Book cover of “I Don't Want to Be a God Anymore“ by yy_y

I Don't Want to Be a God Anymore

  • Genre: Fantasy
  • Status: Completed
  • Language: English
  • Author: yy_y
  • Uploaded by user601319
The sky and earth seem insignificant, and the vast sea lies at one's feet. Lu Heng, thrust into a strange new world, finds himself transformed into a majestic white wolf, worshipped as the mountain god by a remote village. In this bewildering land where demons run rampant, colossal beasts wreak havoc, and the vestiges of human order are all but los... 

Mountain God

On the fifth day of the third month, the stirring of the dawn, the sky fell with heavy rain.

Lu Heng was lying on the eaves of the Mountain God Temple, looking out over the mountains and forests in the rain, when he took a deep breath and tilted his head to let out a long whistling sound.


The long wolf's howl carried far in the mountains and forests, echoing continuously.

Lu Heng, on the other hand, sat in the middle of the rainstorm, letting the rain wet his fur, closed his eyes and began to draw in the living energy of the early spring when everything is reviving.

It might have been a peaceful and calm scene, but if someone had bumped into it, that person would have been so scared that they would have run away screaming on the spot.

For it was not a human being who sat knee-deep on the roof of the mountain temple in the rainstorm, but a silvery white wolf.

Although the wolf looked powerful and extraordinary, it was still a ferocious beast, enough to make any mortal who saw it turn and flee in fear, thinking they had seen a demon.

This is what Lu Heng looks like today - a huge white wolf.

It had been three days since he crossed over to this strange world, and Lu Heng was gradually receiving the memories belonging to the white wolf.

In the vague and fragmented memory of the wolf demon, it was originally a spirit monster cultivating in this Cold Feather Mountain, and after inadvertently saving the life of a mortal decades ago, that mortal built a temple and worshipped a god statue for it.

With the incense and worship, the white wolf became the mountain god of this Cold Feather Mountain, lying under the altar of the god and practising.

However, the cultivation of elves and mountain demons is already difficult, and this Cold Feather Mountain is not a famous mountain, and the town at the foot of the mountain is even more remote and barren, so the incense in the mountain god's temple is not flourishing.

Even though the white wolf had shown its fierce face several times and forced the mortals in the village to offer incense to it, the incense wishing power was still scarce and the cultivation process was always slow.

In the midst of this slow cultivation, the increasingly restless white wolf eventually went astray, attracting heavenly lightning and was killed alive.

However, after the white wolf was killed, Lu Heng came back to life through the corpse of this white wolf.

However, during these three days, Lu Heng did not leave the vicinity of the Mountain God Temple.

It was because after the White Wolf's soul was split by the heavenly thunder, its body had also suffered heavy damage.

During these three days, Lu Heng had been lying on his back inside the Mountain God Temple, using the few incense wishes within the temple to repair his body, and only today did he barely regain the ability to move.

It coincided with the stirring of the hibernation, when everything comes to life, and in the memory of the White Wolf, this day was a great time for cultivation.

Lu Heng then sat cross-legged on the roof of the Mountain God Temple to absorb the vital energy that drifted during the sky, according to the memory of the White Wolf.

Although he was a little depressed about the fact that he had crossed over to a different world and had crossed over to a demon. But this kind of thing was not something he could resist.

As the saying goes, if you can't resist, then enjoy it.

At least this demon's body, despite all the inconveniences, had the advantage of living long enough.

For Lu Heng, who had died of cancer in his early twenties, such a long life span was a good thing that could not be attained in the past.

If he cultivated well, one day he would be able to transform into a human form and perhaps even ascend by daylight ...

With thoughts of a better future in his heart, Lu Heng sat on the roof of the Mountain God Temple and cultivated, ignoring the fact that such a high-profile act would attract attention.

In any case, this mountain god temple is remote and the white wolves are notoriously fierce, so no one would dare to approach it in the past.

Gradually, however, Lu Heng could hear noisy voices approaching from the rainstorm, and it seemed that many people were walking towards the Mountain God Temple.

He opened his eyes and looked in the direction where the sound was coming from.

Under the gloomy sky, the torrential rain washed away everything in the dense forest.

As Lu Heng broke away from his cultivation state, his keen sense of hearing allowed him to hear more clearly the voices of the mortals who were making their way here.

The number of people was huge.

Girls' cries, men's complaints, and old men's sighs ... Those noisy voices broke the calmness of the mountain forest and made Lu Heng a little curious.

Such a heavy rain, this group of villagers brave the rain into the mountains for what? They are also blowing gongs and drums, who's girl is getting married passing by here?

Thinking this, Lu Heng leapt off the roof of the temple and disappeared inside the mountain god temple, so as not to scare the group of mortals with his fierce appearance.

Shortly after Lu Heng disappeared, the group of mortals finally approached the range of the Mountain God Temple.

But once they got close to the Mountain God Temple, the sound of blowing gongs and drums stopped.

At the front of the procession was the elderly village headman, who was followed by a group of villagers draped in red, looking quite festive.

In the middle of the procession, four palanquin bearers, also dressed in red, were carrying a small rattan palanquin with a young girl on it. The girl, who is very small and in her early teens, is now dressed in an unconventional red wedding dress, huddled in the rattan palanquin with fear in her eyes.

The cloth tied around her mouth prevented her from even crying and she could only sob in a whisper.

The girl is surrounded by red-painted, nervous-looking young men and women, with no relatives in tow, except for an old woman who holds an umbrella for her to keep her from getting wet in the rain.

This unorthodox procession came to a halt in front of the Temple of the Mountain God.

What appeared before the villagers was a temple of the mountain gods surrounded by trees. The temple was not high and had no outer walls, but it was not dilapidated because the villagers repaired it every year, but even so, it could not dispel the ghastly aura inside the temple.

And when you think about the ferocious and bloodthirsty nature of the demon inside ... the few youths who were a little less brave were already starting to panic.

The only person in the group who could remain calm was probably the elderly old village head.

"Move quickly! Don't annoy Lord Mountain God!"

After the old village headman's solemn whispered command, the four bearers hurriedly carried the vine palanquin with its big red cloth into the open door of the Mountain God's temple.

Inside the slightly darkly lit mountain temple, the clay statue of the deity on the altar facing the door is not a human deity, but a wolf, a slightly grisly wolf.

Outside, the rain is torrential, and the thunder rumbles across the sky, occasionally shining a ghastly white light on the altar, making the clay figure of the wolf even more fierce and hideous.

The palanquin bearers did not dare to stay any longer, they put the palanquin down and ran outside, leaving the palanquin and the girl together in the mountain temple.

Outside the temple gate, the villagers had already finished the process of killing the chicken and the goat.

Fishy red blood gushed out in the mud in front of the temple, staining the muddy water red.

After the old village headman and his party finished reciting the mourning in the direction of the mountain god temple, they saw the palanquin bearers lowering their vine palanquin and coming out, so they did not dare to stay here any longer.

The mountain god was unpredictable and no one knew what would happen if they stayed.

Anyway, the virgins had been sacrificed and the chickens and goats had been slaughtered, so the villagers dared not and did not want to stay any longer. They dragged the body of the goat with its throat pierced and the body of the rooster, still twitching, away from the mountain temple and soon disappeared into the forest.

With the villagers gone, the small temple in the mountains once again fell into an eerie dead silence, with only the torrential rain still drizzling outside the house.

Inside the temple, the girl on the rattan chair looked at the gloomy mountain temple in horror, her body shivering.

She wanted to escape, but her hands and feet were tied to the wicker chair, so she could not break free.

A cold wind blew and the girl shivered violently, feeling as if something was watching her in the darkness.

That eerie sight made her scalp tingle and her body chill, her limbs stiffening with fear.

"Oooh ..."

A desperate whimper escaped the girl's throat.

She shook her head desperately and struggled desperately to escape, but all she could do was shake the rattan palanquin to creak.

Instead, the creaking sound seemed to have alerted something in the temple, and even as the rain poured down and thunder roared outside, the girl in the rattan chair clearly heard the low breathing coming from behind the idol.

The low breathing seemed so heavy that it was not even humanly possible to produce.

The girl's face turned completely white as she looked desperately at the clay image of the white wolf on the altar, unable to stop her tears from flowing out.


The girl's heart kept crying out, yet her mouth, which was strangled with cloth, could not even make a cry. That frightened and desperate whimpering sounded so pitifully helpless in this deserted mountain temple with no one around, but it was impossible for anyone to come to her rescue.

And the low breathing behind the altar of the god began to move.

A terrifying black shadow slowly poked its head out behind the idol.

Inside the shadowy mountain temple, the girl could vaguely see the black figure's sharp wolf's muzzle and its huge, fierce fangs ...


The girl struggled harder, desperate tears already wetting her bosom's wedding dress.

What kind of monster was that thing lying behind the altar!

It was clearly just a wolf, but that head was bigger than the biggest old bull in the village.

The eyes that emitted an eerie, ghostly light in the darkness were like ghostly fires floating in the dead of night, staring straight at her.

The girl's body jerked in terror, and fishy-smelling urine spilled out from under the skirt of her big red wedding dress.

Yet the giant wolf behind the idol seemed to show no mercy as it stepped out from behind the altar, clearly in its normal standing position on all fours, its head more than two metres above the ground.

Such a huge beast is probably only big enough for itself to swallow in one bite ...

The moment she saw the monster's entire body, what came to the girl's mind was surprisingly such a bizarre thought.


Outside the house there was another booming thunder in the sky.

The giant wolf, who was standing inside the temple and was white from the lightning, lowered his head just at that moment and gazed at the girl on the vine palanquin, at the big red wedding dress on her body, and at the frightened and desperate eyes of the other party. Then he cocked his head again and looked in the direction where the villagers had left.

There was some confusion.

What was ... going on here?

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