Book cover of “The Dragster's Mafia Heiress“ by aiwrites

The Dragster's Mafia Heiress

  • Genre: Romance
  • Age: 18+
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Language: English
  • Author: aiwrites
Calix Hendrix is a dragster with a troubled past. Kaira Lombardi is an heiress with an undesired future. The two cross paths on a night of unadulterated lust and are trapped in an unforeseen marriage. The passion they have for each other quickly turns sour, and they want nothing but to be away from each other. But in their life enforced by rule... 

Prologue (1)

"You're drop dead gorgeous and sizzling hot." He murmured as he clutched her face in his hand and fiercely kissed her. She didn't even hold back and kissed him as aggressively as she could. His tongue explored her mouth, and she gasped at the pleasure she was receiving from the kiss.

He slips his arms behind her back and unzips her dress, allowing it to drop to the floor without breaking the kiss. When he was running out of breath, he took a step back to take in the stunning sight in front of him. His jeans continued to bulge just by looking at her in her underwear. 

"Tonight you’re fucking mine!" He snarled, his lips crashing into hers once again. In between those kisses, he added, "Fuck, you’re going to drive me insane.” He took her in his arms and made his way to the bed, hardly breaking their kiss. They're both consumed with lust and need, and it's making them aware of just how ravenous their kisses were. He playfully throws her on the bed, eager to dominate every minute of it. He looks at her lasciviously as he takes off his own clothes.

She nibbles her lips, her gaze riveted on the man in front of her. What a wonderful sight to just see. He wanted to be in control, but she wouldn't let him. She is determined to dominate him. She drew him in and had him fall on top of her before delivering him another mind-numbing smooch. His hands travel around her exposed body, removing the last pieces of clothing from her, and every touch he gives her is so far beyond anything she could have imagined.

"Are you ready, hon?" He murmured, smirking. He's well aware of his effect on her.

"As ready as I'll ever be." She answered, trailing wet kisses on his chest, which elicited a growl from him.

He turned to look at her once more, unadulterated lust overwhelming him. He can have her, she is his for the taking, and then he'll make sure she gets all the mind-blowing orgasms she could possibly imagine.

And that is exactly what they did all night. To satisfy and please each other until they no longer have the strength to move. And although he knows that it is only yet another one-night affair like the others, he can't seem to help but sense a developing connection with her. She was clearly different. She was worn out, yet being with him helped her forget many of her constraints. Despite the fact that she doesn't know him, she can tell that he left her yearning for more because she senses a connection with him. He was clearly different.

As satiated as they could be, they both slept with a contented and satisfied expression on their faces.

When she felt an arm draped around her waist, she reflexively awoke. She turned around and saw someone blissfully asleep next to her. She remained motionless, her gaze fixated on the person beside her. She tries to notice every detail of his appearance so that she will remember him when their time together is over. She wanted to instill him in her memory. She shut her eyes yet again as she recounted how she ended up in his bed.

The nightclub where the celebration will take place is filled with loud music. Throngs of people, men and women, came to the scene, all eager to see the man of the hour. They're all eagerly anticipating his arrival and his sizzling presence in the pub.

She was among the gathering crowd in the bar, but she was not there to join their craze. Amidst the frenzy of everyone waiting for the public figure to arrive, she is blissfully unaware and unmoved by the craziness going on around her. She doesn't care about their hype; she's in her own bubble.

She was strutting and dancing to her heart's desire in the middle of the dance floor. Men can't help but adore her from afar. Her aggressiveness and fiery nature lure guys like a magnet, and she is a total vixen. Despite this, none of them seemed to affect her. She's not looking for a hook-up so much as she's trying to appreciate her time alone and enjoy breaking free from her limitations and restrictions. This is, after all, her last night in the country.

Kaira Lombardi isn't your usual affluent, glamorous woman who frequents bars. She only goes out to party as a part of her job and nothing more than that. She may be a man's dream come true, a woman's challenge, or both their worst nightmare, but she couldn't care less. Her life was full of constraints, and all she ever desired was to be free. And this is why she doesn't appear to mind the howling and whistling she's getting from the male crowd right now. She's used to the catcalls and heckling but doesn't seem to mind them. They may admire her, but they will never have the opportunity to touch her unless she consents.

A group of boisterous yet charming males started showing up. The long-awaited group for which the women had been preparing and waiting. They're going to have a party and a celebration tonight, and they're on the prowl for a woman who wants to hook up. As it is, it is nothing other than a sex act for them. There are no strings attached; there are no restrictions.

The group's notable leader is Calix Hendrix, the elusive yet rebellious champion dragster. Calix is looking forward to a great night after dominating the country's largest and most important car racing tournament of the day. Another source of honor and fame for him. And he's one step closer to realizing his goal.

Women flocked to the attractive men as soon as the gang arrived. They flaunt their asses seductively and shamelessly to the men and indicate their readiness for them for the night. Above all, they wanted to be Calix's special lady for the evening. Everyone wants a piece of him because he is the star.

Instincts kicked in, and Kaira and Calix, the two enigmatic jewels of the night, locked gazes, and only one thought came to mind: he desired her, she desired him. And just like in a damn chick flick, where romance is a cliché, they started walking towards their prey, gazes locked and seductively licking their lips. As they started moving towards one another, it seemed as if the world slowed down for them. Everyone else kept their focus on them, watching as the two hottest and perhaps most sought-after people in that bar that night felt the electrifying connection that was starting to create a buzz.

Then Calix flashed her that enticing and seductive grin that he has been using a lot to attract the ladies, and that action had everyone around them swooning. But his attention is riveted on Kaira, the woman whom he has only seen tonight but with whom he feels a strong attraction. She doesn’t seem fazed by his devilish grin, but he can see lust in her eyes.

"Hey, sexy." He breathed in her ear when he reached her, and she couldn't help but stare at him, nipping her bottom lip in the process.

She doesn't even want to hook up, but it appears that fate has different plans for her tonight. "Hey, handsome, what's up?" she answered back seductively.

"Who are you with?" He whispered, placing his hands around her narrow waist and cooing in her ear.

"Do I look like I am with somebody?"

"Touché. Do you want to have some fun with me tonight since you're alone? With the sultry stride you're making, you've definitely captured my attention."

She didn't object or budge because of his proximity to her. If any, she moved closer to him and instead encircled his neck with her arms and swayed seductively to the music. He simply cannot help but follow her rhythmic movements. And just by dancing this close to her, his mind is in chaos. And the myriad things he wants to do to her are currently obscuring his thoughts. He can feel his jeans constricting as he already has a hard-on just by being so close.

"Are you up for a steamy night with me? If so, I'm willing to take that chance." He urged once more, his tongue grazing her ear.

"If I am, what's the plan?" she responded.

"Perhaps you'd like to spend a hot, passionate night at my penthouse? I promise you'll enjoy the whole night."

She paused and pretended to contemplate for a while, then shifted her eyes to the people surrounding them before muttering, "Challenge accepted. Let's do this."

"Come on then, gorgeous. We're in for a long night."

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