Book cover of “Billionaire's Contract Marriage for Heirs“ by The Lovely Ernita

Billionaire's Contract Marriage for Heirs

  • Genre: Romance
  • Age: 18+
  • Status: Completed
  • Language: English
  • Author: The Lovely Ernita
"Marry me and give me an heir! I'll give you 500,000 dollars as compensation or more." *** Evelyn Adam has always been attracting misfortunes. Her parents passed away in a plane crash. Her evil uncle evicted her from her home and seized her entire inheritance. Since then, she has been living on the streets without a penny in her hand. Worst o... 

Chapter 1. Losing Both Parents and Being Expelled

It was like being struck by lightning in the middle of the day when Eve heard the news. The sky darkened.

"NO!!!" Eve screamed and fell to her knees, her mobile phone slipping out of her hand. She cried out. It startled the whole house, including her sister, Adeline. They looked at Eve with confused looks.

"Hey! What's wrong Eve? What happened?" asked Adeline, her sister.

Eve stammered. "Mum, Dad..."

"What's wrong with them? Didn't they just go to Paris? Have they arrived yet?" Adeline looked at him, confused.

Eve shook her head and continued to cry while covering her face. Eve couldn't take it; oh my God.

"Switch on the TV," Eve said softly.

Her sister Adeline looked at her with confusion. "TV? What does this have to do with TV? You are so weird!"

"I said, you switch on the TV! Don't ask too many questions!" Eve said, starting to get annoyed. Eve began to lose control of herself.

"Ok! Ok! But don't get angry like that! I'm just asking. What exactly is wrong with you, Heh?" Adeline raised both hands.

Adeline slowly moved to the TV room and switched it on as requested.

"We hereby inform you that the plane with flight Boeing A1225678 with the destination Paris, France had an explosive accident before finally sinking in an ocean. And all passengers on board were pronounced dead! "

One by one, they read out the names of the passengers.

"Mr Bryan Adams and Mrs Stephanie Adams.... That's all the information we can give you!"

"No! This is not true! Please someone tell me that this isn't true, right? Eve please tell me this is all a joke! Mum and Dad must be safe, right?" Adeline stared at Eve in disbelief.

"Calm down, Adeline. Everything will be okay. You still have me. I'll always take care of you," Eve coaxed her 11-year-old sister.

Eve was moved to hug and caress her back as she continued crying. Finally, they cried together. They continued to sob in the middle of the TV room with the TV still on that had changed the broadcast. Even Eve did not know or care about it.

Eve cried so hard that they were exhausted until Eve felt the weight of her sister's body on her.

"Adeline!" Eve shouted.

Adeline fainted.


Today, their house was visited by many people who came to express their condolences; they have no family other than their Uncle and aunt, who have been present here following the funeral process.

Not long after the announcement, they decided to hold the funeral when they felt there was no hope.

Their Uncle was named Alexander; he was the only brother of Eve's father, although they had different mothers. Or rather, Eve's father's half-brother. They offered to help Eve.

After the funeral, they didn't go straight home and cried at their parents' graves, and when they finished crying, they returned home. Meanwhile, Uncle and Aunty had gone home first.

Some of their hearts felt pulled out as if they had no grip.

They were surprised when they arrived home; two large suitcases were placed in front of their door.

They walked over to them, and sure enough. It was Eve and her sister's suitcases. "What is this?" Eve said to herself.

"What's wrong, Eve? Why are our suitcases outside?" asked Adeline.

"I don't know, Del! I don't know either. Let's find out!"

Eve knocked on the locked door of their house.

"Uncle! Aunty! Please open the door!" Eve shouted so loudly that her throat started to hurt.

It wasn't long before the door opened. There was a face, Aunt Laurine, Uncle Alex's wife.

"Aunty, thank goodness." Eve said, smiling.

"Aunty, why are our suitcases outside?" she asked.

Before Auntie could answer their question, someone asked from behind.

"What's wrong, dear?" he asked gently. It was Uncle Alexander.

They looked at the two people in turn.

"What is it, Uncle? Can you explain it to us?" he asked, feeling something was wrong.

"What else do you need to explain, Heh? Please leave our house!" Uncle was about to close the door, but Eve held him back.

"Your house? Wait a minute, Uncle, there seems to be something wrong here. Isn't this our house? I mean, our parents' house?" Eve started to need clarification.

"Well, it was right before you switched and made us your guardians. Then my brother's house and car belonged to us! So, please get out of here!" she said sarcastically.

"Transfer? What guardianship? Don't joke Uncle! Let us in!" Eve tried to push him.

But two prominent men pulled Eve away.

"Let go! Let go of me! This is my house! My parents' house! You have no right to take it!" Eve shouted, struggling with both hands held by the two men.

"Oh, yeah? Look at this!" he said, throwing it in Eve's face." It's a copy that you're handing over exactly all the wealth and the house and everything in it to me! Alexander! Stupid girl! Hahahaha...!" Uncle Alexander laughed.

Eve took it and read it, but when did she sign this letter?

Eve ran up to him, "So Uncle lied to me? Uncle is sneaky! How could you lie to me! You are cruel!" Eve tried to hit him with her strength.

Uncle looked angry, "You little brat!"

He slapped Eve on the 

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