Book cover of “My Stripper Luna“ by Prody doll

My Stripper Luna

  • Genre: Romance
  • Age: 18+
  • Status: Completed
  • Language: English
  • Author: Prody doll
'I'll be gentle.' That made her feel somehow safe for a second there. He told her to loosen up a little, just to feel better. She nodded, but each time she'd make him stop. She was clueless when it came to such things; she gave in to his kisses, his fingers playing on her waist, and he kissed her deeply this time. He slowly placed his hands on he... 

Chapter 1

Mr. X's mansion. (Laurel mansion)

" How exactly does someone get toast wrong?" Said Mr. X angrily as he threw the saucer with his toast against the wall.

" Get this nonsense away from my face, or I'll bite someone's hands-off." He spat out with so much disgust. His servant quickly picked it up and left his room.

I need a break from this, he thought to himself.

" Would someone call Izzy?" And his servant quickly rushed downstairs to get Izzy and she immediately came up with the desire to have Mr. X all to herself for the night. Izzy was one of Mr. X's call girls and he will have them anytime he wanted. She was not very pretty, but she had a dashing body. She walked in with his favorite robe, with her being almost half-naked underneath, and shut the door. Ready to caress him with her touch and light kisses, she walked over to him, took off the robe, she had on a black color lace see-through sexy lingerie with her knees going down as she knelt, and said in a soft tone,

" I'm all yours, I submit." That was the statement he'd ordered his girls to use each time he wanted them, although this time, he did not fancy it. Rising, he walked past her and went straight for the door. Leaving her fully dumbfounded and confused.

" Get the car ready," he said, walking past a guard in his living room.

" I'm going out. You all sicken me."

The guard immediately rushed out, got the car set, and Mr. X entered.

“ Where are we headed, sir?” The driver raised a question, and with a spiteful look, he responded,

“ Laurel highlights," and they Immediately drove away, headed to the nightclub.

Once they arrived at the nightclub, Mr. X was welcomed, by a few staff, and he walked, dressed in a black silk shirt, and black jean trousers. The shirt was unfastened at his chest, which caused ladies to stare at him in awe as walked into the club. He was given a section at the VIP, and an incredibly expensive treatment. A bottle of white wine was brought to him that cost about Fifty-five thousand dollars while he settled in and he opened his drink, but he still didn’t feel the excitement he came there looking for.

Signaling one of the waitperson and asking that the drink be taken, and that he wished to leave but just as the server approached him and wanted to take it away, the host for the night announced a special performance by one of their dancers, which will blow their minds. He gave her a grand entry, with everyone looked like excited to hear about it, showing that they knew who she was and were expecting her.

Mr. X was intrigued and told the waiter to leave the drink and come back later with his curiosity getting the better part of him. As he waited for the stripper to present herself, the lights went off, and many more exotic lights were turned on. There was a haze of smoke at the stage, and once it cleared up, there she was, Aurora. Such an astonishing specimen of beauty, and her physique had immediately caught his attention, leaving him speechless.

The music commenced and her body began to move as she started up with her performance. Dressed in a red lace jumpsuit that was revealing enough for one to notice her fair-skinned body, which had a tender nature just at the sight of it, Aurora was beautiful, with her curly hair that had just about the right texture bouncing on her shoulders. She had no heels on, or any footwear for that matter, as she preferred being bare feet so she could have a better balance while dancing at the pole, and the majority of the audience loved it.

Aurora was a sight to feast your eyes on, and Mr. X was amazed at her beautiful curves, how she danced, and rode the pole as if she owned it. It looked amazing. He didn’t even sip on his drink for a second, he could not risk missing her beautiful body in action while she moved around, dancing on tables and in the faces of the guests.

Aurora danced her way to Mr. X’s table and tilted her left hip to his face then, he gave him a lap dance with her hands all over his face while her eyes stared at him with the most seductive brown orifices he had ever looked into and just left him wanting her.

She went on to perform for about twenty more minutes and it was time for her to go back in, letting the curtains be closed as another act was introduced and the entertainment went on. Well, not for Mr. X because he already knew what he wanted, and sipping from his wine glass a little more, he stood up, walked to the back of the club, and talked with the manager.

“Whatever she wants, whatever amount she asks for, I want her," Mr. X said resisting a straight face but the manager knowing how Aurora is and the little secret she is keeping, decides to respond to Mr. X saying,

“Sir, she won’t let you, she is a virgin," the manager responded.

“ You would make her let me if you want to keep your job," he threatened, already on edge, causing the manager some uncertainty knowing that his boss would not tolerate a no for an answer.

The executive quickly took off to the dressing room and demanded to speak with Aurora.

“You put on a beautiful performance tonight, my dear, as always”, he said.

"Thank you, sir,” Aurora answered.

“Someone wants to appreciate you greatly. Whatever amount you want, it’s all yours, so name your price," the supervisor blurted out.

Having an idea of where it was going, she wasn’t going to accept it, so she didn’t want to give her body to just anybody because of money, and with a respectful yet decisive tone, her response was still the same

“No, sir, I’m grateful, but what I earn here is enough."

Being attentive to her, he, knew she wouldn't accept, so he, just insisted she, meets Mr. X, hoping he’d convince her himself.

“I knew you’d say that, but you should meet him, he was impressed with you." Aurora didn’t want to disagree for much longer, she knew she could tell this gentleman that she wasn’t interested in his face, so she accepted.

The manager took her to meet with Mr. X, and just as she got to where he was standing, without waiting for him to turn to her, she announced,

“ I appreciate the blank check and the offer sir, but I’m just fine with what I earn here," her lips spat that out but he chuckled, and just as he, turned to stare at her, she was shocked, he was a beautiful man. He raised his left eyebrow while looking into her eyes, which caused shivers down her neck and there was a locked silence for about thirty seconds, all, she could do was stare.

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