Book cover of “The Billionaire's Second Chance“ by Shalu.k

The Billionaire's Second Chance

  • Genre: Romance
  • Age: 18+
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Language: English
  • Author: Shalu.k
From the darkness of a brothel to the opulence of a billionaire's mansion. Ruby, a victim of rape and torture in a brothel, is rescued by Liam Knight, a young billionaire struck by her resemblance to his dead wife. Liam brings Ruby into his home to care for his dying daughter but soon finds himself drawn to her in ways he never expected. 

Chapter 1

In the Brothel

Ruby’s POV

My eyes fluttered open in shock, and I saw myself inside a room. It was inky dark, and I could barely see anything. The moment I was trying to reason everything, I heard someone opening the room’s door.

I decided to profess that I was still unconscious, and I lay on the floor like I was before.

The moment I arranged myself, I perceived two voices after the door opened. The beam of light from the other side of the door slanted inside the room.

Among the two people, there was one lady, and the other was a man.

“Don’t worry, sir; she is untouched and has never had sex before. We can guarantee you that. We kidnapped her an hour ago. You can see her. She is a pure virgin,” the lady said.

“See, Mrs. Rebecca, I have a different taste; if the girl isn’t a virgin, I will not give you even a penny for her,” the man said.

“Yes, sure, Mr. Cooper, stay assured; we don’t play with the trust of our customers because trust is the only important thing in our business,” Mrs. Rebecca said.

I could feel and hear both people watching me for a second, and after he checked me, they locked me inside the room again.

The next second, they left, and then I stood up and sat while leaning on the wall behind me.

By now, I was sure that I was in a brothel where women were sold to different men.

I reconciled that I was coming from my part-time job when two men came from behind and forcefully hauled me inside a van.

One of them hit my head with a metal rod, and after that, I don’t remember anything.

I have no one to rescue me as my parents died when I was young, and I have no grandparents and no relatives.

I have spent most of my life in an orphanage.

Furthermore, I had foster parents who adopted me, but within six months, they sent me back to the orphanage as they were having a baby and didn’t want any other child.

Furthermore, I studied and grew up in an orphanage alone.

There is no one close to me.

I was thinking all this when I heard someone’s footsteps. Before I could pretend, the lady opened the door, and both people saw me awake.

The lady came with the same person with whom she had come before.

“Oh dear, you are awake. I am sure you had a good journey throughout. I want to congratulate you on being sold to Mr. Cooper. He is your new husband for tonight,” the lady said with a double entendre.

“What!? Please, let me go; I don’t want to be here. Let me go,” I begged while gluing backward to the wall in fright.

“Oh dear, the place you are in is hell; once you are hauled inside, there’s no way out of here.”

She called a prostitute, and grasping her chin into her hands, in a devilish tone, she began...

“See, she is Jennifer, and she was dragged to this place five years ago. She has been working in prostitution since then, and she knows the outcomes of denying anything or escaping from this place.”

After saying so and making me tremble out of my wits, she ordered Jennifer to leave.

After Jennifer left, she came back on me and proceeded to fright me.

“Did you get that? I am not threatening you here but warning you about it. I have sold you to Mr. Cooper for tonight, and if you deny or do anything against what I say, you will be punished based on whatever loss you make.”

After warning me, that lady left me alone in that dark room with an ugly-looking man who had a muscular body and a treating voice.

After the lady left, the guy stamped inside. I was terrified and trembling.

He was tall and muscular, plus he was sunk in lust and was in no mood to shower mercy on me.

I wanted to run and even tried to, but that man caught me in his hands.

My eyes were smudged with tears. I was terrified.

I wanted to escape, but that man was stronger than me, and after a while, I gave up.

He threw me on the bed, which was in the corner of that room.

I know that running away from this place was a total waste.

I gave up and lay on the bed as it was.

The man came nearer to me.

I was able to smell his breath, which was alcoholic.

He unbuttoned my shirt.

He unzipped my pants, and then I was completely naked.

I wasn’t even able to move.

I already gave everything up for everything that was going to happen to me now.

Furthermore, I was habitually exposed to this kind of thing.

These things were no longer new to me.

Yes, it didn’t bother me much now.

When I was 15, a man who worked in the orphanage used to rape me.

One day, when all the orphanage children were taken on a trip, I refused to go because I didn’t like traveling much.

And in the orphanage, only me and that man were left.

That night, after I had my meal and when I was inside my room, getting ready to sleep, that man sneaked inside, locked the door, and raped me.

Just like then, when I wanted to shout for help, now, too, I wanted to shout, but I knew that nobody was going to help me.

I knew nobody was going to save me, not even the police.

The memories of it were making me surrender in front of this man.

It felt like I was destined to be here as if I was the most unfortunate child of God.

And why should everything bad happen to me only?

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