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Welcome to the “Forbidden Love Novels & Stories” tag page on FictionMe! If you are interested in the passion and the danger of the forbidden love, you are in the right place. We offer a selection of romantic books, where the conflict is built on the premise of the protagonists’ love that is forbidden, and the readers will be provided with passionate and intense stories. Thus, these novels depict the cases when the main characters are the lovers who have to overcome the barriers of the society, f... 

Book cover of “Alpha's Sex Slave“ by undefined

Alpha's Sex Slave

To spare an innocent, she has to become his sex slave. When Jason attacks her pack, Daniella, a half-breed wolf, wants to save a young wolf, but to do so, she has to accept his bargain. She must be his sex toy until the next full moon. Daniella despises the alpha she must now give her body, but she can't deny the response he inspires within her. *** Branded as a witch and sold into slavery, Avery’s only concern is safeguarding her sister. Tristan, a powerful Lycan in search of a nanny, hires her sister and is persuaded to purchase Avery as well. They’re drawn to each other, yet their bond is doomed. She’s a human, and he needs a Lycan mate. *** Gambled away at a young age by her father, Gabby was made a slave to the Alpha. After enduring years of pain, rejection, and abuse, she finally goes rogue and decides to flee with her child, only to end up in the territory of the Alpha King. Aiden Dardanos, the Alpha King, always wanted a mate, but she wasn't what he was expecting when he first saw her. He wasn't expecting her to be what he hated the most. *** She lay beside him, staring blankly at the ceiling. The deed was done. They were mated. It didn't matter that she had no love for him nor he for her. Political alliances were more important than feelings... Elise had no idea when she came home that day that she'd end up mated to a complete stranger. A new Alpha and the need for an alliance between packs have made her a pawn. *** Taken as a trophy, Netya is claimed by an Alpha of a rival pack. Embracing her new life among her enemies, she realizes they are not the monsters she once thought them to be. Fate grants her the opportunity to find her place in life and become something more than a prize, a mother, or a concubine.
Book cover of “Chased by Nikolas Ardolf“ by undefined

Chased by Nikolas Ardolf

Brooklyn Davis, at nineteen, works as a server at an upscale restaurant in downtown Chicago. Two days back, her twin brother, Brandon, had vanished with a message that asked her not to worry about him. Brooklyn is in a strange dilemma when weird things happen at her workplace. She is watched and stalked by a pair of hazel eyes every day, every minute. Who is the man? Why is he watching her all the time? How will Brooklyn ever get rid of him? At twenty-nine, Nikolas Ardolf is a hard, arrogant, and ruthless monster who only understands two things: business and money. Having been abandoned on the streets at birth, he had a very hard childhood but all that changed when he was picked up by the ruthless old man, Daniel Ardolf, unmarried and the sole owner of Ardolf Winery. Nikolas hates women after his own mom betrayed him. Then why does he stalk the innocent Brooklyn every day? What does he want? Why can't he stay away from her? Will he get what he wants? *** It’s too much for twenty-two-year-old Amelia Mitchell to handle. With eyes like amber whiskey, he tempts her innocent heart and makes her fall head over heels in love with him. However, soon she realizes his true identity! He is everything her mom had warned her against! Amelia quietly returns to her hometown and tries to forget the man, Matteo Antonio Ricci! After working for the dangerous mafia don Alfonso di Salvo for five years, Matteo Antonio Ricci repays his family debts and leaves the mafia circuit. Will the Don release him so easily when Matteo knows all his dark secrets? He hunts for his man, forcing Matteo to leave the country and live an anonymous life. Matteo meets Amelia at the wrong time in his life, but can he forget her so easily? What will happen when he surrenders to his heart and pursues her to the end of the world? What happens when the don finds them?
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