Book cover of “Two Seasons of the Marriage“ by Rachel bee

Two Seasons of the Marriage

  • Genre: Romance
  • Age: 18+
  • Status: Completed
  • Language: English
  • Author: Rachel bee
Lily was forced to divorce her husband who wanted to marry his former lover. Because of his parents' wishes, the two of them were finally matched. But after Lily's father died, her husband immediately filed for divorce. Unknown to him, Lily was pregnant with their child. When the divorce had taken place, Lily's ex-boyfriend came to propose to h... 

Chapter 1. Sudden Divorce

"I want a divorce," Ryan said. 

The woman next to him turned her head. Her face was a mess. Her eyes and nose were red. The veins on her forehead were faintly furrowed. The emotion that should have come out was held back by that frown.

Ryan took a deep breath, ready to launch his next sentence. "I've been planning this for a long time."

Ryan handed over a document containing the divorce papers between himself and Lily, his wife. The woman he had married one year ago because of a business agreement. They were married under contract, and exactly one year later, the contract was over. He decided to end their marriage.

Lily opened the file slowly. It had her and Ryan's names written on it. She rubbed her teary eyes. There was a drop of tears that flowed along with the sad gaze she gave Ryan. 

"Why, why does it have to be this time?" asked Lily, who was shouting in an almost hoarse voice.  "Dad was just buried a week ago, and now you want us to split up?"

"Why can't I? There's nothing to do, right?" Ryan raised his voice.

"Sarah's been waiting for me. Didn't we promise to end things after a year?" Ryan continued.

A bitter smile appeared on Lily's lips. She was reminded of her agreement one year ago. "Can't you wait for me until..."

"I can't, Lily." Ryan cut off Lily's sentence. "I can't take it out on my girlfriend. She's been waiting for a year. Don't complicate things. Don't you want to go back to your boyfriend too?"

Lily was silent. Her small hand trembled as she picked up the pen. She scratched her signature on the paper and handed it back to Ryan.

Ryan smiled. He closed the file and said, "Don't contact me again after the divorce, and I wish you happiness with your future partner."

 "Of course."

Ryan stood up haughtily while holding the divorce papers that Lily had just signed. Before he walked away, he said, "In this divorce, I am not demanding much."

Lily turned to listen to Ryan's words. 

"You can take the things you think are yours." 

"You mean, this is..." 

"The things your father gave you, please take them away. My house was given to me by my father," Ryan said.

"So, you're kicking me out?" Lily asked with trembling lips. Ryan was silent. Lily snorted in displeasure and then said, "Who do you think finances your father's company if not-?"

"Enough! I've returned everything." 

Tonight, the two of them went their separate ways. Lily stayed in the main room, which had been their room for the past year. Meanwhile, Ryan chose to sleep in the guest room. Both of them were lying on their respective beds with different thoughts.

Lily could not fall asleep yet. The later it got, the more awake her eyes became. Her gaze fell on her flat stomach. Soon, Lily rubbed it while imagining something for tomorrow morning. The shadow of her father and the uncertain future made her uneasy. 

"Your father doesn't want you. It's okay; Mom will be with you," Lily murmured.

Tonight, Ryan was supposed to know everything, but unfortunately, he chose to stay apart.


The next morning, Lily woke up as usual. After struggling with the agonizing silence of the night, she made it through and smiled at the beautiful morning. This morning was quiet; Ryan no longer heard Lily's melodious singing as she prepared breakfast. 

In the dining room, he only saw a woman standing while arranging the food on the table. There was no sound and no morning greeting as usual. 

"Where are you going?" asked Ryan as he glanced at his cell phone, which was on because of a call.

Lily gave him a quick glance. "Didn't you kick me out last night? Where I'm going is none of your business," Lily snapped. 

Ryan snorted. "Don't forget, you have to come to court next week. I've registered our divorce."

 "I'll send my lawyer there," Lily replied. 

"Why don't you?" Ryan closed his cell phone. His eyes widened in displeasure at Lily's defiance. 

"There's no time." Lily pulled her small bag off the table. She stepped into her room and walked out, dragging her two large suitcases.

Ryan put down the fork and the remaining bread that was just about to enter his mouth. His hands froze, and his eyes focused on Lily, who looked calm as if there were no burden.

Lily repeatedly checked her cell phone. She sat on the living room sofa with her head turned to the window as if she were waiting for someone to arrive.

Instantly, Ryan's appetite disappeared. He finished his meal and grabbed his suit and briefcase. Not long after, the front room door opened. A man he recognized appeared and greeted Lily.

"Have you been waiting long?" The man greeted her. 

Lily nodded.

"Is this all you've packed?" he asked again. 

"Yes, I can buy the rest there."

Without asking much, the man dragged Lily's two suitcases and put them in the trunk of his car parked in the yard. 

Ryan followed them from behind. Unconsciously, his hand pulled Lily's and made her turn to face him. 

"You're going with him? We're not officially divorced yet!" Ryan shouted. 

Lily let go of Ryan's hand and resumed her steps.

"Lily, listen to me." 

"We're not husband and wife anymore. Since I gave my signature last night, we are divorced, and you have no right to stop me."

Lily walked away, leaving Ryan frozen in place. He seemed to be missing something. 

Steve was that man's name. He was Lily's ex-boyfriend, who was still faithfully waiting for her because Lily had promised to return to his arms someday. Now he came to accept his lover's hand again. No matter the circumstances, Steve would be willing to accept her. 

"Where are we going?" asked Steve as he steered the car towards the main road. Lily was silent for a moment. She sent a message to someone and soon received a reply. 

"We're going to Sandy's place. She's at the cafe, right?" Lily turned to Steve, who was nodding. 

"I want to talk to her a lot."

"She already knows about the divorce?" Steve returned Lily's gaze.

"She does. She offered me a place to stay."

 "Why don't you want to stay at my place? We're-"

Lily shook her head. That made Steve stop his sentence. 

"I want to stay with Sandy. You wouldn't understand that when a woman is sad because of a relationship, what she needs is a friend," Lily said. 

"So, you don't think I'm a friend?" Lily shook her head. 

"More than a friend." 

Before long, Lily and Steve had arrived at Sandy's modest café. They went downstairs and approached Sandy who was cleaning the tables. Lily sneaked up from behind and blindfolded Sandy. 

"Don't bother me; who is this?" Sandy removed the hand covering her eyes and turned around. "Lily?" 


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