Book cover of “His“ by Trishala Jain


  • Genre: Romance
  • Age: 18+
  • Status: Completed
  • Language: English
  • Author: Trishala Jain
“Who do you belong to?” Ian snarled, his green eyes burning into mine. “I asked you a fucking question, Khlo!” “You!” I screamed. It felt so good to scream. “I belong to you! Only you!” Meet Khloe Pearson, aka Ms. Goody Two Shoes, but don’t be fooled by her innocent facade - she’s got a secret fantasy that makes her heart race. And only one per... 

Chapter 1


A small shriek of delight passed my lips as I felt the air against my skin. I didn’t realize how much I missed riding a bike until now.

I moved faster, grinning as my hair blew against the wind. I loved it.

“Khloe!” I heard a yell and I stopped suddenly, making the bike come to a standstill. I almost flew off the bike but a hand stopped me.

I turned around, my eyes wide with fear. Shit. Fuck. I looked into his stormy green eyes, which shone with anger.

“What did I tell you Khloe?” he gritted out, and it was only then that I realized that he was also on a bike. I didn’t realize that he was following me.

“Um... Uh...” I stammered, knowing I was going to get it for this.

“Um what?” he snarled, his hand tightening on my arms.

“You told me not to ride the bike.” I looked down, feeling like the kid who got caught stealing the cookies.

“Do you purposely defy me Khlo?” Ian asked, lifting my face to his.

I shook my head violently. To the extent that it felt like it was going to fall off.

“What are we going to do about this misdemeanor of yours kitten?” he asked, but I knew that it was a rhetorical question. I didn’t answer. “Lets count. One- disobeying me. Two - Putting yourself in danger. Three- Not even using a fucking helmet. Is there more that I should know about Khlo?”

I shook my head. “No Ian.”

“What?” he asked, raising his eyebrows. Shit.

"N-No," I stammered. "S-Sir."

“I will punish you right here Khlo,” Ian said and I stared at him in surprise and disbelief. Here meant the highway, where so many cars passed through us and so many people too.

“I will drive us to my car. Once we get there, you will take off your panties and put in the ben wa balls that are on the dashboard. Then you will stand on the highway and ask for lifts. For each positive answer, you will be spanked.”

I knew I would get spanked at least fifty times. I was dressed in tight biker jeans that stuck to my skin like a second skin and a halter-neck blouse which enhanced my assets very well.

It would be an effort to get people to say no.

Holy fuck.


Khloe Pearson - Ms. Goody Two Shoes with a secret fantasy that she is too scared to let anyone know about. No one knows about it but one person. And that one person is in her past. Or so she thinks.

Ian Wilder - Mr. Sex on Legs and a dominating man searching for one girl. Khloe Pearson. He knows her deepest darkest secret, and he cannot wait to explore the possibilities of this. But when he finally finds her, will she accept him?

Most importantly, will she submit to him?

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