Book cover of “Soul Hunters“ by Qing

Soul Hunters

  • Genre: Romance
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Language: English
  • Author: Qing
Ray thought she was just an ordinary teenager until she discovers she's a witch. With her world turned upside down, Ray sets out to uncover the truth about her past and the circumstances surrounding her life. But her search for answers puts her in danger as she faces off against dangerous creatures and discovers shocking truths. Will she be able to... 

Chapter 1. Ray

Ray’s POV

My parents’ secretive nature was something I didn’t like but had to put up with since they are my parents.

My name is Raven, but my friends call me Ray for short, I have long, blonde hair, my eyes are luminous green in color, I’m a type of person who likes fun and I’m social too.

I have a vivacious personality which kinda made me unique I guess and I have this pet cat that I adore, her name is Royalty, named her after my dead pet rabbit.

The name of my two best friends are Heidi and Justin and they both live next door making our friendship stronger than any friendship I’ve come across.

I’ve heard of stories which says that mermaids, vampires, witches and werewolves are all real, maybe mermaids are real but vampires, witches and werewolves, I’m not so sure if they actually exist. I mean how can a bloodsucking person, a spell-casting person, and a half-wolf/half-man exist, I mean it’s not possible.

If they do exist, didn’t they go into extinction or something?


6:45 am at my house, which was inhabited by just me and my parents.

“Ray! Ain’t you done getting ready for school? Come down and have your breakfast,” my mom said as she set the table for three.

“Coming, mom!” I said as I carried my backpack to the dining table downstairs.

“Ray, where is the amulet I gave you?” my mom asked as she passed me a plate of vegetable salad.

“Mom, it’s in my backpack,” I said as I sipped my juice.

“Didn’t we tell you never to take it off? Now put it back on, young lady,” my father said with this commanding voice I hated and immediately I took the purple glittering amulet from my backpack then put it on.

This amulet can be quite confusing sometimes, once it felt like it was green in color and when I told my mom about it she said something about it being the sun’s problem.

“The diamonds in it can change with the weather, darling, it’s nothing for you to worry about,” she said to me that fateful day but something in me didn’t really go with that but I had to act like I believed her.

When I was done with breakfast that morning, I waved goodbye to my parents but that was after they’ve given me five dollars to use for the day, I came out of my house then I saw Justin already on his way to my house.

Both of us went to school together after finding out that Heidi won’t be coming to school today because she’s got the flu.

“Man, that’s nasty,” I said to Justin as he told me about Heidi’s flu.

When we got to school students kept on talking about me and Justin being girlfriend and boyfriend.

Most of them said really nasty things to us as we walked down the school’s hallway.

It really got me so angry and pissed off that I had to make my own investigation to find out who started the rumors and just as I suspected Clara to be the one, it turned out she was the one.

I almost got into a fight with her after finding out that she was the one who has been spreading those rumors about Justin and I dating each other, it even got worse when it was lunch time.

Some of them would throw their pieces of food at me laughing or they would just touch my hair.

In fact some of them just wanted to get on my nerves, especially those guys that I had turned down one time or the other.

“Are you guys dating? I knew it! OMG, you guys have gone viral,” Natly said as she sat next to Justin, Eddie, and me.

“Natly, stop! Justin and I are not dating,” I said trying to convince her.

“How many times? The T is silent,” Natly said trying to correct me on the pronunciation of her name which I keep pronouncing wrongly all the time.

“If it’s not meant to be pronounced then why put it there?” I asked sarcastically then took a bite off my burger.

“Well, that’s not my doing,” Natly said to me then folded her arms around her chest.

“Can you guys just stop? Here comes Clara, maybe you can confront her but without starting a fight with her this time around,” Eddie said before he called Clara to sit with us.

“And why are you guys inviting me to sit with you at lunch today? You don’t wanna try fighting me again or do you?” Clara said as she turned her gaze at me.

“And why are you looking at me like that?” I asked as they all stared at me for a second which made me feel like this monster that have refused to turn good.

“Jeez, I don’t wanna fight you, well, not anymore. I just want to talk,” I said to Clara before I gave Justin a sign for him to continue.

“Clara, why did you spread rumors about Ray and me dating each other?” Justin asked her.

“I didn’t just spread rumors, I posted pictures too,” Clara said with a content smile on her face then left for another table giggling like a small demon.

“Aghh! I hate that girl,” I said in anger then rolled my eyeballs.

Natly smiled.

“Hate is a strong word, Ray. Besides we were the ones who offended her last week, remember?” Justin said as I glanced through my phone.

“Oh, I remember you guys pranked her at gym class, man, she was so mad,” Eddie said then began laughing.

“Yeah, you can’t do that to anyone without expecting a revenge and for the prank it was epic,” Natly added laughing so hard.

“Oh, I remember, but that was so funny and humiliating for her, and I still have a picture of it,” I said with a smile then showed them the picture as we all laughed.

“How many times do I have to say this before you children finally learn to obey? Phones are not allowed in the cafeteria,” Dawn, who is our lunch lady, said as she gave me a stink eye.

I looked at her and gently put the phone back into my bag.

Lunch period came to an end so we all went back to class, the rest of that day was not really normal for me and I just couldn’t wait for the day to be over so I can finally have some peace.


When school was over Justin and I finally walked up to Clara to talk.

“Hey, Clara, wait up, mind if we join you in walking home?” I said as the three of us went out of the schools gate.

“Look, Clara, we’re sorry for what we did to you last week,” Justin apologized to Clara who kept on snubbing him.

“Hey, Clara, wait a second and just here me out. Look, I know I was mean to you last week and I just want you to know that I am sorry for pranking you, both of us are really sorry, are we cool?” I added.

“Oh, just stop, you guys are not sorry, you just want me to stop spreading rumors about you both, what you guys did to me is gonna be petty compared to what I’m going to do to you both, got it?” she said trying to leave as I held her back.

“Hold on, I’m serious. Okay, calm down now. Look at me, please. Please, forgive us,” I said trying to make her feel sorry for me.

“Okay, I’ve forgiven you, guys,” she reluctantly said.

“Are you serious?” Justin asked.

“Yes, I am,” she replied.

“Wow, that was easy,” I muttered to myself as I watched her walk away.


Later when I got back from school I went up to my room and had a short shower before I wore my comfy clothes.

As soon as I was done, I took up my phone and started scrolling through it as I gave my pet cat a stroke.

It was starting to get hot in my room so I stood up to open the windows but before I could even get to the windows they opened by themselves. I fidgeted a little bit and I was also contemplating if I should freak out by what just happened or wave it off because it probably would have been the wind or something.

A few minutes later as I stood looking at the curtains, my dad walked into my room without even knocking.

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