Book cover of “Doctor Annastacia's Love Scandal“ by agneslovely

Doctor Annastacia's Love Scandal

  • Genre: Romance
  • Age: 18+
  • Status: Completed
  • Language: English
  • Author: agneslovely
Dr. Annastacia Brighton's life takes an unexpected turn when she crosses paths with the charming pop star, Jason Channing, better known as JC, at a friend's party. Despite her betrothal to the son of her father's boss, Dr. John Baldere, JC falls head over heels for Annastacia. A drunken one-night stand between them leads to blackmail, as JC threate... 

Chapter 1. A Party Invitation

“Anna, you have to come to my party tonight!” said Rossie Stuart in a tone that didn’t want to be disputed on the phone. 

Annastacia took a deep breath and then said, “Okay, fine. If you win, I’ll come to your party. But I don’t have a party dress, you know I never involve myself in socialite gatherings. Of course, there’s no way I could wear my white smile to your party?” 

“Never use clothes as an excuse, you sly woman! I’ll send you a party dress this afternoon, Honey. Bye,” Rossie replied with her words speeding like a car without brakes. 

Annastacia covered her face with her palms. Her best friend was incredibly annoying when she had a desire; it couldn’t be denied. 

The phone on her desk rang, and Annastacia immediately answered the call. “Hello.” 

“Hello, Doctor Anna. It would help if you came to the ER immediately; a patient in a traffic accident is in the middle of the city.” It was the emergency room nurse who called her in a panicked tone.

“I’ll be right there.” Annastacia immediately ran to the emergency room. 

The emergency room is like a night market full of visitors; many patients are bleeding and lying on the patient bed. She doesn’t know what traffic accident happened; what is clear is that the collision was very severe and took many victims. 

“Okay, which one can still be saved?” Annastacia asked practically, and she didn’t want to chase a life that was already at the limit of life and death for nothing.

“This woman’s vital signs are still good, Doc,” said the nurse in charge of the emergency room while handing over the patient data file.

“Okay, I’ll be ready in the OK room. Don’t forget to check the blood supply that matches this patient’s blood type.” Annastacia rushed to the OK room to get ready for surgery. 

Within 5 minutes, everything was ready in the OK room. 

“Scalpel, please,” said Annastacia, asking her cooperator for a scalpel. 

The woman had non-sterile irregular lacerations on her chest. Annastacia slashed the wound's edges to check for tissue damage under the muscle. 

“Oohh, arterial bleeding, NS please ... suction ... thanks.” Annastacia looked for where the leaky artery was. Luckily she asked for a blood bag for this patient; heavy bleeding sometimes risks causing shock in surgical patients. 

Finally, she managed to tie the leaking artery with a micro thread. Annastacia looked for other organ and tissue injuries, apparently contusions only. After ensuring everything was safe, Annastacia stitched back the muscles, smoothed the skin tissue that had been torn apart, and stitched it up neatly.

“Done. Move the patient to the observation room. Take the next patient here. I need the data on the next patient’s condition immediately,” said Annastacia. 

Throughout the afternoon, Annastacia performed three strenuous surgeries. And she still has to go to the party. Oh, Lord! Did she have to put a smile on her face, which was paralyzed from exhaustion at Rossie’s party tonight? Sob sob. 

The woman took her car keys and briefcase and rushed to the exclusive parking lot of her car at Wyndham International Hospital. Annastacia was a respected surgeon at the hospital. 

Annastacia is still very young for her work achievements; she is only 26. Sometimes sacrificing social activities and cutting the desire to date at a young age is worth the results obtained. That was in Annastacia’s opinion. 

After all, saving the lives of fellow human beings is a noble act. A surgeon seems to have a license from God to save lives almost detached from their earthly bodies. 

Almost 95% of Annastacia’s family are doctors. Her older sister, Jocelyn Brighton, is a well-known obstetrician at the same hospital where she works. Meanwhile, her older brother, the oldest of three siblings, is a pediatric neonate specialist. Somewhat correlated with her sister Jocelyn’s field. 

Meanwhile, her father and mother both work as internist specialists. Her entire family works at Wyndham International Hospital.

Sometimes she needs clarification about why all her family members must work in the same place. Very unvarying, thought Annastacia. However, she admits that the hospital where they work is the best in North America. 

It started snowing again this afternoon, probably the slippery road that caused many traffic accidents. She also had to be careful not to become a traffic accident victim. Her favorite maroon mini Cooper car has never been a problem; she’s not a speeding driver. Everything should be safe and away from unexpected accidents. 

Annastacia had driven almost an hour to her apartment west of Dennery. Later that night, she had to move to Anse La Raye, where Rossie Stuart’s house was; it was as big as a mansion. When Annastacia and Rossie were little, they used to camp in Rossie’s backyard, directly opposite the bay. 

There are three best friends, Juliet Grayson, Brianna Ansley, and Rossie Stuart. Maybe they’ll come to Rossie’s party tonight, too. Of the four women, she is the only one still single; the other three women like to change partners and Juliet was even married last year even though she has not had children until now.

Finally, Anastasia arrived at the Sky Eternity apartment; she parked her car in the basement. Then take the elevator to the 5th floor, the building is only ten feet high, and her unit is in the middle. 

As she was about to head to her unit, Annastacia met a delivery dress courier from Rossie Stuart. The young man asked for her autograph and then handed the fiery red ball gown to Annastacia. 

Annastacia also brought the party dress into her unit. She also opened the plastic wrapping of the party dress and was surprised to see the model of the party dress. What the hell! Rossie must have gone mad! 

The party dress with a low chest was too much, almost open from the back to the buttocks. Does Rossie want to sell her to a masher? Thought Annastacia as she furrowed her brows. 

Damn, Rossie! It’s not funny at all. Annastacia also called Rossie with her cell phone. 


“Hello, Anna. You must have received the ball gown, right?” Rossie chirped before Annastacia could spray her. 

“What do you want, Rossie? That party dress is too tempting and so revealing, I don’t want to wear it. I’m canceling going to your party, Rossie!” said Annastacia losing her temper.

“Don’t you dare do that, Anna? You have to come; it’s such a great party; I invited a few celebrities. Watch out if you don’t come; I won’t want to be friends forever!” Rossie shouted into the phone, which made Annastacia’s ears ring at the sound before hanging up. 

Again Annastacia had to give in to Rossie. The woman was the fiercest of the three best friends. However, Rossie is the closest to her sister Annastacia since childhood. Annastacia stared at her phone desperately. 

In her heart, she shouted, NO! And only yawned into whispers of despair at the thought of Rossie’s threat. 

With unsteady steps, Annastacia dragged her tired body to the bathroom to clean up after a long day at the hospital. She needed a warm bath to relieve her tiredness.

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