Book cover of “An Unexpected Wedding“ by Shakti

An Unexpected Wedding

  • Genre: Romance
  • Status: Completed
  • Language: English
  • Author: Shakti
A marriage that's unexpected and plotted by an enemy. He tied the knot to save her self-respect, and she agreed because of his reputation. They were rivals by profession but suddenly became a couple. There's a big secret hidden in her life. Will he accept her as his wife even after knowing that secret forms the rest of the story? What does his fami... 

Chapter 1

Unexpected Marriage

Shourya’s PoV

The flashlights of the camera fell on my face. All the channels and print media covered the news “DCP Shourya’s secret marriage came into the light.”

I held her hand, understanding that she is uncomfortable. I never thought of marrying anyone. I know I can’t love anyone except for my duty. I don’t know how she was dragged into my life without my interference.

Just then, I noticed Home Minister Ranveer’s car entering the premises. He came directly to us. I touched my forehead and rubbed slightly to control my anger at him.

“What is this, Shourya? Is she your wife? I know men have their needs, but don’t commit to such girls to save your reputation. Life is more important than reputation,” he whispered in my ears.

I felt to punch him hard in his face at that place itself. How can he talk like that about a girl without knowing anything? They are our leaders chosen by us through elections. Very disgusting. The vote has the power to write the future of our nation. But many of us forget this fact and view the day of the election as a paid holiday. That’s why people of this type are grabbing power in various illegal ways and becoming a threat to our society. I controlled my anger by replacing it with a smile.

“Sir, she is my wife. Not a prostitute as you assumed. I am a true man who makes love only to my wife and I know how pure it is. It’s not just fulfilling the need of a man in me. It’s an eternal way of showing my love to my wife and assuring her that we both are one forever in spite of any circumstances,” I replied.

His expressions changed for a while, listening to my words. Then he smirked at me.

“Are you ready to tie a knot in front of us, Mr. Shourya, to save the reputation of our department?” Ranveer asked, looking at me. I understood his evil intention, but I couldn’t decide without knowing her decision.

I looked at her. She nodded. I closed my eyes for a few minutes, and then I agreed to marry her. Ranveer gave mangal sutra to me. I understood that it was a trap planned by him and tied the knot to her in front of everyone.

“DCP sir, can you please show your wife’s face to us?” a reporter asked, followed by a few other journalists.

She tied her face with a scarf to avoid this situation. But now there is no other way but to remove it. She released her scarf.

Her face glowed like a star in the dark sky with a smile on her face. Her eyes showed her confidence even in this challenging situation. That proved how strong the journalist Diya is!

“Diya?” Everyone was surprised to see her with me, that too, as my wife.

Because Diya is a journalist who irks me with her questions about the cases I deal with. I often get frustrated at her questions; nevertheless, they are right, and her points are so strong.

“Diya, are you DCP Shourya’s wife?” A reporter asked her.

“Yes. We married two years ago. We kept it a secret for a few personal reasons. Anyways, I am glad to reveal the secret and was tied the knot one more time in front of you all,” Diya said.

I opened the car door for Diya, and we both left from there to go home. When I reached my quarters provided by the Government, I found my parents at my house. I understood that they had watched the news and are happy to know that I got married. I hated marriage and escaped until today, despite my parent’s constant efforts to get me married.

They performed a few rituals to welcome us. After some time, I heard the knocking sound of the door.

“Come in, Diya,” I said, and she came inside. I locked the door, and she looked at me, holding a glass of milk in her hand. I guess it’s my mom who sent her with the milk glass.

“Diya, I am sorry. When we were trapped in that hotel room and booked in a police raiding, I didn’t find any other way to protect your respect. So, I lied that we were secretly wed. Unfortunately, because of that home minister, we got married. I don’t know how to correct all this. But I will do anything you say to correct this mistake” I said.

“I can understand, Mr. Shourya. I know that you are a great police officer, but today I realized that you are a true man who respects a woman. You have no intention of marrying me but did it only to protect my self-respect. Thank you,” Diya said.

“What shall we do now?” I asked.

Diya gave a stern look at me.

“I didn’t mean it. I am asking about this marriage,” I said immediately.

Diya smiled.

“Let’s act as a couple for a year and then take divorce,” Diya said, and I nodded.

“You can sleep in bed,” I said to her.

“What about you?” Diya asked me.

“I will sleep on the couch,” I replied.

“Isn’t it difficult to sleep on the couch for one year?” Diya said.

“You can share the bed with me. Officially we are a couple. So I don’t think it’s wrong. I trust you,” Diya said, stressing the word trust.

I nodded, and we slept on the same bed, turning different sides. Our paths and thoughts are different, but destiny tied us together, asking us to enjoy the unexpected life journey.

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