Book cover of “She Is My Hope“ by LadyArawn

She Is My Hope

  • Genre: Werewolf
  • Age: 18+
  • Status: Completed
  • Language: English
  • Author: LadyArawn
Hope Black is a Delta, a person who was born among werewolves but does not have a wolf... Despite this, she is one of the best warriors, always being at the forefront of training. With the chance to train in the great Lycan royal castle, Hope enlists with the hope of further improving her fighting skills, but she just doesn't expect to find her des... 

Chapter 1. The Journey

Hope's POV

My eyes are closed as the music echoes in my ears. I'm leaning against a comfortable armchair while paying attention to the movement of the bus on which I find myself.

I don't want to listen to the murmurs about me, who I am or why I'm on this bus. I looked through my eyes with anger. It was so normal to judge without knowing, without knowing me.

Just because my smell is different from theirs because they can feel that I don't have a wolf they think I shouldn't be on this bus. You don't know me, but you're going to know me, and a lot of people are going to regret that.

I can already imagine what my life will be like in the next 5 years. In the first few months, people will be saying things that should not be said, supposing that I am a hybrid and that I have some hidden power, but the answer is much simpler, I just know what I'm doing.

I finally feel the bus stop, but I don't open my eyes, I just wait; I waited for everyone to get up, I hear some shouts of excitement, the noise of suitcases being pulled, while some who have come in groups of friends already begin to make plans for the next few days.

I don't think anyone has read the edict. There wouldn't be much time for parties and celebrations. Theoretically, no one was there to go to parties, but to become the best warriors they could be. Well, at least that's why I'm here.

It is obvious that the children of the Alphas leave the bus first, those who have powerful wolves and who will one day replace their parents or create their packs; then they are followed by Betas, then Gammas, Omegas, and finally me, a Delta.

I'm not the most peaceful person there is. I usually freak out, as they say, very easily, that's why I take some medications to try to restrain my temper, and at that point, I picked one of the vials that were in the inner pocket of the blouse and put it in my mouth.

I was the last one out, I had my backpack hanging only by my left shoulder, I placed it properly on my back and only then looked around. I'm just in front of a heavy iron gate. I see several silver details. They were the five phases of the moon: New Moon, Crescent Moon, Half Moon, Waning Moon and Full Moon. These figures form a circle, in the middle of the ring, the symbol of Selene, our Goddess, the Goddess of the Moon.

I gathered a deep breath, narrowed my eyes and allowed myself to get carried hence by the situation. I was delighted, I just have got to a point in my life where I could move on, what I could have learned from my pack I did and so I'm here. I felt my heart race just by this thought, smiled from the corner of my mouth and opened my eyes again, listening to the gates open.

Inside it was even more magnificent, the surrounding walls were a massive stone with a few extra layers of protection and several protective towers, and on top, some guards were doing their rounds, all of them used long and modern arches and as my eyes go down I notice there is a balcony on the opposite wall, plus a small exposed gallery. Some people were present on the external balcony. They must be the evaluators.

I went down a little more and saw a stone arch making the opening of the arena that gave access to the interior of the Castle, there ahead was a man with short and messy dark hair, half messy, wearing a black Dolman with silver details, black pants and boots. Some scars on his face showed he had much experience. His eyes were a deep blue shade, with a squarer chin and a harsh and harsh expression as he observed us.

"I am the Crown Prince, Erick Makedon, from today your lives will change, here there will be no room for banter, parties, or disrespect. You weren't chosen for this training because you were anyone, but because you were the best and you passed the selection tests."

I could feel the wave of power emanating from him even though he was a good meter away, yet those who didn't have such a big resolution already felt uncomfortable and changed the weight of his foot or sometimes lowered their heads.

"There are seven levels. Everyone here is at level 1 and as the internal trials go on you can move up a level. At any time, those of you who want to can ask to quit. Some of you are here just to get some medals, certificates and there is nothing wrong with that, but for those who are here and want to become the best they can be, it will be long years of training and in the end, if it is deserved, a position with the royal army or in elite training. "

Ra! Yes, that's what I wanted to become the best if I spent well over five years here. Sincerely? I don't know if I intend to return to my pack after this training.

I'm so excited that I barely understand the energy wave sweeping the arena, the first to get down were the Omegas, then the Gammas, and for now, there's only the Betas, the Alphas and me standing. It was a virtually silent command.

Shall we play? Can I start the game right now? Since I'm the last one, people can't even turn their heads so bothered, so I hear:

"Get down on your knees!" The prince's voice resonated like thunder in a storm forming.

My knees began to bend, and as I approached the ground my head stared at the grains of sand, I knew that the Betas had now also bent over, and the Alphas were weaker too. Then I smiled, feeling the weight of that aura on my back, over my chest and my head, I got up as if I had picked something up from the floor and smiled again.

I put my hand in my pocket and made a slight nod to my head as if that pressure was nothing but a breeze. I realized then that the people in front of me, who were standing, felt uncomfortable moving their heads lightly, opening and closing their hands, and changing the weight of their feet. And here I am.

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