Book cover of “The Alpha Is My Gym Instructor“ by Barrister Tife

The Alpha Is My Gym Instructor

  • Genre: Romance
  • Age: 18+
  • Status: Completed
  • Language: English
  • Author: Barrister Tife
Catching her ex banging a work colleague on their bed was the last straw that broke Camille's back. She knows what she wants and goes for it, but she tends to slay people with her sharp tongue. She has been jilted time and over again, and now she's beginning to blame her ill luck when it comes to love on her plus-sized body, making her withdraw int... 

Chapter 1

Camille’s POV

A broken newly bought iPhone 13 is not a pretty sight.

A naked woman on top of your fiancé is not a well-settling view.

Your boyfriend wearing a chef’s apron and a cap while getting spanked is not an eye-pleasing scene.

But do you want to know what is worse? Try getting body-shamed and bullied by your rather unapologetic boyfriend with callous eyes and nonchalant moves toward your plight.


I was still shocked by the horrible, stomach upsetting, and the gruesome scene before me that I didn’t realize when the new phone I picked from the apple store for the sole purpose of writing went crashing on the floor and stole everyone present in the room’s attention yet they were both unaware of my appearance, the both of them lost in the act while I remained inconspicuous. I had saved for months and requested an advance payment in order to get what I have desired for months now. But my trembling hands were far too jelly to hold anything in place, especially since the relationship I thought I had handled was slipping right in front of me and there was nothing I could do to stop it.

My head was clouded, my mind ran haywire, and my heart was beating thunderously that I feared it might rip out of my rib cage and I would slum and die without Bonnie and Clyde even noticing, and just like they could read my thoughts, the moans intensified. I could barely contain it anymore.

My blood ran cold. This shouldn’t be happening right now and right here. It couldn’t be. Jack was meant to be at work. He was supposed to be meeting with an important client, closing this major deal he has been fronting about for months, talking about how rich we would become with millions of dollars entering our joint account while we secured our future.

To say I was disappointed was an understatement, I was fucking furious that the crusty ass motherfucker would dare hurt me this way. Seeing his face sandwiched in between two fat bum cheeks with slimy contents dripping directly into his mouth burned into my brain. A scene that will be needing me to bang my head against the wall repeatedly to get a concussion because frankly speaking, that would save my fragile heart than me being mentally tormented for how long precisely? Twenty-four hours? Weeks? Months? Or even years, seeing that my three-year relationship just went down the drain.

The blonde continuous cries of pleasure jerked me out of my reverie. She was facing the door, straddling him with her head thrown back and her back arched like a bow. Her mouth was wide open, letting out a hard pitch and as if that wasn’t enough, she moaned out loudly.

“Yes, Jack the panty ripper, fuck me harder than you did during last year’s end of the year party.”

Jack growled with utmost zeal and flipped her over like a pancake and then he muttered. “I’m about to cum, my skinny little princess.”

Okay, there was something obviously wrong with this pair. First and foremost, who screams in bed like that? Only delusional sick bastards moan that way and then what the hell was she wearing? Leather straps as lingerie? Is that the latest fashion trend because I would like to remain in the dark and return to my soft silky lacy lingerie. From the constant humping and moaning like donkeys, I knew the woman sounded and looked familiar. She was the same secretary that always attended to me whenever I stopped over at Jack’s office and to make matters worse, Jack was blindfolded with the red tie I bought him last Christmas for thanksgiving. This is sickening to the bone marrow, I’m over this shit, so I did the only thing I could do. Place my hands on my ears and scream as hard as I could.

“Oh my God! Camille?” Jack tried to cover himself with the duvet and in the process of yanking it from the blonde, they both fell on the floor clumsily.

“What the fuck! Jack? Why are you dressed in a chef’s outfit?” I took a step forward, staring at them on the ground like some horror fiction before mumbling, “you can’t even cook. The last time you tried to fry an egg, the fire alarm went on blaring for hours.”

“It is a BDSM plot. He is the chef and I’m the Butler.” The blonde stood up unabashed and started slipping into her body con dress.

“Oh! So that explains the horrific clown-inspired outfit?” I shoved her aside and faced my cheating asshole of a boyfriend.

“Aren’t you supposed to be at work, writing down whatever comes through your mind?” He stood up, massaging his temples while looking around for what I suppose is an item of clothing.

“Oh trust me, if I decide to put down my thoughts into words it will be titled shoving my cheating boyfriend’s head into a blender and blending into a smooth paste.” I paced around with tears sliding down my cheeks slowly.

“That sounds like a book under the category of the horror genre but I will like to see it as part of romance.” He pulled his pants that were previously thrown over the night lamp in a hurry.

“What the hell did I do to deserve this, Jack?” I ran toward him and punched him in the chest repeatedly.

“Camille we were about to make a damn sex tape and you are ruining the moment, you need to leave.” He groaned with furrowed brows and stamped his feet on the floor.

I snorted. “With your thirty seconds libido span?! Dude all you will be making is just a tik tok video.”

“Get a grip, Camille you are making things a bit awkward.” He pushed me roughly to the bed with one hand and a frown marred his facial features.

“You call walking in on you having a kinky sex with your work colleague a bit awkward?” I couldn’t control the pitch of my voice as I reached for my heels and threw them at his head.

He dodged it. “Listen, Camille, let’s be honest with each other. This relationship hasn’t been working for a while now and we both have to admit it.” His silver-gray eyes burned into mine frankly.

“And that gives you the permission to cheat? You don’t even have any iota of respect for me.” I shook with sobs, shaking my head in self-pity.

“You had the audacity to bring little Miss Goodie Two Shoes home to bang on the bed we both share?” I sniffled.

“I bought the bed with my money and this is my house. I have every right to do as I please so the earlier you let that sink in, the better for the both of us.” He ran his hands through his midnight-black hair and sighed in frustration.

“Wow! So this has been going on for God knows how long but why her? You told me you loved me. We were meant to get married, Jack.” I shook my head in disbelief and cleaned the mucus running from my nose with the hem of my silk white shirt I picked earlier when going to work.

“Kirby and I share the same interest. We have the same taste in—” he was saying before I interrupted him.

“Yeah! The same interest in disturbing sexual outfits and moaning like idiots, that I understand but what about our spark?” I cocked a brow at him.

“It died when you suddenly started gaining weight.” He banged his fists on the table and stared at me with eyes colder than a piece of ice.

“Excuse you? What has gaining weight got to do with love?!” I cried out in anger. The AC was on yet I could feel sweat forming on my forehead and a fat one tickling my nape.

“Everything Camille, look at you! Look at yourself!” He hollered with a thunderous voice that reverberated around the flat and I shivered from the hostility he showered on me.

“You are not the girl I fell in love with three years ago. You have fluffed, puffed, busted out, and blossomed into my worst living nightmare. Why would I be with a plus-sized woman?” He glared at me and pinched his index finger and thumb together.

“You are like three huge pillows put together. You are unattractive and have gone ugly. I hate those stretch marks around your legs and boobs, you disgust me.” He aggressively ran his hands through his hair again. A trait he carries out whenever he is angry.

“Touché! I could recommend liposuction from one sister to another.” Kirby shrugged her shoulders and pouted before picking a red lipstick from her purse and applying it to her bloated lips. It was obvious the bitch had work done and the filers were turning into creepers.

“Sisters don’t go around stealing each other’s men. There are some remarkably dumb people in this world, thanks for helping me understand that.” I touched my chest and gave her a fake smile.

“I can tolerate any other thing but sitting right there and justifying cheating with my obesity is what I won’t put up with.” I stood up in anger and slapped him hard across the face and judging from the pink welt of fingerprints stamped on his face, I knew I did the right thing and patted myself on the back mentally.

“Get your things and leave my house this minute. I don’t want to stay here and inhale any more of your impaled body scent.” He shut his eyes in anger.

“Or what?” My voice raises an octave.

“Or I will call the cops on you and tell them you came to rob me and kill me out of petty jealousy.” He crossed his bulky arms over his muscular chest.

“I will go with option three which involves getting you sued and disabling our joint account since I don’t do too well with bullies.” I snapped my fingers at him.

“You wouldn’t do that!” A muscle twitched in his jaw.

“Oh! I will because I can cart away with a huge chunk of your savings, Jack.” I fisted my hands on my hips.

“Fuck you Camille for always ruining everything you touch.” He let out a harsh breath.

“I will do exactly that because I can get you arrested for violating our agreed policies that made us join our accounts in the first place.” I cocked a brow at him. “And just to be clear, I didn’t ruin this, it is all on you.” I made a swiping motion between us.

“You are a fat pain in my ass, leave and do whatever the fuck you want to do.” He yelled and pointed toward the door.

“Roses are red, violet are blue, I have five fingers, the middle one is for you.” I clicked my tongue and yanked my twenty-four inches bone straight wig from my head, revealing my bed nest of a hair.

“Damn! I like her, you have got a razor-blade mouth. It is a weapon, girl.” Kirby raised her brow and grinned at me.

“If being sarcastic burned calories you would have been a skinny bitch by now.” Jack’s nostrils flared in anger and he stood up from the sofa and threw his arm over Kirby’s neck in a warm embrace.

“Let me formally introduce you to my future partner. The size eight woman I want to spend the rest of my life with from now henceforth.” He proceeded by kissing her cheeks and she giggled in response.

“I will reserve the reversed cowboy position for later but that will be after we throw this charlatan out of the house.” She winked at him and bit her fingers seductively.

“Yes please, I have had enough. I hope you go somewhere far soon enough and stay there so we will never cross paths, Camille.” He touched his chest, sincerely while he showed no form of remorse for my plight.

It is now three years down the drain for all I care about. Having him fling my insecurities to my face in front of Kirby who is the complete opposite of me stabbed me hard in the heart. I have been battling obesity and depression for the longest period of my life now and it all started after I graduated from Yale University with a GP of 4.8 and a new bachelor’s degree in Journalism.

Do not get it twisted though, I have always been on the big size but I was more of average size from when I was a kid with people occasionally making slight remarks about how fat I will become in the future if I didn’t hit the gym soon.

The truth is I have never fully fallen into the category of slim skinny ladies. Right from birth I have always been huge but in a cute average looking body of not being either too fat or too slim. But my body puffed as he said after college and I knew there was no going back with this. I’m permanently stuck in this body which was true but did I deserve to be heartbroken by a misogynist narcissistic cheating bastard? Hell no!

I moved to New York, which happens to be one of the busiest ports in America and a land filled with lots of greener pastures. I got employed in a writing firm known as Beatrice print and publishing house.

I once had a problem with my credit card and in an attempt to go fix my bank issues, I ran into Jack the body shammer who seemed like the perfect match for me then. I was twenty-one and he was twenty-three and worked as an accountant at a high-profile bank. He was an eligible bachelor with millions swimming in his account. He had the good looks, profession, money, and all. He was the eye candy and anyone will jump into a relationship with him. But I wanted a long-term commitment and not some booty shots for three years and problems. He has always been hot-tempered though. A red flag I decided to pretend to be color blind about and see it as an orange shade.

I remember vividly on our first date, how he yelled at me in public, at the restaurant precisely for staying too long in the ladies’ room after excusing myself. Apparently, my period came earlier than expected and I was stranded with no pad at the toilet hence the reason for spending two minutes there. Jack was supposed to be my ride and die but now it is just to hell and die.

“You know when I screamed harder, I meant the sex and not the entire relationship, Jack.” I picked up my disfigured apple phone from the ground and my handbag.

“You were bad at sex, to be honest. Your back rolls turned me off, you should work on yourself.” He raised his hands as if to surrender and walked out of the room.

“Blah blah blah! Here comes another round of sorrowful bunch of talks, please leave already.” Kirby clapped her hands and rolled her eyes.

I was going to leave amicably but hearing her run her mouth all day infuriated the shit out of me so I stared at her with murderous eyes, as I began to weigh the pros and cons of beating her up and smashing her pretty little face on the mahogany wooden table across the room.

“What do you think you are doing?” Kirby’s gaze shifted between my balled fists and my heels on the other hand while I took small steps toward her.

“Rearranging those lip fillers in the right order since your doctor did a bad job.” I pointed the sole of my heels at her with a tight-lipped smile.

She exhaled heavily, taking several steps backward till she tripped on a six inches purple dildo and fell. She landed with a loud thud, smashing her head on the tiled floor. Her head bled profusely. She stared at me, gaping like a fish struggling to breathe before slowly turning pale and lifeless.

“Kirby?!” I swallowed hard, wondering what the hell just happened. She wasn’t breathing and I couldn’t find any pulse.

“No, no, no! Wake up please.” I crouched next to her, tapping her gently but all to no avail. I was deliberating between making a run, therefore, paying tit for tat, or dialing the emergency line. I decided to go for the latter and fumbled with my phone since my fingers wouldn’t stop shaking.

“What the hell have you done?!” Jack’s harsh baritone demanded a call to attention the moment he barged into the room and I bent there looking ashen with confusion evident in my face.

“I can explain!” My hands flew up in the air while we both exchanged murderous glances.

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