Book cover of “The Cursed Alpha and His Uncanny Luna“ by Midnight Snow

The Cursed Alpha and His Uncanny Luna

  • Genre: Steamy (18+)
  • Age: 18+
  • Status: Completed
  • Language: English
  • Author: Midnight Snow
"You are mine, so you are not allowed to die!" Thunder declared. His eyes glared while holding Scarlet in his arms. "I wish I could do that..." Scarlet responded, trying to smile as broadly as she could. Although the demon was taking over her, she wanted to assure Thunder that everything was okay. "I'm forever in depth to you..." Thunder held h... 

Chapter 1

"I can already see the baby's head!" This is what the midwife says while she is drenched in sweat. When the child came into view, she was ready to grab it.

Bell took a deep breath and pushed hard one more time. Her body is very weak from giving birth. But her baby already takes up all of her time and energy.

If Bell is like most people, she will die in the first few days of her pregnancy. She's a witch, which is a good thing. She found a way to stay alive and make sure her unborn child would too.

A baby's sharp cry filled the room after a few minutes.

"Bell, your little girl is fine. Congrats, "The midwife said that she put the baby in Bella's arms when she gave birth.

Bell said softly to the midwife, "Thank you for making sure my baby is safe," and then she turned to look at her daughter.

Bell says as she rubs her baby's soft skin, "My little angel is so lovely..." Bell's smile went away when she felt the pain in her finger and the slow sucking of her blood. Bell sat up and looked at her daughter, even though she still didn't have her strength back.

"Oh, dear baby!" Bell exclaimed when she saw how innocent her daughter looked. Then she decided what to do. Bella quickly got her baby dressed and ready.

When Bell came in with her baby, the midwife asked, "Where are you going?"

"My baby... "If I don't take her to her father, she won't live," Bell said through tears.

"However, her father's world is more dangerous. "How do you know that she'll be safe there?"The midwife wanted to know. She didn't try to cover up how upset she was.

"My little princess will be safe there because she is like them," Bell said, showing the face of her baby.

The midwife couldn't speak right away because she had just seen the baby's eyes for the first time. The red colour of the baby's eyes is what makes them stand out.

"Don't tell me that your baby's father is a vampire, Bell." The midwife was very surprised. She didn't expect this to happen. Bell told her that the father's words, not the father himself, are dangerous.

Bell kept quiet and didn't say anything. She left her house late at night and took the road to the cursed area.

(The baby was crying loudly)

"Just wait a little longer, sweetheart. We'll be there soon, on your dad's land.Bell begged her child. They are still in the middle of the forest, which is one of the most dangerous places on Earth, especially for people. So, Bell gave her daughter the finger and let it drink her blood to keep her quiet.

"I'm sorry, sweetie," Bell said softly as she kept walking. "Mom almost ran out of blood." She didn't care about the pain of giving birth; all she wanted was to save her baby.

Then Bell crossed the woods safely, and the castle she was looking for was right in front of her.

"Look, baby, this is your dad's country, and he's right here with you. You will be safe until you are old enough to protect yourself.Bell says something as she keeps walking.

"I almost didn't remember your name... Oh, I'll call you Scarlett because your eyes are so pretty..." Bell went on, and using her magic, she wrote "Scarlett" on the cloth that was wrapped around her baby. She took off her jewellery, too, and put it on her daughter's.


"Well, what do we have here? A human? I just want to play with my race, but I don't think I'll find a better toy!"

Bell was scared, but not for herself. She was scared for her daughter, Scarlett, so she held her tightly.

"Don't think about it! We work for Nicolas, so I would leave!" Bell said it very clearly. She is good at hiding how she feels, so the thing in front of her doesn't know how scared she is.

"Monsieur Nicolas? Good heavens! How long has it been since you last saw him? I'm sure you haven't heard anything about what happened to him in a long time.The vampire said something.

"Why? What do you mean by that? What happened to him?" One by one, Bell asked. Nicolas hadn't seen her in three months, and Bell didn't know what had happened to him in that time.

"Oh, you sad creature... Even though you've come a long way, you'll be sad. Nicolas isn't alive anymore! Three months ago, he was killed!" Before walking away, the vampire said something.

When Bell hears what the vampire says, her whole world falls apart. She moves back, but her eyes stay on her child.

"It doesn't mean anything to be Lord Nicolas' subject," the vampire said.

Bell took a deep breath when the vampire disappeared and then came back in front of her with his hand on her neck.

The vampire says as his fang comes out, "Well, it looks like you're dying, so you'd be better off dying in my hand."

"Yeah, I'm going to die! but you can't have them!" As thunder and lightning rumbled across the sky, Bell said, "Oh no!" Her eyes turned white.

Bell's neck was grabbed by the vampire's hand, and she was pulled away by an unknown force. Then, as he struggled to breathe, his feet rose off the ground.

"What's wrong with Nicolas? Who owns this place now?" Bell asked very clearly.

"I think you're a witch! How did you get into our country without getting caught?The vampire asked what was going on, but the pressure on his neck got stronger.

"If you don't answer my question, you will die!" Bell was thrilled.

"I'm not sure; I don't know how the strongest vampire died. In answer to your second question, his brother Marco and his family. Since Nicolas has no family, they are legally the ones who should get the money. The vampire tried to finish his story even though he was having trouble breathing.

"What do you think? Have you ever met them before?" Bell asked as she carefully put the vampire down.

"Yes, Nicolas made me a vampire, so he is my master," the vampire said, letting out a sigh of relief as the energy that had been holding on to his neck was released.

"May I know your name?" Bell asked in a serious way. She doesn't have much time left. If she had used her power sooner, it might have killed her.

"My name is Mark," says the vampire in a rush.

As soon as the vampire called his name, Bell cast a spell. She cut Mark's hand and said something in Latin. Bell uses Mark's blood to make a circle on Scarlett's forehead.

"What have you been doing?! Do you want me to get sick? "Stop, please!" Mark begged.

After the magic trick, Bell smiled and gave Scarlett to Mark.

Bell strokes Scarlett's beautiful face as she says, "This is Scarlett, your lord Nicolas's only daughter."

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