Book cover of “Alpha Conri“ by Amelia G and Deliaha Shine

Alpha Conri

  • Genre: Werewolf
  • Age: 18+
  • Status: Completed
  • Language: English
  • Author: Amelia G and Deliaha Shine
Riek has an earnest desire for revenge after an unknown hitman assassinated her parents in their Packhouse while she slept. Her little son is her only joy while she's on this journey of revenge, but as fate has it, the unknown hitman turns out to be someone she did not expect. What will happen when she discovers that the person behind all this is... 

Chapter 1

Riek’s POV


I woke up to the excruciating pain in between my legs, not like I had slept before but I was just unconscious. I don't know what happened to me before I lost consciousness. I rose up from the floor of our apartment in the Snow Moon Pack. I try to stand but the pain doesn't let me. What is wrong with me? I asked myself but I had no sudden answer. I tried to feel myself in between, I gasped. My fingers fell on warm liquid, here I realized what had just happened to me. I was raped.

It was an excruciating discovery. I stayed on the ground for a while, then I rose up to my feet. I was in my room in the apartment which is on the last floor. How would anyone come up to hurt me when my parents are on the ground floor, my elder sister on the second. Being the last of the two children my parents had, they gave me my place on the last.

I'm Riek Adolphus , the Gamma of Snow Moon Pack, fifteen years old. My dad is the Alpha of our pack and mom, the luna. They had been married for thirty years. My sister is the Beta of our pack, Talais, just three years older than I am.

Since I couldn't just get a clue of how this happened and who did it, I decided to walk downstairs. I will get to ask my parents, they must be in the house. Our packhouse is not like the traditional one where other members of the pack lives, we are just four here, dad, mom, Talaand I. Dad didn't want such a communal setting, he's a loner and loves so much privacy.

The pain seemed to be too great because that was my first time, I was a virgin. I didn't plan to lose it to anyone other than my mate whom I was yet to meet, the worst occurred and I lost it to someone I don't even know, not even the way he looked.

Slowly I descended with little streams of blood flowing, I placed my hand on the walls as I walked out of my room, then the railings as I descended the stairs. Something told me to get to my sister's room, no one was in, the corridor was dead silent as a graveyard. Shock ran through my spine, the air of uncertainty lurked over me. I then decided to go downstairs, sure I'll meet with my parents and get to know what happened.

"Mom! Dad!" I shouted as I descended the steps, merely out of the pains I was feeling and the anger that was fast rising in my chest as how they would let someone come up and rape me. The ground floor was as silent as the second, my eyes glanced around. My eyes caught the most horrific scene, I felt like falling down there to die but the mystery was too much. Who did this?

Mom and dad were lying lifeless on the floor, blood everywhere, it was the most gory sight I had ever experienced, something not fit for a fifteen year old like me. I rushed to the communal phone stance and dialed 411, the emergency police number. I clicked on it.

"Hello 411," I said in a panicky voice, throwing frightening glances at the lifeless bodies of my parents. "Please, your help is really needed here, 41 Main Avenue, off Park Lane. Please please."

"Can you please calm ma'am, we'd be there in a few minutes. What's the condition there?"

"The Alpha and luna are lying lifeless on the floor and I was raped, I can't find my sister still." I felt like unleashing all my life burdens on them at that moment. Tears streamed down my eyes like a flood, my voice was choky due to this. I couldn't continue with the call again, I dropped the phone and ran over to my parents, shaking them furiously. I was angry at that moment but I don't know who I was angry at, whether the murderer or fate who had cut my parents' life short and my dreams of life halfway. I continued to shake them crying, wishing as I did this they would just rise up and come back to life.

Soon I heard the sound of the police sirens from a distance, and in no distant time they had arrived in front of our apartment. I ran outside, it's here I discovered that the gate's small door was broken into. I led the police in, about five of them while two remained by the car outside.

The head of them demanded me to tell them what happened but what will I say, I didn't even know what happened to me. We started making calls, the ambulance came and my parents were taken to the morgue.

"I can't live here, can you please help me?" I asked one of the police who looked quite friendly. "I'm not saved here."

"Don't you have relatives?" He asked me.

"I have but my parents aren't close to them, the only one who visits is my aged aunt and she lives far away."

"This' serious!" He replied quite shocked. I was panting, many thoughts ran across my mind at that time, I didn't know who to call. My relatives wouldn't even mind me because dad wasn't cordial with them, it dawned on me the bad effects of staying alone, not having friends and communicating with people.

"But you're the Gamma, you have to take revenge!" My wolf said in response. It dropped on me like a two-edged sword piercing through my heart. Who will I take revenge on when I don't even know the person that did this, if it's an individual or more. "You have to!" It repeated again. This' serious. My wolf continued as the ambulance took my parents away, the police went away as well with the evidence. I was left all alone. The whole world turned it back on me. I stood at the entrance of my family house crying.

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