Book cover of “The Noble Son-in-Law“ by Yay Yay

The Noble Son-in-Law

  • Genre: Romance
  • Status: Completed
  • Language: English
  • Author: Yay Yay
Theophilus Jake, a simple man of modest means, finds himself thrust into the spotlight after rescuing Dulcie Miller's grandfather. Grateful for his bravery, the grandfather makes Dulcie get married to Theophilus despite her being the belle of the city and having numerous suitors. Their marriage isn't the stuff of fairy tales, though. Dulcie doesn'... 

Chapter 1

"Young Master Alexander, do you really intend to reject the invitation of the patriarch?"

"I'm not Alexander, my last name is Jake."

"But you still carry the bloodline of the Alexander family."

"The moment they cast my mother out of the Alexander house, I ceased to have any connection with that family."

Late afternoon in Elysian Echo City, on X-A13 Street, a luxurious black Bentley stood out amidst the bustling cityscape like a swan among ducks, drawing the eyes of passersby.

At a street food stand, a handsome young man was cleaning up his barbecue tools and cart.

An elderly man in black stepped out of the Bentley and bent over the food stand, seemingly pleading with the young man.

"Young Master, you know, what happened that year was out of necessity. Although it caused distress to the lady, you were never cast out... Over a year ago, when the old master was gravely ill, we spent a year searching for you, spending vast sums and utilizing numerous contacts. It was a tremendous effort to find you. Would you rather endure oppression in a minor family like the Millers, rather than returning to the Alexander house? You are now the sole heir of this generation's Alexander family..."

Theophilus replied indifferently: "The affairs of the Alexander family are none of my concern, and I wish not to hear of them. I hope you won't disturb my life in the future."

After cleaning up, he turned and walked away from X-A13 Street.

The old man in the suit watched Theophilus's departing figure but did not follow, only sighing deeply.

"The Alexander family, oh..."

As Theophilus left X-A13 Street, a cold smile crossed his face, and a sudden spark of realization appeared, as if recalling a long-forgotten memory.

The Alexander family was a renowned and powerful clan in Empyria, currently based in Radiant Harbor City. Many sought even the slightest connection with them, hoping to bask in their reflected glory.

But for Theophilus, the Alexander family was a thorn in his heart that he couldn't remove.

Theophilus was born into the Alexander family, the direct grandson of the old patriarch, a noble birthright. However, at the age of eight, his father Gideon Alexander, infatuated with another woman and embroiled in a battle for inheritance, divorced his mother Violet Jake to marry a lady from another prestigious family.

Although Violet Jake came from an ordinary family, she was a proud woman who refused any compensation from the Alexanders, leaving with nothing. Theophilus, unwilling to leave his mother and indifferent to the Alexanders' objections, left Radiant Harbor with her, disappearing from the Alexanders' sight. Since then, he and his mother had relied on each other for years.

Thus, he changed his last name to Jake after his mother.

A decade passed, and his mother died three years ago due to illness. He thought he would never have to recall these painful memories, but unexpectedly, the Alexanders had found him again?

Standing at the street corner and finishing his cigarette, Theophilus stopped pondering and hailed a taxi, heading towards the Miller family mansion.

Today was Jena Miller's wedding day. She was the daughter of the Miller family's patriarch, Victor Miller. Jena was marrying Dante Charlie, the prominent Young Master from the leading family in Elysian Echo City. The ceremony was grand, with all the business elites of Elysian Echo City invited, along with everyone from the Miller family.

Without his status as the Miller family's son-in-law, Theophilus would never have been able to set foot in the Miller family mansion.

Thirty minutes later, the taxi stopped outside the Miller family mansion.

In front of the mansion's opulent main gate, a girl in a light blue long dress, petite yet elegant and beautiful, blinked her eyes, looking at Theophilus indifferently.

This beauty was Theophilus's wife, Dulcie Miller.

Two years earlier, at the request of Mervyn Miller, the founder of the Miller Jewelry Corporation, Theophilus had married into the Miller family.

At that time, the event caused a stir in Elysian Echo City, with many mocking the senior Mr. Miller for his folly in marrying his daughter to a penniless orphan.

Dulcie was known throughout Elysian Echo City for her beauty, and many from prestigious families sought her hand.

Yet, she was married off to an ordinary man, a match deemed unworthy by many.

Only Theophilus and Mervyn knew the true reasons behind it…

A year after Mervyn's death, the secret remained with Theophilus alone.

Even his wife Dulcie had initially disagreed with the marriage and, though they eventually wed, they remained strangers to this day.

With Mervyn's passing, significant shifts occurred in the power dynamics of the Miller Jewelry Corporation. Theophilus's father-in-law was ousted from the company's center of influence, left without a share of the estate, his family's fortunes plummeting, forced to live under others' scrutiny within the Miller household.

Theophilus was seen as the cause of their downfall, lacking in wealth, status, and capability, an unworthy son-in-law for the Miller family.

Treated coldly in the Miller household, Theophilus became an object of disdain.

"Theophilus, lease speak less during the party." Dulcie said earnestly: "Today is crucial, I've brought a significant gift to ask for Jena's favor. Whether the factory managed by my father can survive this crisis depends on whether the Oldest Uncle agrees to help or not."

"I understand." Theophilus nodded.

Entering the Miller family mansion, they saw lavishly decorated villas, exquisite gardens, and water features, all part of the elder Miller's estate.

Rows of luxury cars were parked outside the grand hall, including Maseratis, Porsche 911s, Cayennes, and at the very least, Audis.

"Oh, Dulcie, did you drive here yourself? Why didn't you call me? I would have sent someone to pick you up. Today is such an important day, how can you show up like this? You can't afford to embarrass the Miller family."

A young man wearing sunglasses stepped out of a Porsche 91, removed his glasses, and looked at Dulcie and Theophilus thoughtfully.

Dulcie gently bit her lip, saying nothing.

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