Book cover of “Alpha Snipy – a Valiant Mafia Lord“ by GHOSTWRITER

Alpha Snipy – a Valiant Mafia Lord

  • Genre: Romance
  • Age: 18+
  • Status: Completed
  • Language: English
They say death is an inevitable part of life, but what happens when someone you love plans it? Join Alicia Davies, better known as Snipy, as she seeks revenge for her mother's death and tries to save her comatose brother, all while navigating a complicated relationship with a male gang member. Will Snipy come out on top, or will the dangerous world... 

Chapter 1


A long time ago my mum died in a ghastly motor accident or so I thought.

It was the worst news I ever got that day because I, my older brother, and, my dad planned a surprise birthday party for her but ended up being the ones surprised.

We rushed to the given hospital to see mum covered from head to toe with the hospital robe.

Dad asked the nurse who brought us in to uncover her and she did. Our eyes bulged out at the sight before us. And if not that she was the lady I knew right from a tender age, I would have doubted she was my mum because she looked so awful; her face was disfigured, one of her legs was just wrapped and placed beside her body as it had been broken. The tissues in her nostrils were barely in as her nose was shifted from its place.

In my very eyes, dad broke down in tears even before I did. It was the first time my dad ever cried in our presence. And also the first time we were seeing him cry because dad hardly frowned talk more to cry.

At that point, I had wished I had powers, but what could we do? Absolutely nothing. Dad asked the nurses to push mum's body out and they did. Mum's body was rolled into an ambulance and was taken to the hospital's mortuary.

The next days that followed were the worst days of my life as I drowned myself in tears and hardly ate. Mum got buried two weeks later and that was the beginning of the most tragic days of our lives as dad began dwelling in alcohol to forget his sorrows.

It took I and my older brother by surprise once more as our dad never took alcohol.

I was just a kid of 17 then while bro was 20.

Dad came back every night stinking of alcohol and when I and bro couldn't take it anymore, we confronted him and he cried and promised to grab himself together but that was the first promise my dad never fulfilled as instead of his alcohol a******n to reduce, it got worse.

Then I had a lady friend who was my mum's best friend when she was alive. I visited her and told her everything. She consoled me and told me that the best thing to do for him is to allow him to get another wife.

I shouted at her and warned her never to repeat such ever again and stomped out of her house.

However, to my surprise, I got home to see one of our single female neighbors dragging dad inside our house as he was so drunk and I loved the sight.

After helping her take dad inside, I called her aside and told her to please marry my dad.

She smiled and hid her face, pretending not to be interested but after everything, she accepted.

It took a lot of convincing before dad and senior bro accepted and everything was carried out.

We lived happily after that cause step mum was so sweet to us and treated us like hers but...

On a very cold evening, just about 7 p.m., my step mum sent me on an errand to get her a few things, which I happily accepted and rushed off.

I already got the stuff and was on my way back when two tall-built guys blocked my way and without uttering a word, one jerked me up and they started running into a close-by bush.

I tried screaming but one covered my mouth. They threw me into the nearby bush and tore my gown and underwear.

"Please don't do this," I begged but the big one among them removed his brief and thrust into me. "Noo!" I screamed but he never stopped.

On that cold evening, I lost my treasure.

I was brutally used till I started bleeding and gassed out.

I woke up to see myself in the hospital with mum, dad, and bro beside me and also mum's best friend then.

I was told I slept for three days and after everything, I was taken home.

I woke up in the middle of the night to ease myself but kept hearing a faint voice and when I got close, it was step mum on a phone call.

I hid and listened and these were her words; "You guys did a nice job, I hope her little cunt was sweet just like her mum's."

"Yes, ma'am" I heard a voice say from the other end. "We fucked her mum as you instructed, left her to go, and also set her up with the accident that killed her."

"Good, next will be to waste her daughter and son so I take over," she whispered to the receiver and tears rolled down my eyes.

I turned and walked out with so many questions and all through the night her words kept playing like a song in my mind. 

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