Book cover of “The Ex-Groom and His Dominating Revenge“ by Summer Deity

The Ex-Groom and His Dominating Revenge

  • Genre: Romance
  • Age: 18+
  • Status: Completed
  • Language: English
  • Author: Summer Deity
What would you do if, on the day of your wedding, someone unexpectedly showed up not to congratulate you but rather to interrupt this very special day of yours? Gavin had been looking forward to this momentous occasion, but unfortunately, it was ruined by the lies of an unknown woman. Worse yet, she claimed to be pregnant and that Gavin was the... 

Chapter 1. Prologue

Shantelle's POV

"Is it written in the stars that I will succumb to this illness and die? If that is the way that fate brought for me, then do I have no other option but to wait until the day that I pass away?”

When I got the news from the doctor earlier about my condition, this was the first thing that went through my head.

But as soon as the images of my younger siblings popped into my head, I quickly pushed that idea out of my mind.

While I was forcing those unfavourable thoughts out of my head, I told myself that I should not think that way because my siblings are counting on me, and because of that, I need to be strong.

Even though a pleasant breeze was blowing in my direction and touching my face, I was unable to settle down and enjoy the moment. 

Because there were so many trees surrounding the location where I am right now, the wind was very strong. I made the decision to clear my head, so I went to this park that is close to the hospital.

If I were to tell my siblings that I am sick and could die because of my illness, I have a feeling that we would all start crying. 

How could I possibly tell them that their older sister was sick and would pass away in the near future?

When the results of the various tests that I had to go through were finally out, the doctor got in touch with me right away. 

As soon as I arrived at the hospital, the attending physician briefed me on my condition, which caused me to come dangerously close to passing out. 

I have been diagnosed with cervical cancer. 

It was curable, but it wasn't for people who were in my financial situation and couldn't afford the treatment or the operation.

The operation requires a significant amount of money, which I do not currently possess, and the salary that I earned was insufficient to ensure that we had enough money to live on. 

When our parents were killed in an airplane accident three years ago, I was the only person on whom the rest of my siblings could rely for support. 

Therefore, I will not be able to pass away calmly in the knowledge that there are special people in this world for whom I would be leaving this world because they feel that I should not die.

I should do everything in my will to stay alive. 

But the question is, is it really possible for me to avoid passing away from cancer? 

Where can I get the money?

People have always died young at some point in history, but I just couldn't bring myself to accept the fact that I'm going to be one of those people. 

I still have a lot of work to do, and I have a responsibility to provide for my siblings for as long as I am able to.

I raised my left arm and placed it on my head in order to shield my eyes from the glaring light that was emanating from the sun. 

Should I have known better and not gone to the hospital? 

The tests cost me money, but they did not provide the results that I was hoping for. 

At least I am now ready for whatever is going to happen to me in the future.

When I realized that there was no point in continuing to think about what I ought to do to get out of my predicament, I stood up and made the decision to go home.

All that was required of me was to make the most of the time I had by making productive use of it, and then I should get started planning and saving money for the future of my siblings.

My daydreaming was abruptly brought back to reality when I collided with something—or should I say someone?


When I was in the hospital, Nurse Peighton was the one who assisted me.

I mumbled an apology and tried to get out of her way as quickly as possible, but when she started talking, my feet just stopped moving.

"I am aware of what is taking place with you. I was wondering if you could spare a minute or two to talk to me." According to Nurse Peighton.

I joined her on the bench and remarked, "I suppose there's no harm in hearing you out." We both smiled, at each other.

"After the doctor informed you of the results of your test, you went silent for an entire minute and did not ask any questions pertaining to your treatment. You didn't waste any time and just said your goodbyes before leaving."

She paused for a short while, but I maintained my silence throughout the pause.

She continued, "I figured out that your problem is the money you will need for the operation, and I could help you with that,” she said.

"Hold on just a second, you are willing to spend your money on someone you didn't know, really? But why?" I inquired while my eyes clearly conveyed my confusion.

"You are this hospital’s patient, and my father was the owner of the hospital. Let’s say, it’s a part of good deed, but in general, I would not do something like this to our patients.”

“It’s not free either. You will be charged for it, despite the fact that it wasn’t your idea in the first place. It would mean a lot to me if you could help me out with this. Think of the money that I will give you as compensation for the favour that you will do for me.”

"You are in need of financial assistance, and so am I. I mean, I need someone’s help. This has no negative consequences for anyone involved. Your lives will be extended if you receive treatment, and you won't have to worry about pointless matters once you've reached that point. To help me out, all I ask is that you perform one simple task. So, what are your thoughts on that? Are you willing to take it?" 

When I looked into her eyes, I could tell that she was being very serious about what she was saying.

If your life was on the line, nobody would take you up on this offer.

Because I need to live for a longer period of time and I don't believe an opportunity like this will arise again, I shouldn't waste time hesitating.

"Alright, Nurse Peighton, I'll take your offer. I will do the task, in exchange of my treatment. Thank you very much." 

I wanted to show her that I was on the same page as she was, so I extended my hand to her. She accepted it and gave each of us a firm shake on the hand.

"In that case, everything should be fine. I will send you a text message with the time and location of our meeting tomorrow. My allotment of time is nearly up. See you."

After tapping me on the shoulder, she stood up and headed back to the hospital.

I was able to discover hope, and now I will do anything in my power to preserve it.

I got her message as soon as I got home, which was at three in the afternoon at the restaurant just behind the hospital. 

Although the time was the same, the location was different.

It's fine, but I hope there isn't anything that can be argued against, and it might take a long time to discuss her favor if it does happen to come up....

I went to the cafe earlier than necessary in order to wait for Ms. Peighton, but I didn't think that she would be there before the appointed time as well.

As she entered the room, she greeted me and asked, "Hello, did I make you wait?"

"No, you didn't. I just got here early, so I won't make you wait for me any longer than necessary."

"Let me first get us some coffee and then I'll tell you what favor you have to do for me."

"Oh, there's no need to place an order for me. I'm okay."

She insisted, "Don't worry, it's on me," and then went to the counter to pay for it.

When she got back, she briefed me on the task I was supposed to be working on, and what she said completely blew my mind.

I questioned her about the matter because it was possible that I might had just misunderstood what had been said, but she responded without any hesitance.

The conversation came to an end after a few minutes of me being instructed on what I ought to do. 

At first, I had some reservations about this, but ultimately, I came to accept it. 

Even if it were not illegal, it would not have been the right thing to do, it was all wong, in my opinion.

"Shantelle, are you having any second thoughts about this?" I raised my chin and turned to face her direction of travel.

"You shouldn't. I mean, you don’t have to, as no one will lend you money knowing that you are having trouble making ends meet, especially considering that I am willing to pay you back for it. Do exactly as I have instructed."


"If you decline this offer, think of the consequences sooner or later. You will not be treated, and when you pass away, it will be your siblings, not you, who will bear the consequences of this decision. Have you thought about allowing that to happen, Ms. Clarkson?”

She was absolutely right, and if something were to happen to me, my family would be the ones to suffer, not me. 

I really hope that doesn't happen, but even if it does, I don't think I'd be able to handle that job.

"You have absolutely nothing to be concerned about at all. After you have completed the task, I will hand over the necessary sum of money to you. I'll assist you in evacuating this location so that no one can identify you and search for you,” She continued her efforts to persuade me and said.


"So, are you going to do it?"

I nodded and said, "Yes, I'll do it but just only this time, and you should keep your promise.”

Despite the fact that I was still having second thoughts, but I didn't have a choice because I was in the position where I couldn't back out.

"That's fantastic news, by the way. This is a one-time favor, and once you've finished your work, I'll hand over the money to you."

"Here, take it. You are going to wear them for tomorrow." 

She handed me two boxes for the event, and all I could do was cross my fingers and hope that nothing untoward would occur.

Before we went our separate ways, she refreshed my memory on what I needed to do once more. 

I also made certain that I had a complete comprehension of everything that she required of me.

The favor she was asking for was not simple to perform, not because it was challenging, but rather because it was unethical regardless of the motivation behind it.

Simply completing this task is all that is required of me; after that, I will no longer be responsible for anything.

"Sister! Shantelle? You’re home already?" My younger sister, Vienne, spoke to me.

I was unaware that I had already arrived at our home until it was pointed out to me.

My mind was preoccupied with the things that I had discussed with the nurse.

Since yesterday, and really ever since I first learned about my condition, I've been doing a lot of thinking.

"Yeah, do you need anything?" After clearing my thoughts, I turned my attention to her.

“Actually, yes, we need to pay the tuition fee as soon as possible for both mine and Cristopher's classes because, if we don't, both of us will be expelled from the school.”

"Okay, I understand. You do not need to be concerned about it, and you should direct your attention solely to your studies because I will manage your finances."

I suppose there wasn't any way to go back now. 

I had already come to terms with it, so there was nothing I could do about the many what-if questions that kept running through my head. 

Because we are in desperate need of funds, I have decided to take on this position.

I really hope that tomorrow goes smoothly for me.

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