Book cover of “Blissfully Hooked“ by Adjoaq

Blissfully Hooked

  • Genre: Romance
  • Age: 18+
  • Status: Completed
  • Language: English
  • Author: Adjoaq
“I love it when you smile,” Aaron whispered. “Dude, if you keep saying stuff like that, I’m gonna fuck you,” Kyle laughed. “And what’s stopping you?” Aaron’s eyes went wide as the words left his mouth. His face was pink. Kyle couldn’t hold in his laughter. “A porn star who blushes at the mention of sex. Adorable.” One was in it just for his b... 

Chapter 1. The Twins

Kyle Dylan Parker was what most people would call enthralling. He was at least six ’three, good-looking, and extraordinarily sexy. With his captivating soft hazel eyes, long dark eyelashes, dark blonde hair cropped very short, and heart-stopping smile, Kyle looked like he belonged in the movies. His cool and calm personality only added to his sex appeal. Kyle came from old money but was also a very successful businessman. Although he had enough money to last him at least three lifetimes, he had to learn the hard way that money couldn’t buy everything. 

Ken Dion Parker, Kyle’s twin brother, was dying of cancer. To say Kyle was devastated would be an understatement. After all, they had been together the whole of their twenty-nine years on earth. Kyle sometimes cried himself to sleep because he didn’t know how he was going to survive without his twin. Orphaned since infancy, they only had each other. As fraternal twins born fifteen hours apart, Kyle never missed an opportunity to remind his brother that he saw the world before he did. Whilst Kyle was tall and muscular, Ken was rather smallish. Kyle had always been Ken’s protector, always ensuring that Ken was okay and didn’t need anything. Thanks to Cancer, however, for the first time in his life he couldn’t provide Ken with what he needed most…healing.

Kyle wished he could do something to save his brother’s life. But he couldn’t. What bothered him, even more, was the fact that Ken had stopped taking his chemotherapy treatment, saying it rather drained him. Kyle was even more scared because he felt that was the only chance his brother had of living a longer life. But Ken was as stubborn as a mule. He wouldn’t budge on his decision. In as much as Kyle would have wanted his brother to go through with the treatment, he knew he couldn’t force him. All he could do was pray for a miracle every day.

Kyle made sure he spent at least two days out of every week with Ken no matter how busy he was. On one of such visits, Kyle barged into Ken’s room to find him watching porn. It wasn’t just any porn…it was gay. Kyle knew his brother was gay so was not shocked to see that. Kyle himself had fucked a guy or two during his college days so his brother watching gay porn was nothing strange to him. What did surprise him though was the way Ken was engrossed in what he was watching. Even the open bag of Doritos in his lap seemed to be forgotten.

“Dude, isn’t it too early to be watching this shit?” Kyle drawled with a chuckle.

Ken laughed. “Fuck you. Is there a particular time for porn? Ky come on, check out this guy. He is beautiful isn’t he?” Ken pointed to a handsome dark-haired boy on the screen, who, at that particular moment, was being sucked off by a blonde twink. “Look at that face. Be honest Ky, isn’t he delicious?” Ken asked, staring at the screen.

Kyle chuckled. “Sure he is. But it doesn’t look like he’s enjoying what is being done to him. Is the guy blowing him that bad?” Kyle asked in an amused voice as he watched the two men on the screen. 

Ken shook his head. “He always looks bored in his videos. He still has a lot of fans though, thanks to his good looks. I have all his videos,” Ken murmured, turning to give his brother a playful lewd smile.

“Really?” Kyle sounded even more amused.

“Yep. You see, most of these guys are actually straight.” Ken turned back to the screen. “They just want to make a quick buck. I once read an article on this guy. He never hooks up with any man no matter the amount of money offered. Oh and according to the article, he gets a lot of propositions. He’s not gay. Obviously needs the cash that’s all.”

“So why not hetero porn then?” 

“Beats me.” Ken shrugged.

“Hmm. I bet with the right guy, he would show some interest. Does he bottom in his videos?” 

“He’s not a bottom, Ky. Never bottoms. He doesn’t kiss too. Doesn’t rim, doesn’t allow rimming. He has a whole lot of rules. It’s obvious he’s not gay.”

Kyle smiled. “Sure? I bet with an experienced person and the right kind of stimulation, your gorgeous twink over there would forget all about his silly rules and play ball. Wouldn’t mind hitting that. He’s hot. And I really would love to prove you wrong. What’s his name?”

Ken laughed. “You’re crazy you know that? When was the last time you were with a guy? That was back in college. You’re now a ladies' man. Stick to that.” Ken popped some Doritos into his mouth.

“Are you saying I can’t hit that?” Kyle asked dipping his hand into the bag of Doritos.

“I’m not say…”

“’Cause I can rock his world. Make him forget his own name.” Kyle was now staring intently at the handsome face on the screen. 

“What’s his name, Ken?”

“Ron Hunt. You really wanna nail that?” Ken asked, turning to look at his brother. “Trust me, I don’t think you’re gonna get him. He’s been known to turn down some pretty shitload of cash. He only wants to get paid for the videos he makes.”

“A porn star with a conscience. Interesting!” Kyle snorted.

“Just principled I guess.”

“I will fuck him, Ken. And I’m going to make him scream for more.” Kyle sounded dangerous. “Wanna bet, little brother?”

Ken laughed. “Hell yeah. What’s it going to be?” Ken looked excited.

“I get him, you go back to chemo.” Kyle looked dead serious.

Ken groaned. “Kyle…”

“It’s a bet, Ken. I thought you were confident I wasn’t going to get your guy. What are you scared of?” Kyle drawled.

“And if you don’t get him?”

“Hit me, brother,” Kyle said crossing his arms over his chest. “And make it good.”

“You find a nice lady and settle down within two months.” Ken deadpanned. 

“Are you shitting me? Come on, dude! How the fuck can I possibly get hitched in two months?” Kyle looked incredulous.

“It’s a bet bro. Scared?” Ken threw Kyle’s words back. 

Kyle had never gone out with anyone for more than a week, and Ken needed to know his brother was settled or getting there before he left the world. Kyle had his friends who were really good guys but he needed a companion. Ken felt it was his chance to ensure that at least Kyle made an effort. After all, there was no way his brother would get to fuck the great Ron Hunt. Kyle didn’t know what he was up against and that greatly pleased Ken. 

“Ken…” Kyle sat beside his brother on the bed, wondering why he had suddenly gone quiet.

“You know how I hate chemo, Ky.” Ken didn’t plan on letting his brother know his real worries.

“But you need it. I don’t want to lose you. I can’t.” Kyle added in a whisper.

Both brothers went quiet, each lost in his thoughts. 

“Good luck with getting the guy then,” Ken finally sighed. “‘Cause I’ll give anything to see this stunning creature lose himself in passion. But wait…even if you make that happen, I can’t get to see it. You lose either way. Sorry.” He gave a naughty grin as he filled his mouth with Doritos. 

“What if you can?” Kyle asked quietly.

“What are you saying, Ky?” Ken turned his hazel eye, so much like Kyle’s on him.

“What if you can watch him lose it on tape?” Kyle repeated, watching Ron Hunt spill his cum all over the other guy’s face on the screen. “Damn, that’s a lot of cum,” He muttered.

“What are you going to do? Record an encounter that you might not even get?” Ken scoffed. 

“I’ve got a better idea. You said he’ll only do it for the camera right? Well, say hello to your new porn star. Dick Shlong!” Kyle said, pointing both thumbs at himself. 

Ken burst into uncontrollable laughter. He laughed until tears ran down his face. He’d been jokingly calling Kyle Dick Shlong since they were kids because of his scarily huge manhood. Ken always teased his brother that if he were a porn star, his acting name would be Dick Shlong. It looked like his brother was finally going to put that name to use.

“So do we have a bet?” Kyle couldn’t help but join in Ken’s contagious laughter. He loved it when Ken laughed like that.

“Hell, yeah,” Ken said, trying to bring his laughter under control. “You’re on, brother.”

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