Book cover of “The Luna's Chosen Mate“ by Nafisatuu Writes

The Luna's Chosen Mate

  • Genre: Werewolf
  • Age: 18+
  • Status: Completed
  • Language: English
  • Author: Nafisatuu Writes
“Why’d you stop?” “Because if I don’t, I will not be able to control myself, and I won’t listen to your pleads.” In search of her perfect mate, Alice has to make a seemingly easy choice between her first true love and a man her parents want her to be with—a powerful and domineering Alpha who allegedly killed his family. But as things unravel,... 

Chapter 1

The Chosen Mate

They glared at each other, ready to attack, as they grunted heatedly. Alice pounced toward her nemesis, but unluckily, she missed and got pinned to the ground. Her nemesis groaned, retelling her who the boss was. She heaved a sigh of defeat.

“Okay, fine, you win, mom. I give up,” she said, declaring defeat. Linda chuckled softly and pushed Alice’s head even harder to the ground, making her wince in pain. 


“And you’re the best Luna the Alpha could ever get…and you’re unbeatable…can you please unpin me now? You’re crushing my head,” Alice mumbled as she grimaced in pain. 

Linda scoffed happily and got off her daughter. She sighed instantly when her mother released her.

She got to her feet, returning back to her human form. Her mother did the same. 

“Great fight, Alice. I have to admit, your reflexes are getting better, but they can never pass the one and only Luna of the Scuris pack.”

Alice rolled her eyes just as she chuckled. “Yeah, yeah, wait till I start running my own pack,” she declared, and Linda heaved a sigh, hugging her closer. 

“I hope so too, Alice. But don’t forget your father’s…”

“Yes, mother. I have not forgotten; you’ll have to find your mate and build your own pack before you can be declared a Luna. I have not forgotten that ridiculous policy father made.” She could feel the rage surging in her. She was irritated, so angry that she couldn’t do as she wanted because she was the daughter of the Alpha, and there were some boundaries to that—also because she was a female werewolf!

It was exasperating how female werewolves get relegated whenever it comes to wars, hunting, or leading. They are regarded as weak and expected to stay indoors, give birth, raise children, and cook.

Alice wanted to have children, but she wouldn’t want to be a stay-at-home mom like her mother, Luna Linda. She wanted to also come out and lead a pack, go hunting, and fight their nemesis.

She despises how they were always ordered to stay in and hide whenever there was chaos. Only the Luna was allowed to come out and fight, and that was very rare in their pack. The Alpha and his pack warriors were always the ones that did the fun stuff—as Alice declared. She saw fighting as a fun activity. 

“I have to start working on dinner, sweetie. Are you coming to help out?”

Alice slightly shook her head. 

“I have to catch up with Miley and Daniel by the waterfall.”

“Okay, sweetie. Don’t stay out too long like you did last night.” Linda kissed her goodbye, and they parted ways.

She strolled past the pack of Omegas who were chatting and enjoying their evening. They suddenly went silent when they spotted her. She hated how almost everyone was afraid of her. No one dared to come close to her, not after knowing who her father was and what he was capable of doing over his only heir.

The last werewolf that picked on Alice and hit her was Alex, and he got sent out of the pack. A few days later, his body was found in the bushes. He must’ve trespassed another pack’s territory, and they dealt with him.

She heaved a sigh and walked past them to the waterfall, where her two friends, Miley and Daniel, were waiting for her.

Miley was six months younger than Alice. She’s the daughter of the Alpha’s Beta. Her father was the second strongest werewolf in the pack after Alice’s father. They’ve been best friends since they were one till date.

Daniel came from a decent Omega family. He was older than both of them. He was like a father figure to the two of them. He never got in trouble, even though Alice and Miley were always looking for one. He knew they’d be let off with a warning, but he might not get that grace. He’d put his family in danger or even get kicked out of the pack.

“What took you so long? Or have you already built your territory and moved out of Alpha Fredrick’s pack?” Miley said flippantly, but Alice didn’t find it funny. 

Daniel suppressed his laugh and cleared his throat. 

“That is not funny, Miley. Give some respect to our future Luna.”

“Thank you, Daniel.” Alice joined them by the edge of the waterfall. “That’s if she manages to find a mate…” 

Daniel clasped his palm over his hand when Alice glared at him. 

“I’m sorry,” he mumbled while Miley laughed without caring that she’d annoy Alice. 

“You guys aren’t helping matters,” she lamented and slumped her head onto Daniel’s shoulder. He heaved a sigh as he wrapped his strong arm around her petite body. She snuggled in and hugged his torso. 

“Don’t push it, Alice. Sometimes, you just have to stop worrying, wondering, and doubting. Have faith that things will work out, maybe not how you planned, but just how it’s meant to be.”

Alice had her eyes closed as she smiled at the words Daniel said—this was one of the reasons why she’d never trade him for anything. He was good with words, and he knew exactly what to say to make her feel at ease. 

“Yes, and you should be lucky that no female werewolf in this pack or any other pack would have the guts to compete against you. You two would have to fight till one’s death, or you have to get lashed until one of you gives up. Your only quest is to find a mate, that’s all. And you’ll be the Luna of your own pack.”

Alice sat up and looked over at Miley. She was right. Her pursuit was so easy. She only needed to find a mate to be her Alpha. She never thought it was going to be hard until every single werewolf in their pack tried to pursue her into accepting him just because they wanted to be Alpha, not because they loved her. 

She heaved a sigh of frustration. 

“What if I don’t find my mate?” She blurted out, and Miley immediately hit her head. “Ouch! What was that for?” Alice glared at her.

“You will! Because you’re beautiful, intelligent, wise… you’re so independent that you don’t even need a mate to run a pack, but you can’t do that because the Alpha would kill you and kill us because he’d obviously find out we talked you into it and we told you that you’re independent,” Miley spoke breathlessly. 

Alice stared at her in awe. She has never met a person that overthinks and speaks out about the impossibilities like Miley. 

“We? Hey, don’t pin this on me. I have never said she was independent. No, I mean you are, Alice. But I’d never talk you into running your own pack even though you’re capable of doing so on your own. But please don’t…”

“I am not running my own pack alone. No one would follow me and believe I’d be able to protect them.”

Miley and Daniel heaved a sigh of relief. 

“Now…” Alice got to her feet and took off her shirt. They knew what she was about to do. “Enough with this dampening pep talks. Let’s go.” 

She slipped out of her jeans and dived into the crystal-clear water. It was so cold, but Alice didn’t care. She loved the water, and she found swimming relaxing—especially with her only two friends. 

Miley took off her clothes and squealed as she joined Alice in the water. Daniel didn’t like the idea at first, but just like every other day, they always ended up convincing him to join them. 

He did. And it was always fun splashing water on each other’s faces and laughing about it until it got dark or they got tired. 

An hour later, they got dressed and left the waterfall. The sun was already down, and it was getting dark. Alice looked at the sky as she heaved a sigh. She wanted to stay out with her friends, but these days, it was impossible—not with the way the Alpha was being more protective of her. Maybe because she announced that she wanted to be a Luna when she turned eighteen in six months? 

“Hey, why don’t we go by the cliff to watch the full moon before we head home?” Miley suggested. Alice and Daniel weren’t convinced. 

“Can’t. I have to head home before my father does. Can’t skip dinner like yesterday.”

“Yeah, me too. I have some chores to do. I’ll see you guys tomorrow.” Daniel waved before parting ways with the girls. 

“I’ll see you tomorrow, Miley.” Alice gave her a brief hug and hurried on toward home. 

Her heart beat fast as she approached their house. She could see the pack warriors and also new faces she wasn’t familiar with by the entrance. She knew it meant only two things: the Alpha was home, and he had visitors from a neighboring pack. 

It was rare—they hardly got along with other packs as they were in so much competition. They all wanted to be better and ahead. So, they rarely visit another pack or have them over. 

Alice has never been to any other pack’s territory. She only knew her pack, and that was it. She always looked forward to when the Alpha visited a neighboring pack, but he never took her with him. He always told her how dangerous it was and how things might go south with the other pack. 

The Alpha was always being dramatic and overreacting—she mused to herself, strolling through the entrance. 

Her mother’s garnished roasted beef hit her nostrils, reminding her of how hungry she was. She smiled and hurriedly approached their eating area. 

“Hey, mom.” She paused at the sight of the new face. 

He looked up and bored his light brown eyes on her. He was handsome from the depth of his eyes to the calm expressions of his voice. He had the kind of face that stopped you in your tracks. She had never seen a man as handsome as the one sitting before her and admiring her. 

She let out a shaky breath and broke eye contact. She might faint if she saw his werewolf form. It must be ten times better than his form now. 

Her father smiled, pleased with their first eyesight. It gave him hope for what he had in mind. He’d get what he wanted and fulfill his daughter’s wishes. 

“Dominic, meet my daughter, Alice.” 

Alice looked at her father as he introduced her to the man he called Dominic. She felt the urge to roll her eyes or giggle or even blush. She wasn’t sure of how to react. 

Dominic gently got to his feet, and Alice looked up. It was at that moment Alice noticed how tall he was. He was somewhat too tall for his build; if he was a few inches shorter, he wouldn’t be that handsome. It was as if he stopped growing, only to be stretched on one of those medieval racks a half-foot more. His face was mostly obscured by a dark silky beard that clung to his skin like winter-ravaged ivy tendrils.

He met her gaze again, not with shyness but with a blunt refusal to avert his gaze first. How odd to see those half-familiar features devoid of warmth, like they were stolen. 

“Pleased to meet you, Alice.” She heard his booming voice over her head. He stretched out his hand, and she briskly looked at her father. He smiled as he nodded at her. 

Her mother also pushed out a smile toward her. She wasn’t at all convinced with her husband’s idea, especially knowing how their daughter was stubborn and wouldn’t budge on what she didn’t have in mind. She only hoped for the best and prayed Alice welcomed the idea. 

Alice took in his hand, and he kissed her knuckles. She felt the shock pulsing through her veins and how soft his lips were on her skin. It was her first time experiencing that type of feeling. It felt good. And she would trade anything to feel it again—on her lips. 

Her heart felt like flying, and the world seemed to stop. She managed to smile and nod her head at him. She was awe-struck by how calm he was though she could feel something off about him.

He offered her a seat before returning to his own.

They had dinner together and chatted amidst eating. The whole time Alice had her head ducked and didn’t say a word until she was asked to. She felt uneasy, and her mother noticed it—she grabbed Alice’s hand and squeezed it lightly. She looked up at her mother and smiled. It made her feel relieved by how her mother never ceased to hear her sorrow amid chaos. 

She could never trade her mother for anything. 

The Alpha cleared his throat to get their attention. Alice’s heart skipped a beat as she set her eyes on her father. She knew there was something edgy that was going to follow. She couldn’t tell what it was, but she was ready for it. 

“Dominic is an Alpha from a next-door pack, the Umbris pack. He suddenly lost his wife not long ago. He is a well-respected man that has done so many great things. Out of my pack, he is the only werewolf I can say that I trust. Which is why when he asked for you to be his mate, I agreed.”

Her brain stuttered for a moment, and her eyes widened as she stared back at her father. Every part of her went on pause while her thoughts caught up. 

Dominic was here because he wanted her to be his mate. He wanted a strong female werewolf to replace his dead Luna, so he chose her. Out of all the female werewolves he could’ve chosen from his pack. He chose to shine his eyes beyond his limits and choose the only heir of the Scuris pack — Alpha’s daughter. How egotistic and heedless. 

“You wanted to be a Luna, Alice, and you haven’t presented a mate…”

“No! I don’t need anyone to choose my mate. And I most certainly wouldn’t want my mate to be from another pack…at least not his pack,” she spoke out of anger and disbelief. 

“I will not have you cutting me off as I speak or talking back at me, young lady.” She could feel the heat in her father’s voice. She didn’t care. She wasn’t going to mate with someone she was not pleased with. 

“My pack is filled with great citizens, and I assure you—”

“Do I have to repeat myself? I said no! And you or my father or anyone are not in the place to decide for me. I have decided, and that’s final.”

“Then you will never become a Luna as long as I live!” Her father yelled as he drove his fist on the table, causing her to jolt in terror. She stared at him for a moment before getting to her feet and storming out of the place. 

“Alice,” her mother called out, but she had already stormed into her room and locked the door.

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