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“Please,” Cassie whispered, her back arching on their own accord. “Call me Cassie.” “Cassie,” Keith tested her name on his lips and decided he liked her full name better. “I prefer Cassandra.” “You can call me whatever you want,” she breathed. Keith Hypnos Andino is the CEO of Hypnos Pharmaceutical Company and the ex-god of sleep, cast out by Zeus. After developing a drug that promises to cure all forms of insomnia, he believes his mission is complete, and he may finally be re-accepted into Olympus—unless a spirited redhead gets in his way. Cassandra Wilson, an insomniac, is convinced that Hypnos Pharmaceuticals has deceived the entire nation. She invested in an expensive medicine touted to cure all insomnia types, only to find herself sorely disappointed when it failed to deliver results. Embittered, she spreads rumors about the company and insists on compensation until, one day, she crosses paths with the CEO: a tall, dark, and captivating man who stirs her senses more than Niagara Falls. Keith proposes a wager. He requests merely thirty days to devise a cure for her insomnia. If he fails within that time frame, he pledges to compensate her generously. However, should he succeed in finding a remedy, she will be beholden to him for the rest of her days. Cassandra accepts the challenge head-on, oblivious to the implications of becoming his “slave.” Yet, something about Keith Andino draws her in, casting a hypnotic spell that proves irresistible. As the clock ticks and their chemistry intensifies, what unfolds when the solution morphs into the problem, and the god of sleep encounters his match?
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