Book cover of “Blood Ties: A Werewolf Mate in the Vampire's Den“ by mysteryinthemist

Blood Ties: A Werewolf Mate in the Vampire's Den

  • Genre: Werewolf
  • Age: 18+
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Language: English
  • Author: mysteryinthemist
Luciana's life took a sharp turn when she was exiled from her pack and forced to live a life of solitude. However, her peace was short-lived when she found herself being kidnapped by a vampire. The vampires' sinister plan was to extract virgin blood from the innocent girls and use their sacrifice to awaken the immortal vampire, Sebastian. As a ... 

Chapter 1

"Wait for me at the Front Gate, Lucian."


It's been 15 minutes since I waited for Stella. But this damn girl is late as always.

Now it seems like she will appear in my incarnated self. It's not like I am an impatient girl, it's a fact that if you are bored, 1 second seemed like 1 hour and this freaking girl made me wait for 15 minutes, which seems like 15 years.

I know, I am exaggerating, but I can't help it.

As I wait for her, let me introduce myself.

I am Luciana Boris, daughter of Lucian Boris and Ana Boris, who is the leader of Bluemoon Pack. After being kicked out of my pack, for god knows what reason, I am living a peaceful life in the busy and cheerful city called Vasto, far away from my hometown.

I was the next in line, Luna of my Pack, but was kicked out beforehand. For 90% of my sense, I am sure someone might have pulled a trick into my banishment as I was a girl, and a girl is not a favourable leader. But my father was a rebel, so he declared me to be the next heir, but destiny had a different path for me. Instead of letting me ascend the stairs, it bound me to the ground, from which I cannot seem to ascend or descend.

At that moment of time, I was in full rage but 10% of the remaining common sense inside me told me that they had an accountable reason for my expulsion. I don't seem to care any less. But I let my curiosity dispense in the thin air and forgave them.

They were present on my 18th birthday and also on the first full moon night after my birthday to help me shift. Not exactly help, but I would call it help, as after the very next day, I was burning with fever and they were the ones to take care of me. If you want to know what it felt like, I would call it hell. It felt like a thousand kilos of tomatoes were tied to my backbone and my head felt like it had been caught up with the most dangerous virus in the world.

But I am happy, as I gave birth to my beautiful Luci, my werewolf.

'You didn't give birth to me! I was already born to you. I had just awakened. Stop blabbering as you please.', Luci scolded.

'The pain I felt was more than delivering a baby! So, I advise you to call me Mommy and respect me!.' I replied back.

'Were you ever pregnant?', asked my werewolf, knowing the obvious answer.

But was I going to lose? No way!

'Yes, with you.', I smiled inside, interiorly and exteriorly, the act would look lunatic.

Luciana: 2

Luci: 0

'Zero!? No way... Wait!', Luci halted herself from speaking further and concluded with a serious expression.

'I sense danger.', she spoke. 'It's better if we go away from here!'

'But, Stella is inside.', I spoke.

'Don't you dare to step inside, the danger is lurking from the inside itself.'

'If I am in danger, that means the human inside is in more danger. Including Stella, I promise, I will save Stella and will go away as fast as possible.', I said with concern as I started pacing towards the building.

'You can't be a fool, even you can sense how dangerous the force is. Why in the hell are you risking your life!!'

'Because she is my best friend, and you know she means a lot to me. More than you.', I knew that was the wrong statement. Luci too knew the answer. She was more important than my kidney!

'Fool! Once you call me your child, another time you compare me with your kidney, do you even have some sense?'

'No, I don't!!'

I cut off Luci from further of her bullshit.

As I stepped inside the building, everything seemed normal but... the dread I was feeling was on another level. Goosebumps appeared on my arms and neck. I tell you, the atmosphere inside felt really cold, even I, the hot-blooded animal, was shivering.

I wasted no time and went to the Library. Stella was supposed to be submitting her book to the library and the plan afterwards was to meet me at the front gate before we went to the cafe.

I reached the library hoping she would be hooking up with a book (as there was no chance of her hooking up with a boy), but there was no sight of her. I went near the librarian and asked, "Excuse me, Mrs. Assmann, did Stella come by to return a book? I mean Stella Karl."

The librarian fixed her glasses and looked through the pages before replying.

"Yeah, she did.", replied the lady with kind manners but a funny surname.

"Can you please check out the time she submitted?"


5:12 pm."

Stella submitted the book at 5:12. As I checked the watch, I saw the time was nearing 6 p.m. Because of this, I was sure that the stupid girl had been in danger!



I was stupid enough to think that I would save her from danger.


This damn stupid girl.


After exiting the Library, you will not believe what the hell I did.

I am actually running towards danger. Into the way, where obvious dangerous power was emitting.

In one of my many powers, I was gifted to sense danger. When danger lurks within the area I am in, I can feel the air dropping to zero degrees. Every danger has a unique smell. This time, dangerous power smells bloody.

I slowly started walking towards the corridor as I couldn't run because this hella place would shake with my momentum.

The bloody pungent was too much for me to handle as I went further. Someone was stopping me from going further.


No, it was my own instinct.

Finally, I reached the core of the danger. It was the detention room. I lifted my left hand towards my nose to minimize the bloody pungent smell. And my right hand shook as I held the knob of the door.

Turn it, coward!

And I did. As the hallway was kind of dull due to being protected by sunlight, the light inside the room directly affected my vision. For a moment of time, I closed my eyes before my pupil adjusted itself.

I was shocked by the image in front of me. Nine girls were inside the room with their, with their hands tied behind and legs with a thick rope. They seemed to have fainted.

I saw Stella in the second corner.

How can it be possible?

How can someone abduct these girls inside the buildings?

Are they a fool to not care about CCTV?

They might not be a fool. They must be masterminds.

I didn't step inside the room. The beast inside must be waiting for me to get inside so that it can attack me.

But they don't do that, I am smart. I turned right towards the hallway. Not a single soul was lurking. Seriously?

Anyway, I got power in my voice.

1 2 3..

"HHHHHEEEEEELLLLPPPPHMMM.", Before I could shout my lungs out, someone grabbed my mouth and pushed me inside the room. The door closed behind me.

What does this fool take me for, human?

I am fucking werewolf bastard!!

I abruptly turned around to be greeted with nothing, just thin air.

My breathing fastened. It was easy to have combat with a physical structure rather than some invisible bullshit.

Luci was forcing to take over but I tamed her. It will be no good if I show my true self to the enemy I haven't seen.

I turned my head 90 degrees before I saw a man in a black T-shirt and pants. This man was not a human. But it is in humanoid form.

His red eyes reflected the danger lurking behind him. He smiled at me, which reached his eyes and shaped them in a crescent shape. His skin was paler than my teeth. (Ahem... excuse me). His fangs were showing off their bloody glory.

He is a Vampire. Shame on myself!! Did it take me goddamn time to identify him as a vampire? We werewolves can sense the presence of vampires from miles away. And vice-versa. They, too, can sense us.

Now it struck me that I fucked up!

Wolverines and vampires are mortal enemies. I don't have knowledge of the history of why a conflict occurred between these two species when both species are devotees to the Moon Goddess.

But it was not the time to regret not knowing any useless history but to fight.

I glared at him, but he just smiled.

"I wonder why this human creature is so idiot.", he mocked. "Look at you, beautifully serving yourself to the lion without giving him the opportunity to search for prey. How kind of you, darling."

Human Creature?

Is he a disabled vampire? Can't he identify that I am not a human?

'The bracelet.', I heard Luci's voice.

It took a great amount of resistance to not look to touch the bracelet that was tied around my wrist.

So the bracelet must protection for my werewolf self. We werewolves are proud creatures, known to have defeated the vampire, but I am sure that pride is going to drown in the ocean. Right now, I want to run away. It's not my fault, but he seems to be an ancient vampire with a great amount of power, which I, a newbie and untrained werewolf, cannot fight with.

"Who are you?", I asked, obviously knowing the answer.

"Darcian", he replied.

"I am not asking for your name, you know that.", I said, still glaring at him. My feet were taking very tiny steps towards Stella.

"You meant to ask what I am?", he questioned.


"Why ask, when you know the answer?"

"Human nature.", I answered, intentionally using the word 'human'.

"I am surprised that you are not afraid of me.", he said doubtfully.

"I am a fan of the Twilight series."

He was dumbfounded. But before he could say anything further, in a matter of seconds, I carried Stella in my arms and started running towards the window.

I ran as fast as possible, it was an incredible speed, I tell you. But this bastard didn't pay heed to my hard work and just teleported himself.

I stumbled over his hard chest and fell on the ground with Stella.

Before I could lift my head to see his face, a hand rested on my head.

"Sleep.", I heard him say before the black clouds covered my eyes and I fell asleep.

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