Book cover of “Mated to the Beast“ by Diagold

Mated to the Beast

  • Genre: Werewolf
  • Status: Completed
  • Language: English
  • Author: Diagold
The werewolf and the Lycan communities had been enemies since the beginning of creation. In a bid to show who was stronger, the two communities had gone to war against each other years ago. Lives were lost. Homes were lost. People were broken. What happens when the Lycan King, who is ready to birth an heir, finds out that his second chance mate, wh... 

Chapter 1

Leila's POV 

My name is Leila Wayne. I am the only daughter in my family. I have an elder brother, Kenny, all he does is prank and tease me. I hope he finds his mate soon enough and lets me be. My father is the beta of our pack. Oops! I forgot the most important thing. I am a werewolf. Most humans are oblivious to our presence. Some only think that we only existed in folktales, but the truth is that we, werewolves do exist. It's both funny and annoying to read the books human writers publish about us. They're mostly based on their fantasy only a few of them are good enough to write the truth about us. 

"Wakey wakey, sleepy head". My idiotic brother blasted my ear as he poured a bucket of dirty water on me. He knew how much I hated dirt on my skin. I wanted my skin to remain perfect but that idiot did not care. 

"Oh my gosh, Kenny! I wasn't even asleep and you knew it". I screamed angrily at him but all he did was smile widely at me, showing me his stupid dimples. The idiot had no sympathy at all.

"What were you doing then? I just hope you weren't daydreaming about that stupid asshole of a boyfriend because you must be damn stupid if you were". 

"You can't say that. Damian is my boyfriend and he is in love with me and I am going to be mated to him on my eighteen birthday. Get that into your dumb skull". I snapped at him feeling irritated. Why don't they all get it? I and Damian are made for each other. He was born to be Alpha and I was sure that I was born to be a Luna. Even my mother once confirmed it so I don't get why they are all against our relationship. We even have the most perfect ship name, Daila. 

"Keep on dreaming kiddo. I hope when you wake up, you will still be able to live". He snorted. I angrily threw my pillow at him but the jerk dodged it. Yeah, it was one of a werewolf's abilities. We were very fast. Kenny was almost eighteen, so he had pretty much discovered most of his abilities and he was extremely proud of it. He first discovered them on his sixteenth birthday. I knew that as the future Luna of the pack, mine would be greater than his. It would be greater than anybody in the pack. 

"Are you two fighting again?". It was my father's voice. He was back from his beta work. I don't know what he does as the beta but that's none of my business, I was going to be Luna. 

"Nope, it's just that Leila here was daydreaming about her crazy relationship as usual". My brother accused me immediately I expected my father to side with me and shut him up but he disappointed me, as usual. He looked at me sadly and he said those annoying words.

"Leila, I've told you times without number, you are only diminishing your dignity and value by staying in that relationship..." I didn't allow him to finish his sentence because I felt that I was almost exploding, I stormed out of the room angrily. I was tired of them being disappointed in me. Why can't they be happy for me? I just can't wait to be eighteen years then I will leave them once and for all after my Alpha mates me. Yeah, that was the exclusive plan. 

"Hey baby girl, why the long face?". Damian asked worriedly as he stared so hard at me. See, I told you all, my mate is super nice and caring. He loved me. 

"Nothing just my family being annoying as usual". I stood on my toes to peck him. He grabbed me and deepened the kids. Totally not what I wanted but I was not complaining. My mate was the best kisser. He kissed all my anger away and left me breathless. He chuckled removing a strand of hair from my face as he watched me catch my breath. 

"We should get going now unless you don't want to go to school today". He said and winked at me. I felt my cheeks redden. I understood what he meant. He grabbed my hand and led me to his ride. As I entered through the already-opened door, I looked back at my house to see my mother peeping through the window and shaking her head disappointedly at me. I knew what she was thinking but what the hell does she claim to know? With anger, I banged the door so hard, that Damian turned to look at me questionably, but when he saw where my gaze was directed, he shook his head and rubbed my shoulders to calm me down. See, I told you all. He was very understanding. 

"Start moving". He informed the driver and immediately the car was brought to life. Then he turned to my side and pinched my nose. 

"You look so mad right now and it's turning me on. I want nothing but to rip your clothes off that gorgeous body but if I do, we might end up not making it to school". I bent my head down as I blushed so hard. 

"You know we can do that if it's what you want. You're the next alpha and nobody will question your absence and I am the beta's daughter". I suggested. His words had turned me on and I wanted nothing but to get that beast of his in between my legs, where they belonged. He shook his head smiling widely. 

"Nah, princess. Even though I am the next alpha, my parents still want me to complete my studies, and besides don't you have a test today?". I groaned and he chuckled. He knew the effect that he had on me. I smiled and he raised an eyebrow at me. 

" No princess, I know what you're thinking but if I start, I'm afraid I won't be able to stop this time". He smiled again while I groaned frustratingly. He started this and now he was torturing me. I sulked and turned away from him, pretending to be angry but that action made him laugh loud. He tried to bring up conversations as we drove to school but I turned deaf ear. I was only thinking of how to ease the ache between my legs and his sexy voice wasn't helping matters. I rubbed my legs together in annoyance. 

Immediately we got to school, I stepped out of the car without waiting for him, but he was fast, he grabbed me by my waist and kissed me so hard. 

"Ace that test today and I will reward you". He whispered through the kiss. I moaned into his mouth in response. He had succeeded in making me flood my panties. He chuckled hard as he stepped a foot away from me. He stared at me for a minute, then he pecked my forehead and turned to go into his class. I caught a few girls eyeraping him and I rolled my eyes at them. Yeah, my mate was drop-dead gorgeous. 

'Stare all you want bitches but that body is mine and mine alone'. 

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