Book cover of “Caught In-Between Her Legs“ by Prody doll

Caught In-Between Her Legs

  • Genre: Steamy (18+)
  • Age: 18+
  • Status: Completed
  • Language: English
  • Author: Prody doll
Isabella Banks is known for her promiscuous reputation and sharp tongue. Surrounded by hostility toward men, she's hardened herself to the world. She earns her living by sleeping around, hoping that one day, she will leave such a lifestyle and find true love. But her plans are ruined the moment she sets her eyes on her cousin, Tommy. She starts dre... 

Chapter 1. Looking Hotter than Chili

Warning: This novel contains scenes that may suggest an incestuous relationship between characters. We understand that this subject matter can be sensitive, and we wanted to provide this clarification to prevent any misunderstanding or discomfort.


Isabella’s POV

Today is just one of those boring Friday weekend nights of boredom. Phew just got back home from a tiring day at work and decided to chill at home.

I had worked overtime trying to get this new line of perfume together. I got home at about 11:30 pm, it was way too early to crash on a weekend night and there wasn’t a damn thing on cable that was interesting to watch.

So there I was chilling in a black tank top and shorts when my cousin rang the bell.

Dang it! I forgot he was to come around for the weekend for a business trip, and we’d agreed on he’d crash at my place till he is done for the weekend.

I opened the door for him and he looked so hot that I had to mentally slap myself out of sexual fantasy.

Yeah, I was looking kind of hoochie that night, but don’t knock shit you have never tried.

I ushered him in and the look I saw in his eyes matched the same desire I had in mind.

I showed him to his room and went downstairs to fix up something for him to eat.

I could tell he had the hots for me I mean, who wouldn’t? I was considered the family slut.

“What, are you doing?”

I asked as he went to the door as if he wanted to go out.

“I need some air, and I’d like to have some,” Tommy said.

“Oh, okay. I might not be home by the time you return so here it’s an extra key,” I said as I gave him one of the keys from the art of keys on the table.

“Thanks,” he said and grabbed my keys.

Well, to me, that wasn’t respectful but it was okay. We all knew Tommy was not so keen on being nice to people even when we were kids, I used to tease him for being weird.

But family is family, and there is nothing we can do about it. I just had to give my space for him to crash in for the main time.

“Hi, Annie, are you up for tonight,” I asked a workmate of mine who, well, she designed.

“Josh is in town and I would have to spend the night with him. Sorry girl” She replied, feeling bad, but I did not care of course.

“It’s okay girl, have the time of your life.” I said, and hung up

I wore my clothes and paired them with thigh-high boots, I was showing enough cleavage for whoever it was that was ready to look at me, of course.

I went to the club. Immediately I entered, I knew I was the life of the party as the men began to come close to me, and I just could not help but hit on them continuously.

Finally, this guy reached over, and we went to the bathroom, of course, we all know what happened to both of us while we were in the bathroom.

The fellow knew his shit, but he was groping my boobs too much. Best of it all was the stress from the week was relieved as I came.

I did not catch his name, and the stupid idiot thought we could have this again.

“I will jot down my number, and give you so you can call.” He said. But I just nodded because I knew I wouldn’t call he was just a pass time, and I had forgotten his face as we stood there.

I don’t know how I found my way around because the shots of tequila did a number on me, but I recalled about driving myself back home in the early hours of 5 am.

I didn’t care to check who was or was not home I climbed the stairs slowly until I reached my bed, but could I sleep?

“No. Not now please,” I said as I ran into the bathroom and puked all over.

I thought it was over, but no, I puked all over again, and the stench of alcohol was not the best if I could say so myself.

I did not see but a pair of hands carry me from the floor to the bathtub, and the liquid cascade down my body.

“Damn, that is cold.” I shivered, still not opening my eyes.

“That is what you get for getting yourself all stupid drunk and coming home this late, I thought you had changed, Isa?” I heard a voice but not just any voice, I heard the voice of my cousin and it was musical. Wait, what was I saying? What was he doing in my room, and was he the one who carried me in here?

“What, are you doing here?” I asked as I finally opened my eyes, and culmination dawned on me, but it was not for long because the hangover was evident as I held my thumping head.

“I came to help you,” he said nonchalantly.

“And taking my clothes off and putting me in the bathtub?” I asked, a little furious.

“Let’s face it Isabella if I didn’t do this? you still would be looking like you got hit by a truck so can you just be thankful and love on?” Tommy said and walked out of my room, leaving me wet and in my bra and panties.

I felt violated by his eyes.

“Ah! what is all this, I can’t wait for him to go away, find a place or go back to where he came from?” I said, and my head was pounding.

I slowly stood up and then took a proper shower since I already was horny and wet from seeing my cousin and also wet from the water which had poured on my body.

Pounding my head, I slowly walked out in the bathrobe and looked at the table I did not keep that there.

It was an Advil pack and water in a glass. Well, maybe having him around was helpful for now. I said if I was alone, I would have patrolled the house in my birthday suit, but now he was around, and I had to make sure I was covered.

I have no ideas why I felt the need to be covered up when he was around, but I just had to.

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