Book cover of “The Nymphomaniac Nerd“ by Mallowelhla

The Nymphomaniac Nerd

  • Genre: Romance
  • Age: 18+
  • Status: Completed
  • Language: English
  • Author: Mallowelhla
This gripping tale explores the incredible power of the human brain to cope with trauma by altering memories and creating new realities. In today's society, where so many young people are struggling with mental health issues and emotional pain, this story is more vital than ever. Through the eyes of relatable characters, readers will gain insight i... 

Chapter 1

It was a sunny day, unlike any typical day. The sun shines differently for him and he felt odd for some reason.

He didn’t get enough sleep last night. Maybe that’s the reason. The memories are keeping him awake.

It’s been a long time since he dreamed of her, but he still can’t get her out of his mind. These days, he dreams about her, and she visits him in his sleep naked, like she is teasing him.

“Good morning, doc,” Hanna greeted him as he entered the hospital lobby.

He nodded and greeted back and the girl flushed. Hanna is about to open her mouth and respond, but the ringing phone cuts her off.

He sighed when he saw who was calling. He already knew why she was calling.

She called him multiple times last night but he declined. He wanted to drop the call, but he knew this time he did not have a choice.

“Why did you ditch your date last night? Where are you, huh?” His mother enquired right away.

“At the hospital.”


“I’m a doctor, Mom---”

“And you should be,” his mother said. He could sense the disgust in her voice.

“This is absurd, Wilder. I cannot take this anymore. We already let you change your course to something you like even though you’re one step closer to graduating with your first degree.”

He knew her mom would have it up.

“You could have been the CEO of the company. Even though we disagree with your choice, we support you, but this time, I won’t let you get away with this again. It would help if you were married and had a family. You can’t turn down the girls I’m setting you up with. I’m going to arrange a dinner again, and you need to come---”

“I can’t, Mom.”

“Why?! Is this all about that girl? For fucks sake, it’s been five years, Wilder! Move on! She’s a crazy girl, and I’m glad she’s out of your life. It’s already enough to influence you to take that field!”

He pursed his lips and took a deep breath.

“She’s not crazy, Mom.”

“Then I will go crazy if you will live like this. You need to settle! At your age, you should be married, have a family and kids! I’m the only one among my friends with no grandchildren!”

He stayed silent. He knew his mother was longing for a grandchild. She’s been talking about it ever since they talked to each other.

“I’m not ready for it, Mom---”

“Not ready? Or are you still waiting for that girl? Come on, son. She’s not good enough for you. I told you even before that she was crazy---”

His teeth gritted on her mother’s words. Even though he’s a psychiatrist, who specializes in mental health issues, who spreads awareness about it. His mother doesn’t believe that mental illness is true and makes hateful remarks.

“I need to go,” he said, then hung up.

He doesn’t want to be rude, but he doesn’t want to argue with his Mom either.

They’ve been on it for years.

“Wilder!” His attention was caught when someone called him.

“Oh, I forgot it’s Doctor Wilder!”

“You should always address him properly, Lizzy!” The guy beside him teased.

“Doctor Wilder Calazar!”

He shook his head when they walked in his direction.

“ It’s early morning, and your face is already wrinkled like you heard some bad news?”

Wilder shook his head.

“Even though he’s sad, he is still handsome. Unlike you, Kyle. Nothing changed. Even if you are sad or happy, it’s the same, still not handsome.”

“Tsk, how dare you?”

“ It’s true! Right, Wilder?”

“Stop it, you two. You are like a fighting couple.”

They are not wise men. Lizzy’s face flushed while Kyle swallowed.

He smirked. Clearly, they have feelings for each other but are too shy to tell them to one another.

“W-what do you mean, Widler?” He awkwardly laughed.

“Yeah, Wilder. What are you saying? Kyle likes you more than me. He is your fanboy. I’m convinced that he is gay–“


His attention is drawn to Mina.

“There’s a kid in your office. She’s throwing tantrums, and we don’t know how she got there. She’s screaming and breaking some of your things!”

When they went to the office, their mouths gaped at the sight of the kid.

“Is that a kid or a little monster?” Kyle asked.

Mina told the truth. The kid was throwing his papers, some of them were confident of his clients, but now it’s on the floor, crumpled and wet.

“How did she get in here?”

The kid faces them, her eyebrows furrowed and her lips protruding.

Lizzy, Kyle, and Mina’s foreheads wrinkled except for Wilder on their side.

“Hey…” he calls the child very carefully.

Slowly he approached her. The child stopped crumpling the paper.

“No!” It seems that the kid knows that they will kick her out of the office, which makes Wilder smile. She’s a genius kid, but that’s not what he will do.

“What’s your name?”

The child’s eyes glistened before uttering a word.


“Where’s your Mom?”

She shook her head. He kneeled to meet her round brown eyes. He cannot stop himself from smoking while staring at the kid that somehow resembles someone he knew.

“Well, Hello, Nona. I’m Dr. Calazar, and this is my office. Do you want to stay until we find your parents?”

The little girl nodded.

“Can you behave?”

She asked. “Can I play with this?”

“That’s not a toy, but…” he reached for the mini stuff bear on the bookshelves. It was sentimental for him because it was a girl by the girl he only loves. He never let anyone touch it, but this time hell, let the child.

The little girl stayed in Wilder’s swivel chair while playing with what he had given.

“Contact some staff and the guards. The child’s parents might still be here, ” Wilder told Mina.

She immediately did what Wilder told her.

“ Wow, that’s so nice of you!” said Lizzy.

“You have a different effect on girls! Even kids!”

“Shut up, Kyle.”

“It’s just a joke! Nona, cutie!” he chuckled.

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