Book cover of “The CEO's Contracted Wife“ by Veronica

The CEO's Contracted Wife

  • Genre: Romance
  • Age: 18+
  • Status: Completed
  • Language: English
  • Author: Veronica
He appeared in my life when I was at my lowest, bereft of everything I once held dear. In his presence, I rediscovered the simple joys I had long forgotten, the experiences that had eluded me. However, the person I believed would be my refuge turned out to be yet another insidious toxin, slowly seeping into my very being. All this was done to bury ... 

Chapter 1

I don't like you

As we drove back home, I overheard some neighbors whispering. Our house is still in good shape. The walls are substantial, well-galvanized, and the tiles are in good condition.

“Aren’t they the ones whose parents died?” What a pity! When it’s your turn to die, it’s your turn,” says a woman in a loose dress.

My sister covered my ears, but it was too late; I had already heard what they were saying.

While she was carrying a plastic food bag, we went inside. Then a figure appeared, which was a friend of our mother who was concerned about our condition.

When the woman came in, my sister was serving food at a table and informed us of what had happened to our parents. They died in a car accident on the way home. They were riding in a taxi when it crashed into another vehicle. That’s what we know because that’s what they said on TV. We couldn’t go to the scene of the accident because we were told to go straight to the funeral.

Social welfare attempted to take us, but because my sister was of working age, she asserted and fought against it.

The woman who came to our house also helped to persuade them that after my parents died, my sister would look after me.

“They discovered no flaws in the accident that occurred to your parents. It was a complete mishap because the road was dark and the taxi driver did not see the approaching car, and we can’t blame the driver because he, too, is dead. If we try to sue his agency, the process will be long and complicated. You? What is your choice?” She inquired of my sister.

I’m only 13 years old, so I don’t understand much of what they’re saying. I began eating with the spoon that was on the table. The woman smiled as she stroked my hair. Before my sister could respond, I returned her smile.

“Not any longer. Adele and I both want to move on. It’s been three months, and I’ve already found work that covers our living expenses and allows us to save some money.”

Daisy is the name of my sister. Our ages are 5 years apart. She would have been in college by now if she hadn’t stopped to help me. Her reason was always that she wanted me to complete my schooling.

“If that’s what you want. I’m always here when you need something. You have my number. Just call me if you have a problem,” said Aunt Julia, my sister’s interlocutor. It seems like only yesterday when my parents died. It was like last night when I spent a drum of tears in my room. I never thought that five years ago, all that had to happen. My sister is a full-fledged manager at an expensive restaurant now. And me? A complete teenager today! It’s my 18th birthday!

It was seven-thirty o’clock in the evening and we were waiting for my sister to arrive newcomers’ could blow out the candle. The 18th dance and candle back-and-further informed me she would arrive at seven o’clock, but until now, there is no even shadow of her. The other guests are also getting bored. Aunt Julia approached me and whispered to blow out the candle so that the guests could eat. Even though I was unsettled, I did it.

I was restless while the guests were having a good time. I also don’t respond to newcomers’ greetings with a smile. My color-naked gown was getting filthy from my back-and-forth walk. For unknown reasons, something troubling me. My sister did not arrive until the guests had all left. Instead of becoming angry, nervousness led me.

Aunt Julia seated me down and gave me water to calm me down. “First, take a seat. Your sister is undoubtedly on her way home. Perhaps she went to see someone, which is why she was late. “You know she’s too preoccupied with work,” she reassured me.

I rested my chin on the table. I couldn’t even get dressed. My eyelids gradually fell off until they were completely closed. When I peeked out, a loud conversation greeted me. They positioned three police officers in front of our home. I didn’t feel good about it, so I dashed over to hear what they were saying. I was about to move toward when I heard something that made me cover my mouth.

When I heard those words, before I could get close enough, I burst into tears. They all turned to me, even Aunt Julia instantly ran towards me. She caressed me as she was also carried away by my tears. “That’s not true, isn’t it? My sister’s just playing a joke on me because she’s late for my birthday. She wants to surprise me, right? Isn’t that true, Aunt Julia? Where’s my sister?” I laughed out loud as the big grains of tears in my eyes fell one after another, “where is my sister? Why isn’t she still showing up?”

“Sshhh.” Aunt Julia squeezed me to her chest, but I tried to stand up. The three police officers averted their eyes from me as if in pity. I approached them and touched the collar of the second man.

“Show her to me, please? Hmmm. It’s my birthday today. I don’t want a prank like this,” I tried to raise my voice, but in the end, it broke.

The officer handed Aunt Julia an ID with red lace and said, “The victim was wearing this when we saw her. We went here after inspecting the address on the ID. Her belongings were not missing, but they had stabbed her multiple times. She is currently being examined in the morgue to determine whether she has been assaulted. We found the body naked, so there’s a 99% chance they raped her.”

The air clogged my throat, and my chest tightened. I was blacking out; I heard the tension between them all before I completely lost consciousness.

I woke up to find myself in a room with a white ceiling and wall. Aunt Julia’s entry was spot on. We remained silent until she finally speaks.

“I know it’s difficult to accept, but there’s no other option. That is how life works. We must be prepared at all times. They will, inevitably, leave,” she recited, grabbed both of my hands, and squeezed them.

I didn’t move and just spaced out. I’m still processing the fact that my sister is no longer alive and that I’m now alone. I’m upset with her because she left me! I was mad because I couldn’t even get a return and show her all of her sacrifices for me! I’m enraged because I’m selfish and don’t want her to leave, even though she’s drained! I despise those who murdered her! I’m fed up with her! I’m absolutely livid with myself!

When I got home, aunt Julia gave me Daisy’s ashes that place on the burn. I didn’t bury Daisy because I wanted Daisy to be with me, even if she was only ashes. In addition, I found a buyer for the house. I don’t want to stay there any longer because every time I turn a corner, I will be in excruciating pain.

“Thank you so much, Aunt Julia, for looking after me and my sister until her last breath. We’ve bothered you far too much. I’m going to look for a rented house and a job. Now that my sister has gone to heaven, I have to go to work and scrape a bone.

I laughed because she was crying as she hugged me. She’s like a mother to me, so leaving her is hard but necessary. I gave her half of the proceeds from the sale of the house. My sister had savings in the bank. Now I have enough money to get started.

I’m now staring at a multinational enterprise. When I looked up, I saw the big name RxTra. When I walked in, I found a long line of applicants. They don’t seem to mind because the interior is completely air-conditioned. A tall man passed by while I was queuing. They dressed formally him in a black tuxedo and got a firm stance. His steps are large, so his secretary is experiencing difficulties.

Before they could leave, I clearly heard the woman say, “Sir, please accept my resignation letter. I want to leave, but I’m having trouble finding a replacement because you don’t want all the applicants.”

Before they finally left, I leaned back and peered at them again. RxTra is a well-known company that deals with various types of medicine. They purchase stocks and resell them to various pharmacies. I studied business management, so I’m willing to take chances. Just in case I didn’t finish college, so I’m not sure.

I went inside and handed the resume to the sexy-dressed woman. She didn’t look at me and read my resume. She simply leaned back in her swivel chair.

“Tell me about yourself.” She examined me from head to toe. Is this woman even going to make me sit down? Her sudden declarations took aback me.

“A-Ah! Adele Barrow! I’m eighteen years old. I graduated from high school and studied Business Management for one year before stopping for personal reasons,” I said hurriedly.


I never let the woman finish speaking and cut her off from what she was going to say. I put my two palms together as if praying.

“Please! Please! Any position would do. Just hire me! Even if it’s being a janitress, I’ll take it!” I closed my eyes as I begged.

The woman laughed out loud, so I opened my one eye.

As she chewed the bubble gum, she nodded her head, picked up the telephone, and called someone on the other line.

“Hello Cherry? This is Wendy. I’ve already found someone who can take your position.” The other line spoke, but I never heard.

Wendy’s last words were, “Yeah, I’m sure of her. She can put up with your obnoxious boss!”

What I heard made my eyes light up. After Wendy hung up the phone, I happily clapped. She laughed once more and said something I couldn’t understand.

“Have fun now, for hell is waiting for you,” I merely pouted as the door opened.

The lady appeared. I recognize her! She was the girl that walked past the handsome man! She quickly yanked my hand away and waved to Wendy. We moved fast, exited the elevator, and entered a large room.

“Please! You are my only hope!” She put her hand on both of my shoulders.

“Who did you bring this time?” As he signed the paperwork, the man crouched on his seat. We waited a few seconds more before he looking up at Cherry and me. His blue eyes appear to fascinate you, and his sharp nose and red lips seem to smile at you.

I wanted to smile, but he said something that made my head boil.

“I don’t like you. Leave.”

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