Book cover of “Abducted by a Billionaire“ by ladynozomi

Abducted by a Billionaire

  • Genre: Romance
  • Age: 18+
  • Status: Completed
  • Language: English
  • Author: ladynozomi
Chase Dominique De Vera, a notorious billionaire who does not want to be tied down by marriage, awakes in the same bed with a girl named Ellen. He threatens her not to tell anyone about their one-night stand. But fate intervenes when Ellen becomes pregnant. Chase is forced to bring Ellen into his life to ensure that the child in the woman's womb is... 

Chapter 1

"For De Vera Corporation's success!"

The celebration tonight is the outcome of their efforts on the project. Chase only did what his men wanted him to do. The noise of music clinking in the nightclub meant that the party would not end as quickly as Chase had wanted.

"Boss, raise your glass! We will toast our success with the luxurious drinks you ordered!"

Chase raised his glass to avoid making the situation awkward. He knew most of his subordinates were already drunk because it was so quick to pour a drink into their glass and point it out with one sip.

Chase didn't care what his men did. His eyes began to observe the surroundings. Their table was in a good spot to observe the craziness of many people there.

Their hips swayed to the music, touching each other. It was normal for Chase to see those things in this place. He would not become a saint by avoiding temptation.

This was his way of life in Manila. He spent a ton of cash on joining an elite club in order to establish a good affinity with the billionaires. All of this is a part of the crazy world he lives in. Working from morning to night, followed by partying and prostitution.

As Chase got up out of his chair, abandoning his men, he was forced to depart with faltering steps.

"The event is not yet finished, boss. Are you going to leave now?" asked Amy, the production's director.


Amy simply nodded and let Chase walk away. Chase had no plans to get drunk tonight. He went to the restroom to wash his hands. He was aware that people looked at him oddly because he was used to washing his hands before smoking, but he didn't care what others thought.

"May I borrow your lighter?"

Chase had no idea who is that woman who had appeared beside him was. From what he could see, the woman was trying to find someone to talk to. But Chase was not in the mood to talk to anyone. He handed the female a lighter in a flash.

"You must be sick of everything inside, don't you?" the woman asked, trying to make a topic.

Chase remained silent. He was preoccupied with his own thoughts.

"Who are you?" the woman inquired again. "I believe I've seen you before."

The woman's gaze remained fixed on the strokes on Chase's face. Chase turned his head and locked his gaze on the woman.

"It doesn't matter if you know me or not. Miss, just mind your own business." He said coldly.

"Ouch! You have offended this lady."

Chase shook his head, surprised to have met such a woman.

"Sheena," the woman said.

"Who?" Chase asks.

"Ms. Sheena Ocampo, Oh, that's my name!!"

"Who cares?" He said this solemnly. "Shit!" he exclaimed.

He had vivid memories of her. He met Sheena Ocampo, the woman who first flirted with him. Nonetheless, he eventually married the competing company's leader, De Vera. Chase decided not to trust women after meeting her and never married anyone of her kind. He hated all women because of his heartbreak. He is only interested in them for fair sex. Chase made a promise to himself not to fall into the arms of a woman.

"My head hurts," he grumbled as he pressed his forehead.

He couldn't remember how many drinks he had finished last night. The pain from Sheena was inflicted on him that made him a pathetic human being. His health slowly got worse because of how much he drank, and he ended up becoming an alcoholic.

"Fuck you, Sheena!" He yelled.

When Chase slowly opened his eyes and saw his surroundings, he breathed a sigh of relief. Somehow, he was back at the hotel. He hopes that nothing went wrong and that everything was good. He also hoped he hadn't caused any problems. But a soft cry then caught his attention. It sounded like the voice of a woman. And, the pain in Chase's head turned into annoyance. Later, he noticed a woman crying while cuddling her knees.

"Who are you? What are you doing here?" Ask Chase right away.

Chase noticed the woman's paleness when she raised her face. However, contrary to Chase's expectations, the woman yelled at him instead of asking for help.

"Holy crap! You were the one who forced me to go last night! How dare you ask who I am and what I am doing here?!"

Chase has never been yelled at by anyone else. He was a respected man in the business world. How could any woman dare raise her voice at him?

"Damn it!" Chase closed his eyes for a moment before returning his gaze to the self-obsessed woman. "You must have done this on purpose."

"What? What did you say?" The woman exclaimed.

Chase isn't convinced. He was convinced that the woman sleeping beside him was deceiving him. She was trying to take advantage of him. Chase stood somewhat staggered, unconcerned about his naked body. He picked up his clothes from the floor and looked for his phone. When he saw it, he immediately called the first person who came to mind. He then cast a resentful glance at the woman who was still sitting on the bed.

"Aidan, pay attention. A woman was attempting to frame me right now." He said, seriously.


When the woman tried to interrupt the call, Chase quickly covered her mouth. He didn't care if he could see her naked body; all he wanted was for her to stop talking.

"Aidan, I didn't bring anything. I'll send you the hotel address and make sure this lady doesn't bother me!"

"Ugh! You are a jerk—"

"Don't you dare raise your voice!" Chase exclaimed . "I know you desperately want something from me."

"I don't want anything. Fuck! You forced me last night! You hurt my pride as a woman."

"How much are you?" he inquired, instantly quieting the woman's mouth.

He snored and smirked. "You can't even say your price? Is it too difficult? Then I'll tell you." Then he moved closer to the stiffly silent woman. Chase put his lips close to the woman's ear on purpose.

"Your price is so cheap," Chase sneered. He felt victorious after saying those words. However, shortly after their faces were spaced out, the woman slapped Dom. Dom could feel his cheeks getting hot.

"You slapped me, fucking lady!!?"

"That's the price you deserve from every insult that comes out of your lips, asshole!" the woman said, twitching her lips and holding back tears.

Chase despised the woman who yelled at him and slapped him on the cheek. He will never forget her and what she did to him. The woman had no idea she was dealing with a Chase Dominique De Vera.

"Look at yourself, whoever you are. You will undoubtedly pay for what you did today if I see you again! You have no idea what you will get if you dare to fight me!"

The woman had already pulled the quilt over her body, so what he said had no effect on her. She was not scared in the least. What the woman did was even more shocking, as she bravely spit on Chase's face as the door opened, in front of several witnesses.

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