Book cover of “Rebirth: The Royal Household“ by Myako

Rebirth: The Royal Household

  • Genre: Fantasy
  • Status: Completed
  • Language: English
  • Author: Myako
  • Uploaded by user775544
Kaede Yaguchi, a celebrated novelist in Japan, had his life tragically cut short at the age of 28, right after receiving a prestigious award. Assassinated, his story seemed to end there. But fate had other plans. When Kaede opened his eyes again, he found himself reborn as a newborn prince in the magical kingdom of Nicholiasia. Named Yuan Von Nicho... 

Reborn as a Prince?!

Tokyo, Japan Awarding Ceremony

"Now we give this award to the famous novelist Kaede Yaguchi!"

The man stood up and walked to the stage and recived his award as the best novelist in Japan.


"congratulations mr. Yaguchi"

"your novels are very unique indeed"

"you really deserve that award mr. Yaguchi"

people greeted as the man named Kaede Yaguchi walk pass to them.

He was feeling uneasy throughout the whole award ceremony as if its like someone is following him.


"Mr. Yaguchi, we look forward on your new novel"

people waved and said goodbye to Yaguchi. He walked to his car, started the engine nd drove home.

As he arrived to his home he could feel the same uneasy feeling he felt back at the awarding ceremony. He did not dare to look behind because he was too afraid that he might get killed.

He slowly opened his door and went to his bedroom, he place his award trophy in his cabinet and sat in his bedside table.

Kaede was just continuing one of his novels. Until..


" as been assassinated completely"

A person wearing all black said as he finished his job, by assassinating the famous novelist.

"this job ia too easy.."


"dear look...his eyes are opening"

The queen said and looked at his new born baby, while the king sat beside the queen's bed.

"what would be his name dear?"

the queen asked his husband the king, the king just smiled at the queen.

"Yuan, Yuan Von Nicholias will be his name dear.."

The king said and kissed the forehead of the newborn baby prince.

"Yuan..i like the name..from now on..he will be called Yuan Von Nicholias..our first prince.."

the queen said and hugged the newborn prince and so asthe king.


The Prince's Pov (Kaede)

'What the heck is going on?! how am i a baby? and my names Kaede Yaguchi!'

i wanted to say that out loud but i know i cant becauseow im a newborn baby, and a prince.

i remembered, i was assassinated when i was continuing one of my novels and this is my new life. Why would i be reborn as a prince though, cant i just live as a commoner?

"he kinda looks like you dear.."

the queen said, or should i say my mom.

"no, i think he looks like you dear.."

the king said or should i say my father said to my mom back.

im getting annoyed here, cant you just say that i look like the both of you?

i better get used to this pretty soon...aishh...why would i have to be reborn as a prince?!

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