lifting the small bag she had with her. "Alright, let's go then."

Lucy smiled and linked her arm with his, resting her head on Ryeon shoulder, still feeling euphoric.

When the car parked, the girl frantically typed in the group chat. She invited them to come over, and even though Yugjae was trying not to be too obvious due to the media, not a single one of them failed to confirm their attendance, making her even happier.

Ryeon dismissed the driver, who had already been paid for the whole night, and pulled his fiancée by the waist to walk towards the entrance.

The sound was thunderous, a Korean pop song played by a female voice, and the smell of cigarette mixed with perfume and alcohol.

At first sight, it left them curious, still feeling like teenagers going to a forbidden place, but they were adults, and the moment the music changed to an even more familiar tune, making them share a complicit smile, they were sure they could have fun all night.

"Do you want a drink? I'll go get one," Ryeon offered.

Lucy drew attention wherever she went, her body quite exposed and her unique outfit not quite the type of clothing people at that place wore, but she nodded, holding onto her fiancé's hand so as not to let him go alone, nor to stay there alone.

"I want a cocktail," she said.

Ryeon didn't know many drinks, but he looked at the list of beverages and chose one with strawberries.

"Thank you," Lucy said when she picked up the plastic cup that imitated a strangely shaped wine glass and took the first sip. Her eyes widened, it was really good. "I definitely just want to drink this tonight!" she exclaimed, smiling like a bunny with her teeth showing.

"Sure, but in moderation."

Lucy pouted, but in a playful way. She looked around, seeing some men and women still looking at her. Some made it obvious that they were staring because they found her attractive.

A loud laugh escaped her when Ryeon pulled her and kissed her without warning. They seemed happy, but Lucy felt even more radiant when she saw Jaesun, Mark, Kimi, and Heejoon entering the place, looking for them.

The girl waved, catching the attention of her best friends, and raised her drink, causing Jaesun to laugh and shake his head.

"What are you guys doing here?" Jaesun asked. "Aren't you supposed to be at the year-end cocktail party?"

"We should be, but I ended it," Lucy smiled, taking another sip.

Jaesun narrowed his eyes, the smile accompanying that statement was quite charming.

"What did you do, huh?"

Lucy reached for the little bag she had with her, and everyone gathered around. A copy of the document from her newly created brand was pulled out from it.

She handed it to Jaesun, watching the others get even closer out of curiosity. Her body swayed slowly to the rhythm of the music, her drink was almost finished. When Jaesun was the first to raise his surprised eyes to her, Lucy couldn't contain the smile that grew even wider, causing her round eyes to squint and the little bags beneath them to appear.

"You have your own brand now?!" he asked, flabbergasted.

Lucy nodded but waved when she saw Daniel and Kuan enter, followed by Yugjae and Levi.

The others paid attention, but Jaesun still had his eyes on Lucy.

"Why didn't you tell me anything?"

"Because it was a surprise. I wanted to surprise everyone."

"Did it work?" Yugjae asked, curious.

Jaesun gave a light pat on the taller man's shoulder.

"You already knew?"

"I helped with everything," he said, puffing his chest out, full of pride.

Lucy laughed at how blatantly Jaesun showed his jealousy, but he looked back at her curiously and asked:

"How did you end the party?"

"Wait, don't tell now. I'm going to get a drink," Mark announced, moving away.

"I want beer!" Jaesun announced.

"I'll get some too," Heejoon said. "What do you want, little one?" he asked Kimi.

"Beer as well."

Levi and Kuan went with the others, and Yugjae was in charge of finding a table in a corner that would accommodate everyone.

Of course, there wasn't one with enough vacant seats, but there was a U-shaped sofa, and by squeezing in, everyone managed to sit there.

"Alright, spill it now. What happened?" Lucy saw everyone focused on her face. Finishing her drink, Lucy began to explain.

"You're not kidding that you actually did that?!" Daniel asked, astonished. "I'm blown away!"

"Oh my god, Lu, why didn't you invite me to come along? I'd give anything to see that witch's face on the ground!"

Lucy laughed at Jaesun excitement.

"But I did tell you, didn't I? I never liked that woman, I told you she was the one who stole from you. What surprises me is her audacity. Imagine if you hadn't registered the dress before?"

"She was incredibly shameless. She would definitely have laughed at me. But now I'm the one laughing at her. They're surely talking about it somewhere."

Jaesun quickly grabbed his phone. He laughed when he typed the woman's name and recent news popped up.

"Damn, you guys look so hot in this photo," Kuan showed them. Lucy laughed, Ryeon reached for the device and zoomed in as much as possible.


"'The Unexpected Outcome'," Levi laughed as he read the title of one of the articles from a fashion website. On one side, Lucy was radiant, smiling for the photos, while on the other side, Jen looked furious and far from pleased.

"From fame to shame, Ayla Jen accused of plagiarism by her personal assistant, and the party ends on a tense note. What will happen next?"

Lucy shared a knowing smile with Ryeon as they heard the news, glancing over at Yugjae. Without his crucial help, she wouldn't have managed and would probably have lost her creation to that witch.

"What did you do to create your brand?" Jaesun asked. "I need to know for when I create Vante."

"Yugjae helped me. His lawyer prepared all the paperwork I needed, even the registration for my creation."

"With this, you can sue that woman or something, right?" Daniel asked.

"Of course I will. She treated me like a doormat and trampled all over me. She needs to pay a high price. Besides, I spent a good amount to create the brand and the dress."

"You spent?" Ryeon looked at her. "Why didn't you say anything? I could have helped."

"It wasn't necessary, Ryeon. Actually, I had the money saved, so I only used a little."

"Your surgery money?" he asked, concerned.

"I'll still manage to get it done, I just postponed it a little longer. Don't worry."

"Surgery?" Levi asked, curious. "What surgery?"

Yugjae glanced at the girl. He could have told his partner that it was a personal matter and Lucy might tell him when she felt comfortable in a different setting, but Lucy calmly explained to Levi, smiling each time he expressed surprise.


"Nothing is going to change between us, right?" Lucy looked at him.

Yugjae studied Levi's face.

"You're not one of those who think this changes something, right?"

Levi looked at him, then quickly shook his head.

"No, of course not. I just... whoa, I'm surprised! But it doesn't change anything, of course it doesn't..."

Lucy laughed, getting up.

"I need another drink. Can you come get one with me?"

Levi nodded. Ryeon knew that Lucy just wanted a little more time alone with him.

With the topic somewhat dispersed, they tried to enjoy the rest of the night. The crowded club made them feel at ease to sing and drink, but nothing really compared to being at someone's home. That's why, after two in the morning, the final destination was Yugjae's apartment.

The sound distributed in specific points throughout the spacious place allowed them to have fun without needing excessive noise. They ordered drinks of all kinds so that there would be no doubt about what they wanted to drink. And of course, Yugjae went to his own kitchen and brought out all the cheeses they had in the fridge.

Ryeon, Kuan, and Heejoon ordered pizzas and lots of French fries. Playful games started in the middle of the living room, and laughter filled the entire space.

Lucy felt good. Even with her name on gossip sites, with the work she knew she still had to do with the legal process and with Jen, she still felt good and free.

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