Book cover of “The Sexy Multimillionaire“ by Anizz Suranizz

The Sexy Multimillionaire

  • Genre: Romance
  • Age: 18+
  • Status: Completed
  • Language: English
  • Author: Anizz Suranizz
Blanca Rivera has no desire to accept Lorenzo’s passionate advances. Especially considering that she’s already dating Lorenzo’s brother, Trevor. But Lorenzo doesn’t want to give up. Being jealous of his brother and totally obsessed with Blanca, he disguises himself as Trevor and attempts to seduce her when she is not quite sober. He reveals his... 

Chapter 1. Asking Blanca to Have Sex

The bell has rung indicating that class is over. As usual, the students goes straight out of their classrooms excitedly. Likewise with Blanca Rivera who is usually called Blanca. She is a beautiful at Universidad De La Hoja, because she has slanted eyes with both black irises, sexy body, sharp nose, thin lips, and long brown hair.

At that time, Blanca really couldn’t wait to meet her boyfriend who studied the same university with her. He is Trevor Yero, who is usually called Trevor. After the class was over, Blanca tried to slip through the crowd of students who wanted to get out of the classroom. Fortunately, her body was not too fat so that she could slip through the crowd.

After leaving her classroom, Blanca immediately stepped out of the classroom as she looked at Trevor’s class beside her class with her beautiful eyes. Her hair was blowing because the strong wind.

“Ah! There’s still a lecturer who teaches on Trevor’s class.” Blanca complained, because she saw a lecturer still teaching Trevor’s class. Reluctantly, she had to sit on a long bench in front of her class.

After that, she took her assignment book and pen. Then, she did her task. Sometimes, her eyes stared at Trevor’s class. She hoped that Trevor’s class will end soon. While she was waiting, she suddenly saw a man wore a neat and luxurious dress walking towards her. The man is stout.

He has slanted eyes with two brown irises, thick eyebrows, black hair, and a sharp nose. The man is Sans Lorenzo who is usually called Lorenzo. He is Trevor’s older brother and CEO of the Sans Group, a food company that produces many of the world’s top quality restaurants. From a distance, the he looked very tense and very serious.

There was no smile on his face at all. He walked quickly and in a hurry while his eyes searched for Blanca, because he wanted to meet Blanca that day and ask her to have sex. He was afraid that Blanca had gone home. If Blanca had gone home, then her plan to ask Blanca to have sex that day automatically failed.

He really wants to have sex with Blanca, because Blanca is a beautiful girl who is charming and mysterious for him. While everyone wants to be his girlfriend or at least be able to have a sex with him, Blanca always refuses Lorenzo’s invitation. That thing makes Blanca seem mysterious and interesting for Lorenzo. Therefore, when he saw Blanca sitting alone, Lorenzo’s smile reappeared.

Not long after, he had arrived near Blanca. He immediately sat near Blanca while greeting Blanca in a friendly manner. “Hi, Blanca!”

“Hi!” Blanca greeted firmly, but still polite. Her eyes immediately glanced left and right, because she hoped someone will take her away from Lorenzo or someone will take Lorenzo away from her. It’s because she felt very lazy to meet with Lorenzo who always asked Blanca to have sex from two years ago. For Blanca, Lorenzo should have realized that, she will never have an affair with him behind Trevor or have a sex with him, but Lorenzo still behaves and persuades her like that.

“Are you alone here?”

“To the point, please!” Blanca said sternly as she looked at the book, because she was lazy with Lorenzo’s attitude which instead started the conversation with small talks.

“How much should I pay if I want to have a night with you?” Lorenzo immediately asked to the point firmly.

“What do you mean?” Blanca frowned, because she was confused and didn’t understand what Lorenzo meant. Getting a question from Blanca, Lorenzo immediately exhaled heavily and after that she rolled his eyes because he was so lazy to explain what he meant to Blanca.

“Ah! Don’t pretend that you don’t understand! I’m sure you understand what I mean.” Lorenzo felt very sure, if Blanca really understood and just pretended not to understand.

After that, he smirked as he said to himself, “I don’t know what her purpose to pretend that she doesn’t understand. Maybe she pretended to be not understand because she wants me to pay her more. In fact, if she mentions how much money should I pay, I will definitely pay it as long as I can have sex with her.”

“Yes. How much I should pay if I want to have a sex with you in a night? Just mention it! I’ll pay for it as long as I can have sex with you.” Lorenzo repeated the sentence again and asked Blanca to mention the price.

Blanca’s eyes immediately bulged and her heart skipped a beat when she got an offer from Lorenzo, because she was very surprised and really didn’t expect that Lorenzo will do something that so crazy like that. Blanca was very upset, because she felt like she was being harassed by Lorenzo. Her face immediately turned red. Blanca also immediately raised her hand. She was ready to give Lorenzo a strong slap on Lorenzo’s cheek, but Lorenzo’s right hand caught Blanca’s hand and grabbed Blanca’s hand instead. After that, Lorenzo directed Blanca’s hand to his penis. “So big, right? It’s healthy!”

“Come on, just agree to have sex with me! Just say how much must I pay, I will definitely pay! Or call it what you want, I’ll give it to you. Don’t feel worry! I will not run from you because my love is only for you.” Lorenzo seduced Blanca as his left hand unbuttoned his black shirt one by one.

He did intend to be naked in front of Blanca at that time. He felt that he will not ashamed if he was naked at that time because it was really quiet and many students had gone home.

“Too hot for seeing you! I can’t stand having sex with you, Blanca. Indeed, I have stood this desire and lust for a very long time. So please, grant my request!” He whined.

Indeed, it has been two years that Lorenzo has suppressed his desire and his lust to have a sex with Blanca. Two years is a very long time for Lorenzo. Usually, whenever he wants to have sex with any woman, he can immediately pay the woman and soon they will have sex. Not like with Blanca who always refuses to have sex with Lorenzo.

Lorenzo knew that, Blanca is a very loyal person, she loves Trevor so much, and she did not want to disappoint Trevor by having an affair with him. Likewise with Trevor who is loyal and does not want to have an affair with a woman other than Blanca, even though Lorenzo has offered Trevor other women who are sexier and prettier.

“Are you crazy? I’m Trevor’s girlfriend (your little brother). You still want to have sex with me!” angried Blanca.

“Yes, to be exact I’m crazy about you. So, come on have sex with me! You want it, right?”

“No, I don’t want to have sex with you!” Blanca almost screamed, because she felt so scared by Lorenzo’s wild gaze that seemed to want to devour her at that moment.

“Are you sure you want to reject me?” Lorenzo asked Blanca’s belief at that time. Quickly, Blanca immediately said “Yes” while nodding her head.

“Hey! You need to remember! I’m a handsome multimillionaire. I can buy anything with my money. Many girls want to have a sex with me and be my girlfriend, but why don’t you want?”

“Then, just have sex with them. Don’t persuade me! I never love you. Besides, I’m Trevor’s girlfriend.”

“Then, what’s the problem? Trevor will not know. Besides, he will never mind if we have sex.” Lorenzo felt that there was no problem if Blanca had sex with him.

“I am a loyal person. It’s not that easy for having sex with other people. So, forget your crazy fantasy for us to have sex! Don’t ever dream that we are going to have sex!”

“No. I won’t, because your pretty face and sexy body have made me crazy to have sex with me and you have to take responsibility for that.”

“Well, it’s up to you! You are indeed a difficult person to tell, but be prepared to be disappointed, because I will never have sex with you.”

“Are you sure of what you said?” Lorenzo asked Blanca’s conviction once more.


“Okay. We will see later!” Lorenzo immediately determined in his heart that he would prove to Blanca that he would be able to have sex with Blanca. He is also determined to make Blanca crazy about him.

“Okay.” Blanca accepted Lorenzo’s words.

“Blanca!” Someone called out in a voice as deep voice as Trevor’s voice which made Blanca turn to look at him. After that, she found a man with a stout body, a sharp nose, a thin mustache, blue eyes with brown irises, long brown hair. That man is Trevor.

“Yes.” Blanca immediately stood up and after that she walked towards Trevor.

“What did Lorenzo do to you?” Trevor was curious about what his older brother had done to Blanca so that Blanca’s face looked very tense.

“I was just talking to him, Trevor.” Lorenzo deliberately answered quickly, because he was afraid that Blanca would tell Trevor the truth and would make Trevor furious with him.

“Then why do you look so tense, Honey, Blanca? Are you all right, Blanca? Are you okay with Lorenzo?” He stroked Blanca’s long hair as he hugged her tightly. He felt her heart beating very fast. Trevor was very afraid of bad things that happened to Blanca which caused Blanca to feel very afraid.

“No, Trevor.” Blanca lied that, there is nothing that made her tense because she felt uncomfortable saying it in front of Lorenzo. She was afraid that there will be new problems if she told the truth. Meanwhile, Lorenzo felt the atmosphere became awkward. Because of that, he immediately asked the permission to leave them.

“Blanca, Trevor, I’m sorry! I must go home. I have another thing that I must do.”

“Okay.” After that, Lorenzo left the place to his car. Just one step Lorenzo walked away from the place, Trevor immediately apologized to Blanca. “Honey, I’m sorry that I came to you late! I went to the toilet first and the class ended later than usual.”

“It is okay, Honey. I understand.”

“How about you with Lorenzo? Are you sure is there really no problem?” Trevor confirmed, because he doubted if there was anything problem. Blanca immediately told about the scary moment she had with Lorenzo.

“He always invites me to have sex with him. Does he think that I will have sex with him? Of course, not! I love you so much, Honey. How can I have an affair behind you with another man?”

“I’ll reprimand him so he won’t do that to you again!”

“Why was he like that with me? I felt really harassed.”

“Because you are so beautiful, Honey. So he wants to have sex with you.”

At that time, Lorenzo just acted that he didn’t Bianca’s conversation with Trevor. Meanwhile, in his heart, he lamented. “Unlucky! Again he didn’t want to have sex with me and instead said that to Trevor.”

“What do I have to do to have sex with her? I think, I have tried everything but I always fail.” He complained again in his heart. After that, his brain remembered the ways he had tried.

“I have treated her with chocolate and expensive food, bought her flowers, give her expensive clothes. But, why she still doesn’t want to have sex with me? What should I do to make her want to have sex with me?” He asked again in his heart as if he knew the answer.

Lorenzo was stunned for a moment and thought for a moment about how he could get Blanca to have sex with him. What must Lorenzo do to make Blanca want to have sex with Lorenzo? Should Lorenzo force Blanca or pretend to be Trevor? That’s what Lorenzo thought.

He felt that he needed to deceive or force Blanca. Usually, if a woman has been forced, then she will want to have sex with the man voluntarily. However, he is afraid that Blanca will report the matter to Trevor and Trevor will make the problem bigger.

“Perhaps! She will definitely report to Trevor and Trevor will definitely take that problem.” That’s what Lorenzo said in his heart. The only way he can go is to pretend to be Trevor so that Blanca wants to have sex with him.

But, will Blanca believe? Lorenzo doesn’t know. The clear thing is he can only do his best to imitate being Trevor and convince Blanca that he is Trevor. Just those two things that seem easy, but feel difficult to do.

What if Blanca finds out? The question that appeared in Lorenzo’s mind immediately made Lorenzo bite his lip, because he felt very anxious and afraid. If the plan fails and Blanca finds out the truth, of course Blanca will be furious with Lorenzo and of course Blanca will tell Trevor which will eventually create a new problem.

After that, he was indecisive about whether he should try the idea or not. On the one side, he was afraid if his behavior would be known by Blanca. But, on the other side, he really wants to have sex with Blanca.

“Do I need to do this?” He asked himself. After a while, he felt sure that, he should give it a try. For Lorenzo, if he fails later, at least he has tried the tactic and he will not regret because he has tried it. The most important thing for him was to do his best to imitate his little brother and convince Blanca that he is Trevor.

Not long after, Lorenzo had arrived at his expensive black sedan. He got into his car and sat in the driver’s seat. After that, he closed the car door and he put on his seatbelt. Then, he drove his car out of the campus.

As his car just crossed the highway, he saw Blanca and Trevor was walking to Trevor’s motorbike. Not long after, Trevor and Blanca looked at Lorenzo. He immediately opened his car window and waved his hand at Trevor. Trevor and Blanca waved at Lorenzo. “Careful! See you later!”

“See you later!”

Then, Lorenzo closed the windshield and drove. At that moment, he saw Blanca’s eyes gleaming on her car. Seeing this, he felt that he found a new idea. He will be able to take Blanca to hotel a day after that day if he used his car to persuade Blanca.

“She will definitely want to come to hotel with me tomorrow with me in this car, because from Blanca’s eyes, she really hopes to be able to ride this car. I’ll pick her up tomorrow in this car, but of course, I will act as Trevor to ensure her.” He muttered.

After that, he immediately took the phone. Then, he looked for Roberto’s contact (Lorenzo’s assistant) and called Roberto.

“Hello, Roberto!” greeted Lorenzo in a friendly manner.

“Hello, Sr. Lorenzo! What’s wrong?”

“Please find out what time Blanca Rivera’s class will end tomorrow!” Lorenzo’s orders.


Not long after, Roberto sent data that, Blanca’s class will end tomorrow at four o’clock in the afternoon. Lorenzo immediately praised Roberto. “Great, Roberto! Good job!”

“Is there anything else I can help you?”

“Oh. By the way, Roberto, I almost forgot! Tomorrow please clear the schedule from three o’clock in the afternoon!” He ordered.

“I’m sorry, Mr. Lorenzo! I can’t. Tomorrow at three o’clock in the afternoon there will be a meeting with the commissioner. At eight o’clock at night you will have dinner with your parents on Siguiente Restaurant.” Roberto immediately apologized and informed Lorenzo about the schedule of a day after that day.

Lorenzo immediately exhaled heavily, because his intention to have sex with Blanca a night failed. He can only have sex up to seven nights at most, because he has to attend his dinner with his parents. “Ah! At eight o’clock in the evening there is dinner. Okay.”

“What time the meeting will finish?” Lorenzo was worried. If the meeting with the commissioner would end until four in the afternoon, he won’t be able to invite Blanca to have sex with her a day after that day.

“Half past four in the afternoon.”

“Okay. Make sure the meeting doesn’t end too late! I’ll pick up Blanca tomorrow.”


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