Book cover of “Unexpected Deceit“ by Lustre Okengwu

Unexpected Deceit

  • Genre: Romance
  • Age: 18+
  • Status: Completed
  • Language: English
  • Author: Lustre Okengwu
Two sisters, one life... Long ago, Dermot Quinn made the mistake of seeing her twin sister's modeling picture in her husband's safe. She wanted answers. Devin already has everything Dermot has always wanted—fame, money, and a rich CEO husband that cares for her. In contrast, she was stuck with her useless husband. When she confronts her twin, sim... 

Chapter 1

I have no memory of me taking this photo, it was a better looking me staring directly into the camera, a private smile on my face, I don’t own this kind of underwear, I can’t even afford one.

If I wasn’t the one in this picture, then who is?

I will give you a hint, Devlin Quinn, who now goes by the name Devlin Grandstein.

My name is Dermot Quinn, I haven’t seen or spoken to my sister since she ran away from home four years ago, she has made a life for herself. A life that was supposed to be mine and mine alone.

I stayed back in my house so she could escape, I hoped she would remember my sacrifice, but all she did was ignore my letters. I was pissed off.

When I saw her on the front page of the magazine cover, married to playboy billionaire, carter Grandstein. Ceo to grandstein dynasty. They own practically all of New York. His family was a little mysterious but they were super rich, and that was all that mattered to Dermot.

When I moved with my boyfriend to New York City, I had hoped to connect with my sister, but she couldn’t, devlin had no time for me.

Now, staring at this picture of my sister, half naked in my boyfriend’s phone, I was royally pissed off at my twin sister. She had everything, and now she wanted to take my husband too.

Henry was still in the shower, he is humming to whatever song he has drafted in his head, I dug through the top drawer of my dresser, searching for the one lingerie he has ever gotten me, and it was the one time he wanted to fuck me, when we were dating. He hasn’t gotten me any again. He knew how good it looked because he was busy staring at my sister. How disgusting!

I felt someone behind me and turn to come face to face with henry, he was still wet from the shower, hair plastered to his face.

“Looking for something?” he smiles lazily at me, holding his towel around his waist like he could drop it to the floor at any time. He wiggled his hips at me, raising is eyebrows like he was telling me a joke.

I knew what he wanted but not this time, I couldn’t bring it in me to sleep with you, I will always wonder if you are thinking about me or my sister.

“Nothing important” I shake my head at his antics.

“It never is”, he says with a sigh and a slight shake of his head, scooping his phone from the bed and moving to the closet.

There was a time in our relationship when I would have ripped the towel off him, but not today, especially when I just caught him eye raping my sister.

I picked up my phone, scrolling through my pictures, I always take pictures of every lingerie I wear for him, and maybe I forgot I ever had a blue lace. I searched through all my pictures and found nothing with a blue color. I thought there was a slight chance that he bought it and I forgot it, but I know blue isn’t my go to color, I was in love with red as a color.

Why did he leave his phone?

Did he want me to find out about his obsession with my twin sister?

It was very suspicious for him to leave his phone on the pillow while he took a shower, he knew I would be tempted to take a peek at it. I couldn’t tell him I looked at his phone after I made a big deal about privacy last week. Fuck!

My friends warned me that henry was just using me to get to devlin, but I was too in love to listen, if this was his way of getting to devlin, then he was doing a poor job.

I couldn’t confront him about this, he would just accuse me of having one of my episodes. He was too clever, I would give him that, but I was smarter.

I listened to him as he made his morning coffee, he always made coffee the same way, the same cup measurement and water every day, and it was irritating.

I used the opportunity to search through his drawers, looking for something that might help me in this case. I had to be careful to put everything back in place, he was very precise about the placement of his things, I took a picture, so I could remember to put it back after I am done.

I didn’t find anything, but I wasn’t discouraged. Henry was hiding something, and I am going to find out what it is.

I padded downstairs to check what he was up to, he could be doing something and I wouldn’t know, he was making breakfast, my favorite actually. Now, I am convinced that he did something, he never makes me breakfast unless he is feeling guilty about something.

As I pour my coffee, I watched drizzle syrup on stacks of pancakes, he has on the smile he reserves for special occasions, he puts the pancakes down in front of me.

“Delicious pancakes for my delicious wife!” he kisses me on the lips. I stare at him as I take a forkful of pancake in my mouth, it was indeed delicious. His grin widen as I smile at him. He knows I wasn’t one to resist delicious food, especially not pancakes.

“You like it?” his voice drips with seduction.

“Yeah, they are delicious, could you please pass me a cup of water” I asked him, desperate to get rid of him. He as trying to goad me into having sex with him, but I can’t, not till I figure out what he was doing ogling my sister.

He would get turned on by my sister’s pictures, then come to me to relive himself?

Did he see me or was he seeing my sister?

This was messed up in all ways, I can’t stop thinking about it. If he wanted my sister, he could have said so.

I was born before her, but devlin always maintained her image. We were so identical that it was hard to tell us apart, my mom was hysterical one day because she couldn’t tell us apart, it didn’t help that devlin and I, always swapped when we got into trouble. We had our hair cut in different styles to tell us apart, I had bangs, while devlin had her hair in curls. We still maintained the same hairstyle after we grew up. It was the best way my mother could tell us apart, although I spent the majority of my life being called devlin.

It didn’t matter to me, not at that time. When we were eighteen, we got the same tattoo on our backs, it was a symbol that we would always be sisters forever, we would stick together no matter what, that was enough for me.

Devlin running away from home was not the definition of sticking together forever, I was heartbroken, but I got over it when she wrote to me, telling me she was okay, I believed her.

What I didn’t count on was her abandoning me when our mother died, she stopped picking my calls, I was worried, and I thought something terrible had happened to her. I was ready to go to New York to look for her. It wasn’t until I saw her face in the cover of magazines posing as a model that I discovered that my twin sister had moved on, she didn’t care about her old life and the people she left behind. I swallowed the hurt, tossing the magazine on the floor, I made a vow not to call her anymore. She wouldn’t pick my calls anyway.

I made the decision to move on, knowing I had no sister, not one that cared anyway. It was weeks later, when I received her call, I was surprised to see her calling my cell. She fed me a story about her being in a disclosed location for a shoot, she cried about the death of our mother, but I was nothing if not pissed off at her.

I consoled her, she invited me to New York, but I wasn’t in the mood to accept her gracious offer, not at the time. I declined her offer, telling her I was okay with staying here.

I thought I was okay, that I was content staying here and looking after things my mother left behind, it wasn’t until I saw her engagement plastered all over to the richest billionaire in New York.

Carter Grandstein, ceo to Grandstein dynasty.

He was every girl’s dream, including mine. I haven’t seen him before, he was a private person, he had no picture on the internet, but his name was big enough to cover up for his lack of social media presence.

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