Book cover of “The Billionaire's Regret: He Wants Me Back“ by A.R.J.

The Billionaire's Regret: He Wants Me Back

  • Genre: Romance
  • Age: 18+
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Language: English
  • Author: A.R.J.
"Don't touch my son! You never even wanted him, did you?" Because of love, Sasha was willing to engage in a clandestine relationship with her friend's father, Vincent. Vincent justified it by claiming that his wife was having an affair, so he needed a companion. However, one day, Sasha discovered that Vincent's wife's lover was her own father. C... 

Chapter 1. Comfort Me, Baby!

I returned from college, and it was already dark outside. Instead of going straight to my boarding house, I decided to visit Tara, my best friend. To save money on transportation, I chose to walk to Tara's house. It was not far from the campus, so walking there wouldn't make me tired or numb.

I made the effort to go to Tara's house because I was curious. It was unusual for her to skip classes. I wondered what could be wrong with her.

This wasn't the first time Tara skipped classes. Usually, that super lazy rich kid overslept and stayed in bed until the class hours were over. But this time, she didn't even reply to my messages from last night. Who wouldn't be worried? There must be something unusual happening.

Unfortunately, before I reached Tara's house, it started raining. Well, it was April, and rain almost showered every day. I had to run to reach Tara's house quickly.


Suddenly, a motorcyclist (im)politely passed by me, splashing some of the puddles of water onto my body.

"Hey! Pay attention while driving, man!" I exclaimed angrily because the cursed water drenched me, ruining my appearance that was as beautiful as a younger version of Amanda Seyferd and turning it into a muddy mess.

Of course, the motorcyclist was indifferent and continued without caring about me. I was so frustrated. I kicked an empty soda can on the side of the road hard toward the motorcyclist. Unfortunately, when I kicked it to the right, the can flew upward and hit my own forehead.


It hurt so much. However, I had no choice but to continue my walk.

When I arrived at Tara's house, my clothes were completely soaked. Just imagine my appearance right now. It was inappropriate.

My long hair was stuck due to the water in the puddle. All my clothes clung to my body, which many people considered attractive. Unfortunately, I was wearing a thin white cotton jumpsuit. My body parts that should have been covered were now clearly visible, pleasing the eyes of any man who looked at me.

"Argh! So annoying!" I grumbled. "I hope Tara's dad is not at home."

Instead of grumbling, I knocked on the door, urging the lazy girl to come out of her nest. "Tara! Tara! Open the door!"

However, the name I called didn't appear immediately. I kept knocking on the door and calling out. Gradually, my calls grew louder.

Finally, someone opened the door. And unfortunately... It was Tara's father! Ugh! Uncle Vincent!

I felt extremely embarrassed. In this state, Uncle Vincent saw me? Nooo! Nooo!

I tried to cover myself as much as possible with my hands so that the incredibly handsome Uncle Vincent wouldn't get angry seeing this messy appearance. "Uncle, sorry to disturb you, is Tara home?"

"Tara is not at home," Uncle Vincent replied with an awkward smile.

"Oh, so she's not home, huh? In that case, excuse me, Uncle Vincent!"

I was so disappointed. I had to go back in this ugly and drenched condition. It was no different from not wearing any clothes. And it was nighttime, to make things worse.

After reaching the gate and about to leave Tara's house, Uncle Vincent suddenly called out, "Sasha! Come inside. Wait until the rain stops!" he requested.

If you want to know how handsome Tara's father was, just imagine the main actor from 365 Days, that hot one. Like most normal women, I was also attracted to his handsome face and rock-hard body. Even though he was already 38 years old, seriously, he still looked incredibly good-looking.

Tara told me her parents had her when they were so young. Aunt Freya is really lucky to have such a handsome husband like Uncle Vincent.

"You can shower and get change in Tara's room!"

"Okay, Uncle! Thanks."

With hesitation, I walked upstairs to Tara's room. I felt so embarrassed to be seen by Uncle Vincent in such a messy state.

I quickly took a shower and looked for suitable clothes in Tara's room. Well, even though we're almost the same height, I have a more curvaceous body than her, unlike other 18-year-old girls.

"Oh my, are these clothes made for humans or dwarves?" I muttered in a whisper while observing the mini-sized garments.

Even the largest piece of clothing made me look like a tightly wrapped rice cake.

Suddenly, there was a knock on the door. I immediately pulled the blanket to cover up my revealing outfit.

"Let's have dinner first! I bought pizza," Uncle Vincent said with a smile. However, strangely enough, his smile seemed forced. "Are you feeling cold?"

"Oh, no!" I awkwardly replied.

"Alright then! Let's eat downstairs!"

I nodded, feeling self-conscious because Tara's clothes I was wearing were too tight.

"Don't any of Tara's clothes fit you?"

"This is the best one," I answered his question while stifling a yawn.

Uncle Vincent seemed uncertain. He briefly went to his room and came back with his cream-colored shirt.

"Wear this!" Uncle Vincent said, looking so serious. "I can't stand seeing you in that outfit."

Huh? He couldn't stand it? What did he mean by that? Did he have some kind of desire for me?

I swallowed nervously. My heart was pounding. Strangely, I didn't expect these feelings to stir up a mix of emotions. Embarrassment, but also happy because Uncle Vincent was paying attention to me.

If Uncle Vincent were still young, I would definitely be a big fan of his. If he didn't have a wife, I might be one of the women lining up for him. If only he wasn't the father of my own friend, maybe I would have made a move already.

"Stop daydreaming! Put on the shirt!"

"Oh, yeah!"

Finally, obediently, I changed out of Tara's clothes and put on Uncle Vincent's oversized shirt. I don't know. A strange feeling also overcame me as I accidentally caught Uncle Vincent's gaze. He was also captivated by my appearance. Do I look extremely beautiful? Hot? Or just weird?

"Ahem!" Uncle Vincent cleared his throat. "Come on! Let's go downstairs and eat!" My heart was pounding, hoping that nothing would happen. Neither what I didn't want nor what I secretly desired.


After dinner, Uncle Vincent asked me to go upstairs. He said I couldn't come downstairs. Of course, I didn't know the real reason behind Uncle Vincent's request.

"Just stay here! It's still pouring rain outside. Don't go back to your dorm. But don't leave Tara's room, okay!" He set some rules.

I just complied with his request. Besides, I could use Tara's computer to browse the internet in her room. I almost fell asleep when I heard the sound of something breaking downstairs. I immediately rushed downstairs. And to my surprise, I saw Uncle Vincent smashing a bottle against the wall. His hand gripped the neck of the bottle, which had sharp pieces because it shattered.

"You bastard, Freya! How dare you do this to me!" Uncle Vincent angrily shouted, unaware of my presence.

"Ungrateful whore! Disrespectful bitch!" Uncle Vincent continued slamming and breaking bottles and glasses around him while cursing his wife in anger.

It seemed like Uncle Vincent was drunk. He was oblivious. Swears and curses poured out of his mouth like a raging bull. Afraid that something might happen, I approached the enraged man. I didn't want him to get hurt by the glass shards scattered around him.

"Uncle, what's wrong?" I asked worriedly. While clearing away the sharp shards, I reached out to his sturdy body and struggled to pull him to a safer place. "Uncle, you might get hurt!"

The man I called turned to me, and unexpectedly, he burst into tears in front of me. "Sasha...!"

"Yes, Uncle?" I trembled.

I mustered the courage to wipe the sweat off his face. However, to my surprise, Uncle Vincent's hand grabbed me, looking at me with his dark eyes. "Sasha...? Why are you here? I told you to stay upstairs."

I shook my head quickly. "How could I stay upstairs when you are in this state? What if Tara finds out?"

Uncle Vincent's sad eyes turned away from me. It turned out that today, he caught his wife cheating. Aunt Freya was having an affair with her co-worker. Uncle Vincent was furious and kicked his wife out of the house.

However, Tara misunderstood. She thought her father was abusing her mother. As a result, Tara also left home and abandoned Uncle Vincent. That's why Uncle Vincent felt devastated. He didn't know where to find his daughter because he couldn't reach her on her phone. The only thing he could do was contact the police, who were still in the process of searching.

"Uncle, be strong, okay!" I said, wiping the masculine sweat off his face again. "Don't let Aunt Freya see you like this and feel happy."

Uncle Vincent looked at me with his dark gaze. "Sasha, would you comfort me?"

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