Book cover of “Stolen Heart“ by CAROLFSL

Stolen Heart

  • Genre: Romance
  • Age: 18+
  • Status: Completed
  • Language: English
  • Author: CAROLFSL
A contract. This is what completely changed my monotonous and unhappy life. I never imagined that just an agreement and a signature on a contract would leave my whole life in the past. It was hard, but I stopped resisting and started to see the situation differently. You've heard of the Beauty and the Beast story at least once in your life, rig... 


A contract.

One contract completely changed Isabella's life, the young girl signed a dangerous contract to save her father's life. But it was not just a simple contract.

Isabella was born into a poor family and lost her mother to an illness, she had to survive with her father who was making more and more debts to dangerous people.

The amount of debt increased every day until it became impossible to pay, but they owed money to a dangerous Italian mafia.

The young girl could not let her father die, so she put her precious life in the hands of the powerful Lorenzo Mancini. She became a prisoner surrounded by luxury and danger by being close to one of the most powerful families in the country.

Lorenzo Mancini forgives no one, he is a cold and calculating man, the kind of person with the cold blood to commit horrible acts without any regret, he is the head of the Mancini family and one of the most powerful gangsters around.

His life was reduced to casual sex, guns, money, and a lot of power in his hands, but the life of the powerful gangster Lorenzo Mancini changes completely when he comes face to face with the only girl who could cause different emotions and sensations in him. It was just a contract to save the life of a poor father, but the situation changed when Bella was able to see the good side of the beast.

Isabella fell in love with the man who took away her freedom, this was not in the contract she signed, but she could not control her desires and feelings for that mysterious and dangerous man.

Love overcame any other feeling and Isabella got what no one ever got from Lorenzo Mancini, his love.



A contract.

This is what completely changed my monotonous and unhappy life, I never imagined that I would live this day, but it was an agreement and a signature on a contract that left my whole life in the past to become who I am today.

It was hard, but I stopped resisting and started to see the situation differently, stopped suffering for something that could have turned out well and did.

Everyone has certainly heard of the Beauty and the Beast novel at least once in their life, I never even believed that these kinds of children's stories could become reality and that's almost what happened to me.

That is, I was the Beauty of the story and I was forced to sign a contract that would save my father's life in exchange for mine, that is, I would be taken and forced to live in the castle with the beast, but it was not a castle or a beast like in the books.

It was a huge mansion located inside a forest, and it was not an ordinary and traditional beast of the kind that everyone knows, it was none other than Lorenzo Mancini, a powerful and dangerous gangster from an Italian family.

He was ruthless and rude like every beast, but I had the mission and managed to win the heart of the beautiful and ill-tempered man transforming him into a sweet and caring man with me, unfortunately only with me because of his job and position in the family needed someone like him.

How did this happen?

We never had a good financial life, and this worsened after my dear mother's death, my father quit his job and became addicted to alcohol and gambling until he started asking loan sharks for high amounts of money.

He didn't work anymore, so the debts were piling up one after the other. I had gotten a job in a diner and tried to pay the interest when I had some money left over after the house expenses.

But the amounts were too high, and I couldn't pay them all off, I knew that the men that my father had dealt with were heavy hitters, but I didn't know that they were a very dangerous Italian mafia that was well known in the criminal world.

My life started to change when some men came to charge mine at our house, everything went down the drain when they beat my father in front of me, I tried to stop it, but I couldn't do anything against a group of armed men.

We had no collateral to give to their boss, the house was rented, and we had no other assets and no way to pay the debts, it was already agreed that my father's life would be the price to pay.

But I also couldn't lose one more person, the only person I had left after my mother's death, my father was a drunken ad**ct, but I couldn't let him be killed for that.

I love him too much despite everything and would do anything to protect him and that's exactly what I did, after being forced to watch the men beat my father until he almost lost consciousness, I made a crazy and reckless proposal in equal measure, I was desperate when one of the men brought my father to his knees and put a gun to his head.

I sacrificed myself for my father, I sacrificed my past life and my freedom to save my father's life, and to the cries, I proposed that they take me in exchange for the debt, I proposed that I would be the guarantee of payment.

I knew that this might not happen and when they took me away, I didn't get my hopes up because I didn't know what they were going to do with me.

Although it has been exactly two years since it happened, I can remember everything and even the sensations of that day, I imagined that I was at the mercy of a disgusting old man who would get his hands on me and abuse me in the worst ways.

But that is not exactly what happened, that very night I was taken to this mansion, and it was that very night that I met my kidnapper and head of the Italian Mafia.

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